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  1. My latest November Desktop Click the image:
  2. sorry my mIRC icon was not what you where looking for. I hope you find it. and yes I made all those icons myself. Thanks for the comment.
  3. well i've created a couple of icons you may be able to use, check the Gems series and the Snowy series icons, on page 1 and 2. Hope they are to your aproval Link: http://www.wbchug.com
  4. thought I'd share my latest desktop Click the image to see it better:
  5. Photoshop is the best, IMHO. Paintshop Pro is just too awkward to use. PS is much more versatile. You really can't compare the 2. Paintshop Pro compared to Photosop Elements is an even match. I use PS7 for all my graphics. See my sig for examples of my work.
  6. yes but after all is installed and you do a reboot the resolution drops down to 1024x768 @60Hz. This would be good if installed as a runonce after the final reboot.
  7. well you could just delete IconCache.db this is found in \Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\ But you will need to reboot for it to take effect.
  8. Include the reghack in the cmdlines.txt file, I can't validate if this will work. I actually run my reghack file during the GUIRunonce section. So at the end when it reboots all the icons are in place.
  9. If you apply the registry hack before the GUIRunonce stage then the icons will load automatically. I do this already.
  10. Try putting BootOption=00 at the end of the setup.iss file
  11. Well you could just sit there and watch it install
  12. wow thats a great list thanks for sharing. I can see I'll be using a few of those.
  13. ahh I see, the help file you provided is the complete version. Wonder why its not in with the app it self anyway thank you and sorry for the rumpus I may have caused
  14. I know exactly what branding is MS or other wise. My point is what devil270975 has just posted, I have clicked on the help and the help.txt Below is the entire help file. Nothing on branding in there. [Data] AutoPartition Value: 1 Installs Windows to the first available partition that has adequate space for a Windows installation and does not already contain an installed version of Windows. Either omit the AutoPartition entry from your answer file or set the value of AutoPartition to 1. If AutoPartition = 1, the /tempdrive command-line option of Winnt32.exe is ignored. If you do not set the value, text-mode Setup installs Windows on the partition where $WIN_NT$.~LS is located. MsDosInitiated Value: 0 Informs the Windows Setup Loader that an unattended Setup is running directly from the product CD. The value must always be set to 0. If you do not set the value to 0, Setup fails at the beginning of GUI-mode Setup. UnattendedInstall Informs the Windows Setup Loader that an unattended Setup is running directly from the product CD. The value must always be set to Yes if you are preinstalling Windows using the CD Boot method. Note UnattendedInstall is not the same as the UnattendSwitch entry in the [Unattended] section of the answer file. UnattendSwitch controls Windows Welcome; UnattendedInstall does not. {end} [Unattended] [GUIUnattended] [Display] [UserData] [TapiLocation] this should work {end} [RegionalSettings] [Networking] [Components] [Shell] [GUIRunOnce] [Branding] [URL] [FavoritesEX] bottom line is I've been on the BBS/forums circuit best part of 8-9 years and thought if I ask a question in a forum such as this I may get an answer. I hold my hand up, reading my responces again it was a bit over board and I appologise :/ I don't expect anyone to hold my hand far from it. But what I did expect was sharing of knowledge. One learns from asking questions.
  15. missed the point I see, I am referring to the above app not MS's. There is no help with this app. So to tell me to click help was not constructive for a forum based website. Being helpful could have meant telling me to look at the ref.chm or even still giving me link or description on how branding works with this app. Yeah a classroom that is not prepared to teach.
  16. Well thank you for your useless reply. You brought this app to this site so you must have taken a look at it. Do you know what is in the help for this app? I guess not from your reply. I hope you get help for your queries too.
  17. hehe true, never thought of that, thank god for the 'press any key option' lol
  18. you could extract a boot image from another CD that doen't have the press any key to boot, that may work.
  19. when I do an -r it does not create that iss file you show, but the one already in the archive is like yours bar the BootOption=0. Strange. But I got my Control Panel to install through the GUI part using my above method.
  20. OK solution to the control panel, when you uncompress the control panel archive you will find a setup.iss already in there. Just edit the line BootOption=03 to BootOption=0 now it will install. For some reason doing a setup -r will create a setup.iss that don't work.
  21. VirtualPC simulates hardware so it won't show if the ATI's have been installed or not. The only true way is to burn a re-writable and try. The only time I get the CP 3.7 to install is if I do it standard setup.exe (non silent) and click no to reboot at the end of installation. Haven't managed to install CP silenbtly yet. but the control panel, looks as if it is installing but it doesn't I can get the ATI drivers to install using thr OemPnPDriversPath Everything else is now working OK just this **** ATI Control Panel left. Anyone managed it yet?
  22. Yes its does, its the res I use all the time and at that refresh rate. That other thread is not for me, my winntsif works fine, its only after the final restart using shutdown I have the problem.
  23. I have this in my winnt.sif file [Display] BitsPerPel=32 Xresolution=1280 YResolution=1024 Vrefresh=85 When it first gets to GUI install it works the resolution is ok as is the refresh rate. But after everything has installed and it shuts down then reboots, the screen resolution goes to 1024x768 16bit 60hz. Is there anyway to keep my settings through reboot?
  24. You can create the user during the GUI mode but some items will not be visible after reboot, cause thats when the user account logs in. So its best to use the cmdlines.txt method.
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