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  1. the_anomaly 1.Check the drive`s mode |PIO or UDMA| 2.HDD and combo drive need different IDE-channels
  2. windows06 WindowsServer2003-KB898715-x86-enu.exe
  3. extralucky13 1.Try to clear the CD. 2.You can make a copy from other install CD. 3.Also You can exchange the CD in MS support center. driver.cab ~ 75Mb.... http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?iyuv_32
  4. nibraz If the 2nd SATA HDD in SATA2 mode and mobo not supports SATA2 mode, try change SATA mode to SATA1 (with help jamper on HDD)
  5. I find some little bugs in IE7 (7.0.5335.5), but all add-ons (FlashGet, PROMT, Google, Adobe PDF) worked properly.
  6. Do You have this problem with only one graphic card (6600) ?
  7. Maybe it is caused different display modes on 1st and 2nd graphic cards
  8. lostincyberspace2007 If I understand You, You not tried this disk in other PC`s DVD-ROM. Two years ago I had Sony CRX300E. My CRX300E cann`t read DVD-ROMs from one magazine (this disks was seemed as blank), but other CRX300E can read this disks also try freeware DVDInfo from dvdinfopro.com maybe new firmware for your dvd drive help You
  9. eldotti WinXP support multisesion CD/DVD-R by default. Windows 9x/Me & W2k not support multisesion DVD-R. lostincyberspace2007 try look for on http://www.cdrinfo.com/forum/default.asp
  10. http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/platf.../kmsigning.mspx
  11. glassbeat Do you have 1. WinXP with SP2 ? 2. Installed chipset`s drivers? 3. USB1.x or 2.0? In first try this standard driver for USB http://driver1.biostar.com.tw/support/driv...a/usb/USB20.exe (107kb) Also try switching turn on/turn off Assign IRQ for USB in BIOS Setup
  12. return_03 I had this problem with first Audigy... Try turn-on/turn-off Mute on Aux-in in Surround (or System) Mixer
  13. Pilgrimen Try the Advanced EFS Data Recovery http://www.elcomsoft.com/sss.html#aefsdr
  14. http://www.grc.com/x/news.exe?cmd=article&...back&item=60006
  15. Elektrik

    XP Secrets

  16. Maybe http://predixis.biz/Predixis_Mixer.htm ?
  17. It is strange, but after installing this update with help WinAutoUpdate all is fine... Before it, I install this kb (and all of others) with direct download kb from microsoft.com ...
  18. suryad Maybe... I have Vista`s modding... In Event Viewer I read, that I have problems with DCOM and Service Controle Manager after install kb905915. Also I will try to uninstall NIS2006.
  19. I have a problem with kb905915 too - it is BSOD on boot. I have checked up it twice and I use System Recovery for correction this problem. WinXP Pro SP2 with all updates (exept kb905915 ), NIS 2006
  20. quinriva Maybe http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Firmware/S...spx?DriveId=914 try with last firmware (A209)
  21. Aegis No. from Microsoft Official Curriculam
  22. RJARRRPCGP Do you have Win98 installed on FAT or FAT32 ?
  23. It is your default local IP (from

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