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  1. AutoRuns

    It will show most of the start up entries, loaded files that are loaded during boot.

    Options/Hide Microsoft Entries

    This will hide microsoft entries, then it will be alot easier to see what 3rd party software you have installed.

    To be safe with AutoRuns, uncheck instead of deleting.

    Also download Process Explorer, a must have!

    Instead of what defrag tool Jeremy recommends, I would recommend UltimateDefrag.

    Just because it's better in every way possible and does not require any service.

    But if you need a easy and effective defrag then Vopt is the best.

    Vopt and UltimateDefrag, very easy to use forever without buying or cracking. :)

    Don't blaim me, both infect my registry :D

    A good tool pack is EasyCleaner

    Tweak UI is must try, has some settings Windows should have easily available.


    Backup and optimize your registry with NTREGOPT.

    NTREGOPT is included in Erunt package

    Well there are many others................

    Hope it helps!

  2. Show Desktop.scf

    1. Click Start , click Run, type notepad, and then click OK.

    2. In Notepad, type the following text on individual lines:






    3. Click File, click Save As, and then save the file to your desktop as Show Desktop.scf.

    Note Notepad may automatically append a .txt extension to the file name. Remove this extension if present. The file name should be Show Desktop.scf

  3. deathrider, nice to see members like you :)

    Good work!

    Now grzesioi can finally get some help.

    But not by me, I do not use addons.


    The only advice I have, download the addon and add it in the hotfix section in nLite, to include it in your windows source.

  4. Thans hulkviper,

    I used to have Everest now I use Belarc Advisor - it shows me also hotfixes I need acording to M$ buletin,

    but the question is - how to extract the drivers from my "running" windows, or find the names of the drivers it's the same.

    I can easily find drivers (using the program Dualdriver) for: grafic card - nv4_disp.ini, nv4_disp.dll, nv4_mini.sys (geforce2 - my hardware is really old :-) - thanks nlite it works well)

    sound card - wdma_cwr.inf, cwrwdm.sys

    Wi-fi - wlanCIG.inf, wlanCIG.sys (Btw.: It's my internet connection - It's a czech speciality - 60% wi-fi connections in EU is in czech :-) thanks our beloved monopol of the former Czech Telecom :-) )

    Btw. it's not signed by M$ - I have this driver (for wi-fi card on a CD but I'm not sure, if I will integrate it by nlite - whether there will not some reports during windows installation - which "destroy" my unattended mode)

    ...but that's all - for example the printers - I have a printer dated to 1999 :-) and the driver is only in the windows install, the manufacturer (HP) does't offer this driver anymore. But I'm not able to find out, what files in my system are used by it. And speak nothing of pdf print support issue ...

    (30 MB saved by removing printer drivers - it's a pity)

    Also I'm not able to find out what files in my system are used by chipset (VIA).

    Perhaps drivers used by processor, disks, cd, monitor, ... - they are same for all types of these devices? (for example - machine.inf, disk.inf, flpydisk.inf)

    I speculate about to remove all drivers, that nlite offers to remove and then install all devices from my original Windows CD - but it's a bit uncomfortable.

    You said: most drivers you can download include a separate folder with only driver files, with no additional software.

    Check inf file what files are copied, then you can include only driver files.

    - but if I've tried to separate only driver files (e. g. for my grafic card I need nv4_disp.ini, nv4_disp.dll, nv4_mini.sys) it gave me an error ...

    I think the inf file is different from the one in Windows - there are probably links to the conrol panel, ... and I'm not able to edit this inf file

    and delete it. Maybe you are able, I'm not.

    I would never recommend to just take certain files as you do now.

    You never know what file is used for what task!

    About your printer drivers, try google :)

    Just take the files located in the same folder as the inf files, otherwise you can mess up your system.

    I know you can't do that with nvidia, coz all are mixed together in 1 folder.

    I had nvidia before.

    I did like this:

    When you install drivers for your nvidia card, the drivers are automatcly saved in a folder in Windows.

    Now this is the part where my memory fails me :(

    I think the folder is named Reinstall, not sure though.

    But I am sure it starts with R and is located in C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINDOWS\system32

    In that folder, you can see more folders

    starts with


    continues with, 001, 002, 003, 004 and so on.........

    one of these includes your nvidia drivers

    This will allmost work.

    But there are additional required files.

    So I copied every loaded nvidia file from C:\WINDOWS\system32 to the copy of the nvidia folder (one of the 000, 001, 002, 003, 004 folders)

    Most files if not all that start with nv in C:\WINDOWS\system32 are of nvidia.

    If the file is loaded or not you can see by trying to delete it.

    This will work for you I think :)

    bledd, you are right, but 7z needs more resources to extract.

    if it's in store mode, then it won't be compressed, so cpu usage to unpack is very low and it does it quickly

    Right, but no need for 7z, no difference if it is 7zip or cab if it's uncompressed....

    I see your point, faster to copy 1 file than many files.

    By default the windows source has 2 files, driver.cab and sp2.cab

    Whats the default compression, are these 2 files highly compressed?

  5. Borec, the first nLited WinXP I made with nlite I made totally without drivers.

    By that I mean I selected to remove all drivers in nLite.

    The driver I knew I needed I integrated.

    If your hardware needs any drivers of WinXP drivers.

    The most important driver is the networkcard driver.

    So you can connect and download latest version of the drivers you need.

    Borec, you said:

    there are no unwanted control panels in WinXP SP2 drivers.

    Thats true, but most drivers you can download include a separate folder with only driver files, with no additional software.

    Check inf file what files are copied, then you can include only driver files.

    On the windows you have installed now, I recommend you to try Everest before installing new WinXP

    Thats for checking what hardware you have now.

    In Everest, create a report:

    Report/Report Wizard/Next/Hardware related pages

    Link: to save you the trouble for searching for Everest

    I recommend that you save as html.

    Can be very useful!

  6. Borec, I told you before, check Display Reports in Advanced in the hotfix section.

    Then nLite will tell you if a certain hotfix can't be directly integrated, then it asks you if you want to use the regular integration.

    Regular means, the hotfix is installed during windows setup/install.

    If the hotfix you want to integrate is available in version 1 and version 2, it's best if you keep track of it.

    Don't just integrate all, it's better to only take what you need!

  7. Borec, nLite will not install unsupported hotfixes.

    Still, try MS Download Center



    Or check


    and change to Czech

    Madhits45, if you are askin if you can update your updated source, it should work with ryans pack and nLite.

    But a clean source is always recommended to update.

    I had an issue before with an older nLite, updated the windows source and just continued updating with newer nLite versions.

    That messed up something in my last nLited WinXP, it didn't want to boot.

    But when I updated a clean source with all updates, it worked perfectly.

    How it is with RC2 I do not know, I used nLite C4.

    can't wait for final! :P

  8. If you haven't created your own (Last session file, "name".ini file) you will lose your last nLite selection.

    Last session is your last selection in nLite, what you selected .........

  9. There is no way to change.

    You do not give enough info.

    Either way, integrated as addon or direct integration, it's the same.

    Even if you just install IE7 on IE6 you can't change back.

    Maybe with system restore, but I always remove that :P

    Make a new nLited windows.

  10. Critical updates and the ones you know you need.

    Check the description on each update.

    That is how I do, I just take what I need.

    But ask yourself this, is it worth updating components in your windows source that you are gonna remove with nLite?

    Thats one of the reasons to just integrate what you need.

  11. I guess you use WinXP SP2, then all hotfixes after SP2 should be supported.

    Before SP2 may or may not work, there is no guarantee for older hotfixes.

    The reason for that is that you are better of integrating a service pack than all hotfixes!

    On Microsoft Download Center you can sort by date and OS, then you know exactly what you need.

    But I would recommend Windows Updates Downloader because it is faster.

    no there is no list, because there is no need for a list.


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