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  1. drivers install ?

    whats the correct code in the winnt-file and the paths to store them on ? sorry for my stupidity but i really lost it here
  2. can someone explain the drivers installation procedure plz i would like the syntax for: nvidia <> ati driver choice install sis <> via driver choice install how do you let the os choose between both or others ? tnx in advance
  3. been trying this one but it aint working downloaded the full installer (QuickTimeInstaller.exe + QuicktimeInstallCache.qdat) i found a few tutorials (one claimed to work on the 6 public preview) you have to use a QuickTimeInstaller.ini so i made one: info: Customizing the QuickTime 5 Installer for Windows even in the quicktime forums no answer has been given
  4. anyone tried to install Mirc 6.03 ? used all methods but none of them works
  5. Switch for Macromedia?

    might be useful for on the site because everyone's downloading it after a format (at least i do)
  6. Switch for Macromedia?

    use this code for the players ECHO. ECHO Installing Flash and Shockwave Player ECHO Please Wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Shockwave\Flash_shockwave_full.exe /s
  7. Switch for Macromedia?

    macromedia shockplayer + flash player just a link for the players
  8. this might be useful for those who've got an unattended cd with Norton AntiVirus 2003 things you might drop: - Manual folder: only containing acrobat reader and a pdf file = 9.5 Mb less - MSI\WINNT folder: INSTMSIW.exe file (cfr FAQ & Tips) = 1.7 Mb less - Support\MSIE folder: is this just an IExplorer installer ? sure seems so = 74.4 Mb less (!) these tips are NOT tested i'm gonna test them tomorrow
  9. i'm using vmware 4.0 to the check the xp_pro.iso file installing xp pro over and over again takes hours of cpu work is there a way to skip the install and get to the winnt.sif-part ?
  10. [Display] chapter ignored

    same over here cant get the display settings automated already lowered my resolution but the previous check i did everything was ignored so i'm off checking it again
  11. diesel 98a just a little remark on the hotfixes arent you forgetting ".exe" behind the files ?
  12. ok first of all my main question: is it possible to make 2 or more "profiles" for 1 unattended win xp cd ? this is what i mean: - a default winnt.sif file for random pc's - a personal winnt.sif file for my own pc you have to make a choice between these 2 (or more if you prefer) and if you dont choose within 30 seconds the default one will be activated. my second question (application related): how do you install the windows journal viewer ? do you have to extract it ? tnx for this lovely guide