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  1. Direct integration, old files are replaced with newer files from the hotfixes and needed registry entries are added.

    If a hotfix isn't supported it will be set to install during setup.

    nLite does not support all hotfixes, if you want to be able to choose no for the hotfixes nLite does not support direct integration for, you need to enable Display reports in advanced in hotfix section.

  2. Well this is strange, the same error comes up with nLite 1.3RC

    Now in 1.3 RC it's something else :(

    What can it be :S

    I'm glad I know the answer, at least it helped :)


    The user creation in nLite isn't workin fully as it should for me.

    When creating a new user (in my case "the irf") the name was created as Administrator: User

    Run, control userpasswords2 in run, change to only Administrator


    If you set temp folder to anything else than C: it wont work if that partition doesn't exist or if it isn't formated.

    I always use D:\zTemp



    that might be useful, if not download ikernelupdate.exe.


    A little correction from the last post:

    >> Intel® ICH8/ICH8R Family LPC Interface Controller - 2810

    >> Comes up when you enable ACPI 2.0 in BIOS.


    This is not exactly correct.

    It's also because of

    ;# Hardware Support #


    Seems like Battery isn't only for Laptops/Notebooks

    Seems like it has something to do with UPS service also.

    In my case I need both so the unknow device is installed properly

  3. So I only need *d3dx9*x86.cab and *d3dx10*x86.cab or no cabs at all ?

    Btw, is it possible to set .NET and DirectX setups (a reg entry maybe?) to not install Dr Watson?

    I remove it with nLite and don't want it at all.

    Security Update for DirectX 9 for Windows XP (KB904706)

    Is this needed if I integrate the cab files?

  4. Tomcat76, do you mean a clean MS source with bare source?

    This was a SP1a RU1 version.

    Super-Magician, you said I only want *d3dx9*x86.cab and *d3dx10*x86.cab.

    I wanted to update all the dlls on the source :)

    Wasn't thinking for games etc, just update purpose.

  5. Never tried it, I just used the latest test release and it fixed it.


    Ok so I tried it, got an error :D

    the blue screenshot is the error.

    says ntfs.sys is damaged, press any key to continue.

    Which DX cabs are needed for SP2 and which should I not include?

    I want the latest DX files for "ears and eyes". :)

    Edit 2:

    Ok so I tried only with SP2, the ntfs error is the same :(

    Got tired of this slipstreaming issue, downloaded a SP2 clean version.

  6. Guys thanx for all the help, now I see ;)

    I wanted WMP11 coz I was makin a new updated WinXP for some friends.

    But it is better to remove it with nLite so they can update it themself.

    I do not use it.

    But now I have updated the WinXP SP2 source with all the hotfixes with nLite, all the ones that support direct integration (and even IE7)

    One last question:

    Can I run HFSLIP on this source to update only the DirectX files?

    Do I need all the x86 cab files or just *d3dx9*x86.cab and *d3dx10*x86.cab files?

    Edit: Done it now :D

    Gonna test in vmware if it's ok :)

  7. Tomcat76, I know that Sources is the updated source.

    Super-Magician, What to do with the *d3dx9*x86.cab and *d3dx10*x86.cab files.....

    I assume you want me to replace these in the source, but where are the DX dll's in the source ?

    To make it all clearer, how do I updated everything (direct integration only)

  8. Ofcourse I will remove the SP2 setup :P

    But i have read that, and still it isn't clear to me :(

    Can I integrate only wmfdist11.exe and WMP11.exe?

    Don't want the full package.

    So what should I use instead of directx_dec2006_redist.exe?

    Does HFSLIP support integration from update.exe?

    The update.exe thats in in most updates in folder update.

  9. ah it's old? :D

    one time I needed to installed this cos I removed it with nlite.

    and a msi installer (think it was Diskeeper, not sure) required it.

    I guess I can remove it now :D

    But i never got a clear answer for SP2, can I use HFSLIP on the windows source that I integrated SP2 with HFSLIP?

    Use it twice............

    And no I wont integrate SP2 twice, I am refering to updates and such things........

    Have changed it now.

    Please see the new text file to see if it is correct

    will add the hofixes later, not included in the text file

    About WMP and IE7 integration, is direct integration supported on both now, my source is WinXP Pro.

    And is it possible to integrate like this?

  10. =================TommyP's 2K3/XP/W2K/IE HOTFIX SLIPSTREAMER===================

    ************ Refer to the instructions for more details *************

    File and Folder Format:

    FDVFILES - FDV'S Fileset (W2K only)

    FIX - WINNT.SIF, Boot Files, See instructions

    HF - Non-renamed hotfix and critical updates files

    HF - The Service Pack installer.

    HFCABS - CAB Files: IE6 (2K only), DX9, LegitCheckControl, Flash Player

    HFSVCPACK - Switchless installers (to be installed at T-13)

    HFSVCPACK - REG files, INF files and CMD files (to be installed at T-13)

    HFSVCPACK_SW - Installers that need a /Q:A /R:N switch (Installed at T-13)

    HFSVCPACK_SW - MSI files (to be installed at T-13 with /qn /norestart switch)

    HFAAO - Application Addons (SVCPACK.INF and SYSOC.INF types)


    HFTOOLS -CMDOW.EXE (to hide DOS box that pops up at T-13)

    HFTOOLS -EXTRACT.EXE (needed for application addons)

    HFTOOLS -HFANSWER.INI (optional HFSLIP answer file)

    HFTOOLS -modifype.exe

    SOURCE - Dump your installation CD source here


    as you can see HFCABS - CAB Files: IE6 (2K only), DX9, LegitCheckControl, Flash Player

    Or are the hfslip instructions wrong? :)

    Probably me :D

    Only cab extensions in HFCABS?

  11. hehe, good to know :)


    But if I slipstream sp2.

    Can I keep that WindowsXP SP2 source for the future updates?

    Maybe it's best if I manually slipstream SP2 if I want to keep the source?

    See the new text file if I have set it right :)

    I'm not user about the IE7 setup, where it goes and if it is better if I integrated it with nLite.

    I read on the HFSLIP page it doesn't do direct integration on IE7.

  12. thanx

    But I have to stay with nLite, the hotfixes do not have the original names. I rather not redownload or rename about 300 hotfixes :P

    Gonna try with HFSLIP anyway, if it goes it goes :)

    About DirectX, can I do it the same time as slipstreaming SP2 and all the hotfixes.

    Integrated all 3 at the same time?

  13. 1

    HFSLIP always says to restart after install.

    I do it anyway but is it really needed for slipstreaming also?


    Whats the difference with the manual slipstreaming and HFSLIP slipstreaming?


    How should I integrate DirectX, is it safe to do it the same time as slipstreaming sp2 or do it later?



    I use nlite to integrate most of the hotfix, whats actually better, HFSLIP or nLite?

    I need direct integration, does HFSLIP do that?

    Why is the original name of the update/hotfix really needed?

    nLite supports changed names, why not HFSLIP to?

    Thinking about changing coz nLite does not support all hotfixes, does HFSLIP?

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