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  1. hey guys!! using oobeinfo.ini makes my one user being the only administrator in the system, so... does this mean all programs will be installed using infs to administrator account? if does, this is the **** best method ever seen... does anyone know something about this?
  2. Goodbye To All

    I don't know why, but this look like a deja vu to me, i was reading some posts by gosh two or three days ago, and i felt sorry for him, coz some retards flamed him without giving a s*** about his contribution to this community... I rarely post, but this deserves me to do it... gosh, please don't worry about ppl who cant respect even themselves, keep up the good work (the **** good work)... and forget the kids =) I hope you stay, not only your tips and tricks are f***ing incredible, also you're what we could call 'a golden (MSFN) member' Thanks mate, pleased to meet you PD: Sorry if i made any mistake, i'm not english
  3. if i register opera with my username & password... where the hell is that stored? i wanna use a .reg to auto register opera, or an .inf file... or whatever i should use please help ^^
  4. what about this? DEL "%systemroot%\system32\*scr" DEL "%systemroot%\system32\*.scr" this is my CMD... something not in the list that i could remove? ECHO Eliminando carpetas y archivos inutiles... DEL /Q /F "%systemroot%\*.log" DEL /Q /F "%systemroot%\clock.avi" DEL /Q /F "%systemroot%\_default.pif" DEL /Q /F "%systemroot%\Web\Wallpaper\*.*" DEL /Q /F "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Menú Inicio\*.lnk" DEL /Q /F "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Escritorio\*.lnk" DEL /Q /F "%systemroot%\system32\*.scr" DEL /Q /F "%systemroot%\system32\dllcache\*.*" RD /S /Q "%systemdrive%\Archivos de programa\ComPlus Applications" RD /S /Q "%systemdrive%\Archivos de programa\msn gaming zone" RD /S /Q "%systemdrive%\Archivos de programa\microsoft frontpage" RD /S /Q "%systemdrive%\Archivos de programa\xerox" RD /S /Q "%systemdrive%\Archivos de programa\Servicios en línea" RD /S /Q "%systemdrive%\Archivos de programa\Uninstall Information" RD /S /Q "%systemdrive%\My Shared Folder" RD /S /Q "%systemroot%\Help\Tours" RD /S /Q "%systemroot%\Connection Wizard"
  5. title says it all (edit) hmmm maybe 'system32/dllcache' confuses some1... i wanna remove 'dllcache' folder located at 'system32' folder
  6. hmmm... the inf is supposed to install the panel along all the audio driver, but i havent tested it yet (only under virtual PC - where hardware is emulated)
  7. im giving a try to the OemPnPDriversPath= method using nforce 2.45 drivers this is the drivers folder structure: C:\wxp\$OEM$\$1\Drivers\nforce245 C:\wxp\$OEM$\$1\Drivers\nforce245\AudioDrv C:\wxp\$OEM$\$1\Drivers\nforce245\AudioUtl C:\wxp\$OEM$\$1\Drivers\nforce245\Ethernet\Win2K C:\wxp\$OEM$\$1\Drivers\nforce245\Ethernet\WinXP etc etc... i mean, the drivers are structured in many folders, so my question is: should i use OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\nforce245\" or OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\nforce245\AudioDrv;Drivers\nforce245\Ethernet\WinXP;........." calling all dirs where inf files are placed? thanx guyz
  8. im sorry, but i know nothing about coding, i only know mirc scripting, i could do an little addon that would be able to convert explorer favorites to winnt.sif format... but i think its not useful
  9. Sfc_os.dl_ Hacked !

    as i said in the hacked uxtheme.dll thread.... i think im gonna marry u thanks god!!
  10. yep, thats true, but the problem comes when using nvidia drivers... its the **** refresh problem, you need a fix... or preferably refresh force
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  12. are you looking for this? Screenshot