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Status Updates posted by xpclient

  1. What would all the old versions of Windows be without MSFN experts? I love this forum. ♥

    1. koganstyle


      Its the best Windows Enthusiasts forum around, If only Microsoft joined and saw the great things that are being done and got onboard.

  2. Windows 8 fanboys, please keep out from MSFN. Go troll some other forum.

    1. Tommy


      Windows 8 is NOT Windows. It's a pathetic attempt to turn a PC into a mobile device. I love your attitude!

  3. Has Microsoft turned into a scam? Removing features, not just adding them? You pay to lose some, gain some.

  4. I think MSFN is the only sane Windows forum left. All others have been taken over by fanboys who have the latest craze without any objective reasoning in them or little knowledge of Windows.



      I totally agree. I stop signing up on forums long time ago.

    2. tain
  5. If Windows 8 fails, it might give me the opportunity to convince Microsoft to fix all the UX issues post XP and it will be proof that I (and many others) were right. If Windows 8 succeeds, it doesn't mean it's a good product, it means the users are idiots, in that case, I will jump ship to another OS that isn't so horrible and made by a less evil corporation.

  6. See the About Me page to see my thoughts on the post XP abominations.

    1. UltimateSilence


      You only commented on Windows 8? :unsure:

    2. xpclient


      My opinions are about Vista and 7 as well but Windows 8 is really the worst, Vista 2nd worst and Windows 7 is the least worse.

  7. Is Windows 8 the lowest quality Windows MS has ever created? Seriously, I think it's worse than Windows Me (which I never hated).

  8. The thing I like here at MSFN: Everyone is sane, no one's a crazy fanboy.

    1. CoffeeFiend


      Sorry but you got that wrong. I'm the craziest fanboy coffee's ever had ;)

    2. xpclient


      Yeah and I'm myself the craziest fanboy Windows XP ever had. ;)

    3. Joseph_sw


      surely you haven't participate in some win9x vs winxp fanboy flame-war ?

  9. I do User Experience consultation, testing and feature ideas for Classic Shell.

  10. Windows 8 and Windows Server 8: Oh gawd! What have they done with the Metro nonsense!!!

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