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  1. Nuhi should really put those options more out in the open - nobody needs that much space for an integration list!

    I agree, put all where "Advanced" is or change the colour of Advanced, a quick fix.

    I mean:

    Instead of Advanced, have Direct Integration there, and all the others on the right side.....

    Would be much better to get the info when holding the mouse over it than in Advanced.

  2. i've never used nlite before but i had to jump in, the $hf_mig$ folder is certainly not just a 'temp' folder thats 'safe to delete', it is necessary if you want to maintain system stability

    system stability :thumbup

    usually that folder is empty, and then safe to delete.

    If $hf_mig$ is empty it is 100% safe to delete.

    It's used by windows hotfixes and windows update.

    Some hotfixes extract the content to that location and some to last hdd.

    The other folders in C:\WINDOWS with blue font like:


    where xxxxxx stands for the hotfix number, are also safe to delete if you do not need to uninstall the installed hotfixes.

  3. Well then it is very strange, I think I have always removed that service.

    On some nLited windows it worked and some it didn't.

    I remember before when I tried some registry cleaner it had the same effect.

  4. My quest for a perfect windows is allmost complete.

    Just 1 little issue left :D

    When you right click on a shortcut and choose properties:


    The red arrow shows what I mean, I think it'a something like "Find target" in english version

    That does not work :(

    Does anyone know what reg key or keys I am missin in my nLited XP ?


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