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  1. i opened windows media player and played a song. 2 seconds after the song stopped giving out sound, so i tried another song and another, none of them work. I opened the songs in a diferent player and they work. Why dont i get sound in WMP10?
  2. hakeem5454

    logon help

    ok thanks, turns out i did have asp.net user. i deleted it and it should work now. ill get back to you and see if it does.
  3. is there no tweak or anything that could make it appear there? when i do go to control panel it shows the camera but the picture of the camera is not a camera, its a windows file picture. I'll try getting a picture up soon. when i click on it, it just tells me about the camera it doesnt let me take pictures etc.
  4. When i had a logitech camera, it showed up in my computer beside my scanner and i could click on it to access it. I gave that to my sister and got a creative camera and it doesnt show up in my computer. Is there a way for it to show up there?
  5. IT WORKS NOW! thanks to: rjz the floppy cable was loose.
  6. i went to my friends house and transfered the files to cd so i have them on my computer and cd. i tried formating the floppy and it says the same thing
  7. k i went into the bios and it said legacy floppy, is that my floppy drive? and i dont know if its working in windows cuz when i try to open a floppy it says tthere isnt one.
  8. hakeem5454

    logon help

    no one knows how to help me on this? not even xpero?
  9. ok how would i do that? i have a sony vaio pcv-rs100, with award bios
  10. ok i guess ill try using it on another computer then.
  11. no. and the data on the floppy is extremley important
  12. i keep on getting the windows file protection error and it tells me to insert the windows xp sp2 cd, i do that and it says i put the wrong cd in? How do i get rid of this annoying error?
  13. i just rebooted my computer and i saved some documents on a floppy so i could access them later. The problem is that when i put the floppy in and click on the 3 1/2 floppy picture in my computer it says: Please insert disk into drive A:. And yes i have tried more than one floppy, it does that for all of them? what seems to be the problem?
  14. hakeem5454

    logon help

    before i install xpize, when i restart my computer it goes directly to the desktop(because i dont have a password on my account), but when i install xpize and restart my computer it goes to the logon screen and i have to click on my account to get in. how do i stop that?
  15. umm.. nothing to desktop? i found a 40gb harddrive in my drawer and decided to use it. i think it was from my old computer or from a pvr reciever, not sure.
  16. ok i hooked it up without any extra cables or anything and it works fine. Is that normal? because i didnt use any cables like ringfinger said
  17. ok so if i hook it up to my computer, how do i format it so i can use it for data storage? I think theres stuff on it so i want to hook it up and format it and then in my computer have it show up as as a secod drive(eg. Local disk(C:\), then beside it Local disk(Letter:\), where C is my first harddrive and Letter is my second one?
  18. i have a 80GB harddrive thats 5400? rpm or something. Im not sure what rpm it is but its not 7200 im sure of that. Will it still work in my computer?
  19. ok figured it out thanks
  20. i dont know if this is the right section. Sorry if it isn't heres my problem: i have a 27 inch Electrohome tv and i need channel 73 on it. When i go to menu and click on add cannel, it doesnt let me add 73(example: when i click on add channel it will start of on channel 3, then i press 7-3 on my remote and it goes back to 03. i tried going through all the channels and it stops at 69) is there a way to get 73?
  21. is there a way to lock a folder? eg? when u click on a folder it will ask u for a password or something like that?
  22. i was working on a resume and saved it. Later i opened it and i got this error: Microsoft Office Word the file resume is not available You may be encoutering this message because an anti-virus program is not allowing the file to open. This can be caused by one of two conditions. Either the anti-virus program needs to be updated (due to a compability problem with this application) or there is a virus in the file but the anti-virus program cannot properly remove or process the virus it has found. In either case, the file you are attempting to open should be treated as infected until you have updated your anti-virus software to the latest updates available from the vendor. All major anti-virus software manufacturers have created updates to address known compatibility problems with Office applications. They also usually provide a virus signature file that is available for download from the Internet and must be updated regularly to properly scan for all known forms of viruses. If you are experiencing this problem on a computer where a new version of anti-virus software was recently installed from a CD-ROM, it is advised to connect to the Internet and download the latest updates available from the vendor. If you are experiencing this problem on a computer where the latest version of the software is installed, all signature files are up to date, and the file will not open (but other files do) then it is very likely the file is infected with a virus and the anti-virus program cannot remove the infection. There is also the possibility the file is corrupt (damaged) and cannot be properly handled by either the anti-virus software or the affected Office application. In this case, it may be necessary to attempt recovery of the file using the related recovery utilities that may be available with the application (not all applications have file recovery or repair capabilities). For more information about this issue, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 835404. and i went to that article 835404 and it doesnt really help me.. does anyone know how to fix this?
  23. hakeem5454


    my startup is really slow. What are some ways of making if faster? I know of msconfig but are there any other ways?
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