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  1. *Fixed* I've answered to myself... Needed to use an hexeditor, if edit the file with notepad the file get corrupted
  2. I know how to build it.... Can answer to my question or not?
  3. thank you jaclaz but, as u can read above, i've done just that.... I've extracted the file, modified it and then edited the iso with ultraiso but i get that error when run the iso with virtualpc. I can't rebuild the iso, i need to change the serial in some way.
  4. Hello, i don't know if it's the right section. If it's not I apologize. I have a BartPE iso and i need to update nero but the old serial is not recognized and when nero starts ask me for it. So i need to put the new one. I know the serial is stored in i386/SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SOFTWARE but if I find it and replace it I get an error in virtualpc: STOP: c0000218 {Registry file failure} The registry cannot load the hive (file): systemroot/system32/config/SOFTWARE/ or its log or alternate. It is corrupt, absent, or not writable. why should i have broken the checksum? I have only replaced the old code... all should work If is not possible to edit that file can i register it on-the-fly when nero.cmd is running? Thanks
  5. @Djè simply i don't want to use additional programs to make unattended installations the way in the first post worked fine for me edit: i can't use autoit!
  6. Is there a way like that in the first post avoiding the auto-it script?
  7. try $lastKey == key[1]; then bcdw boot /BSCRIPT/ghostbootcd.IMA or $lastKey == key[1]; then bcdw boot BSCRIPT/ghostbootcd.IMA
  8. create a customizated batch file (.bat) for each bootfix.bin version that you previously placed in different folders.
  9. You could improve it with a customizable song deactivable by a button?
  10. thenk you, awesome stuff but i can't change properly the size of the window. If i change the height, under the [general] section in menu.ini, nothing happens. The resizing works only changing the width.
  11. http://flyakite.msfnhosting.com/
  12. for win 2003 sp1 should i replace 7 occurences (five i386 and two I386) or only i386 occurences?
  13. copy also docs folder from ubcd disk to AIO-DVD\
  14. *.dat files are hexed fine i think... sytems boot but, after their respective boot screens, that **** error comes up Might be an hardware limitation?? Under virtual pc my DVD works like a charm.
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