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  1. I'm going to edit yours a bit to include defaults & error checking, but its looking good As far as using $OEM$ folders, I used those on my old installations but I'm just booting from winPE & then installing nowadays and I can add whatever I need from there. Currently my winPE install CD obtains it's configuration files & needed EXEs from an ftp server, partitions per config file, formats per config file, and starts a silent installation of winXP pro, & then runs ftp.cmd @ GUIRUNONCE.
  2. I've only tested the devcon method on about 12 pcs... they all worked fine, but I dont doubt that it doesn't work on others. Nice work btw, once you're finished I will put it all together @ the top of the post. I'm currently trying to merge this script & another script I used to install XP from inside winPE & a method for WEB d/l would be great. I will go ahead and remove the devcon section for now until someone can tell me a reliable way to test for this.
  3. Yep, you're right, that should be fixed now. I've been running it off a winPE cd to test and had devcon.exe in my path already
  4. I've been thinking about doing the same thing, you can probably add this with minor editing, I will edit the entire post to include this option. If you want to edit it feel free, just be sure to post what you come up with I just whipped this up after reading your post, so no guarantees :WEB_GET rem set variables for url lists set WEB_TOOL=http://bender/unattend/tools/url_list.txt set WEB_APP=http://bender/unattend/apps/url_list.txt set WEB_UPD=http://bender/unattend/updates/url_list.txt set WEB_DRV=http://bender/unattend/drivers/url_list.txt set WEB_MOD=http://bender/unattend/mod/url_list.txt rem downloading url lists wget -P%TOOL_DIR% %WEB_TOOL% wget -P%APP_DIR% %WEB_APP% wget -P%UPD_DIR% %WEB_UPD% wget -P%DRV_DIR% %WEB_DRV% wget -P%MOD_DIR% %WEB_MOD% rem downoading packages from url lists wget -P%TOOL_DIR% -i%TOOL_DIR%\url_list.txt wget -P%APP_DIR% -i%APP_DIR%\url_list.txt wget -P%APP_DIR% -i%UPD_DIR%\url_list.txt wget -P%APP_DIR% -i%DRV_DIR%\url_list.txt wget -P%APP_DIR% -i%MOD_DIR%\url_list.txt
  5. haha I try and fix typos & just make more, must be the lack of sleep
  6. I don't understand how having one big huge batch file is easier than a small one & then commands.txt in each app folder....
  7. Sorry bout that, I posted my "in progress" version that lets you use something other than unrar.exe (pkunzip.exe or whatever you want). As far as the FTP_TEST section, it seems to be working fine here, try the code again, there could've been more problems with the version I had up.
  8. winnt.sif [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword="blah" EncryptedAdminPassword=NO AutoLogon=Yes AutoLogonCount=1 [GuiRunOnce] Command0=c:\ftp.cmd
  9. This is what I use.... it reads the installation commands for all my stuff from text files & then generates an installation script. %APP_DIR% = c:\install\apps %PACK_SCR% = commands.txt %INSTALL_SCR% = c:\install.cmd for /d %%i in (%APP_DIR%\*.*) do type "%%i\%PACK_SCR%" >> %INSTALL_SCR% Just put a commands.txt in the same directory as your setup files & edit it to contain the silent installation commands. (NOTE: the first line of commands.txt must be empty.) Example commands.txt: ECHO. ECHO Installing Winrar v3.30 ... start /wait %APP_DIR%\winrar330\winrar330.exe /s REGEDIT /S %APP_DIR%\winrar330\cascade.reg
  10. Unattended Installation using FTP - Last Update: 9/20/04 This script can be used for post installation of applications, udpates, drivers, & just about anything you want. You can run this @ GUIRUNONCE, RUNONCEEX, whenever you choose. What this does is download "packages" from the specified FTP server & then builds the installation script for those packages. The advantage of doing it this way is that you don't have to reburn your installation cd everytime you want to add/update something. All you will have to do is make/edit a package & put it on the ftp server. You could even put this on a bootable floppy/cd & have it do a complete unattended setup with minor editing. I tried to give this post more detailed instructions on usage, let me know if this is enough. I might just put up a page on my site, but I'm not sure if enough people are interested or not. Changes: 9/20/04 - Script now obtains its variables from an INI file. NOTE: Now the script is called like: ftp.cmd [path to ini] 9/20/04 - Fixed a missing BYE command in the ftp login test. 9/12/04 - Fixed missing bin & prom commands while downloading required EXEs. 9/10/04 - Removed the DEVCON.EXE section for now. 9/10/04 - Now downloads any required EXEs before anything else. 9/10/04 - Fixed some typos, must be the lack of sleep. 9/06/04 - Added more variables to give better control over the whole process. 9/06/04 - Changed the way the FTP script is generated. 9/05/04 - Added /I swith to the IF Y/N commands so it's no longer case sensitive *greenmachine 9/04/04 - Added definitions for all the variables, will hopefully make editing the script for your own use easier. 9/02/04 - Now tests the FTP server un/pw specified in the batch, if it's incorrect it will prompt user for input. 8/29/04 - Detects ATI or NVIDIA video card & downloads appropriate package. 8/29/04 - Added DRIVERS folder for device drivers 8/29/04 - Added MODS folder for modified files (uxtheme.dll etc.) 8/28/04 - Packages structure is easier to manage, just put commands.txt in the folder & rar it up. 8/28/04 - Now tests for existance of FTP server. 8/28/04 - All necessary tools are downloaded (NO EXTRA FILES REQUIRED ON YOUR INSTALL CD) Requirments: Network Access (Use the LANPack to make sure) FTP Server to serve up packages. UNRAR.EXE What it Does: Checks for existance of ftp server. Checks username/password on server & prompts for user input if it can't login. Downloads "packages" via ftp.exe Extracts the packages Creates an installation script for the packages (based off commands.txt) Applies registry tweaks Installs packages Creating Packages: To dowload & install applications, updates, etc.. you will need to make each of them into individual "packages". Making packages is a pretty straightforward process. The video drivers are the only exception to the rule really, you need to set the name of these packages in the variables later on. Create folder named after your application. Put setup.exe for your application into the folder Create a text file named commands.txt in the folder Edit commands.txt & put in your applications silent install commands. Compress the folder using winRAR to a file with the same name. Example Package: DOWNLOAD COMMANDS.TXT EXAMPLE: (Note: The first line of the commands.txt file needs to be blank.) example ECHO. ECHO Installing Winrar v3.30 ... start /wait %APP_DIR%\winrar330\setup.exe /s REGEDIT /S %APP_DIR%\winrar330\cascade.reg FTP Server Setup: Create the following directory structure on your ftp server: /unattend /unattend/apps /unattend/mods /unattend/updates /unattend/drivers /unattend/tweaks /unattend/tools Copy your packages to their perspective folders & put your .reg files in the /tweaks folder. (Note: I have my reg tweaks in seperate files (enable_rdp.reg, disable_error_report.reg, etc.) /unattend/tools Needs to contain devcon.exe & unrar.exe Editing The INI File: You will need to edit some of the variables in FTP_VAR.INI to fit your setup. If you follow my setup you should really only have to edit FTP_ADDY, FTP_USER, FTP_PASS, & TOP_DIR. There is a full list of the variables & their functions listed below, as you can see you can change just about everything, from temp files it creates to the name of the installation script it generates. FTP_VAR.INI Variable Settings: FTP_ADDY = (ip of your ftp server) FTP_USER = username (ftp username) FTP_PASS = password (ftp password) FTP_CANC = undefined (part of ftp server testing **DO NOT EDIT**) PAK_DIR = unattend (base folder for packages on ftp server) TOP_DIR = %SYSTEMDRIVE%\install (Local download directory) FTP_SCR = c:\install\ftp_scr.txt (generated ftp script) FTP_TSCR = c:\install\ftp_tscr.txt (generated ftp testing script) FTP_OUT = c:\install\ftp_out.txt (generated ftp testing output) INSTALL_SCR = c:\install\install.cmd (generated package installation script) PACK_SCR = commands.txt (filename containing package install commands) TOOL_SCR = generated ftp script to download tools TOOL_DIR = c:\windows\system32 (location commandline tools will be downloaded to) APP_DIR = c:\install\apps (Local directory for apps) UPD_DIR = c:\install\updates (local directory for updates/patches) TWK_DIR = c:\install\tweaks (local directory for .reg tweaks) MOD_DIR = c:\install\mods (local directory for modded files) DRV_DIR = c:\install\drivers (local directory for drivers) FTP_VAR.INI # Format: VariableName=VariableValue # Do not use spaces around the equal sign. FTP_ADDY= FTP_USER=test FTP_PASS=test FTP_CANC=undefined PAK_DIR=unattend TOP_DIR=c:\install FTP_SCR=c:\install\ftp_scr.txt FTP_TSCR=c:\install\ftp_tscr.txt FTP_OUT=c:\install\ftp_out.txt INSTALL_SCR=c:\install\install.cmd PACK_SCR=commands.txt TOOL_SCR=c:\install\tool_scr.txt TOOL_DIR=c:\windows\system32 APP_DIR=c:\install\apps UPD_DIR=c:\install\updates TWK_DIR=c:\install\tweaks MOD_DIR=c:\install\mods DRV_DIR=c:\install\drivers FTP.CMD @ECHO OFF SET SCR_VER=PACK_GET.CMD v1.0 if .%1.==.. goto usage set INI_FILE=%1 set INI_FILE=%INI_FILE:"=% if not exist "%INI_FILE%" goto missing_ini ECHO. ECHO Setting variables defined in %INI_FILE% ... for /f "eol=# tokens=1* delims==" %%a in ('type %INI_FILE%') do set %%a=%%b :: CREATING DIRECTORIES FOR PACKAGES ECHO. ECHO Creating directories ... md %TOP_DIR% md %APP_DIR% md %UPD_DIR% md %TWK_DIR% md %DRV_DIR% md %MOD_DIR% ::BEGIN FTP SERVER TESTING :FTP_EXIST ECHO ping ftp ... PING %FTP_ADDY% ¦ FIND "TTL" >NUL IF ERRORLEVEL 0 GOTO FTP_TEST IF ERRORLEVEL 1 GOTO FTP_INPUT :FTP_TEST ECHO. ftp exists ... testing login ... > %FTP_TSCR% ECHO open %FTP_ADDY% >>%FTP_TSCR% ECHO %FTP_USER% >>%FTP_TSCR% ECHO %FTP_PASS% >>%FTP_TSCR% ECHO bye %WINDIR%\system32\ftp.exe -s:%FTP_TSCR% > %FTP_OUT% FIND "User logged in" %FTP_OUT% >NUL IF ERRORLEVEL 1 GOTO FTP_CHOICE GOTO FTP_START :FTP_CHOICE ECHO. SET /P FTP_CANC=[Cancel FTP download? Y/N:] IF /I "%FTP_CANC%" == "Y" goto CANCEL IF /I "%FTP_CANC%" == "N" goto FTP_INPUT GOTO FTP_CHOICE :FTP_INPUT if exist %FTP_OUT% del %FTP_OUT% if exist %FTP_TSCR% del %FTP_TSCR% SET /P FTP_ADDY=[FTP Address:] SET /P FTP_USER=[FTP Username:] SET /P FTP_PASS=[FTP Password:] SET /P PAK_DIR=[Base Package Directory:] ECHO. ECHO You specified: ECHO FTP Address: %FTP_ADDY% ECHO FTP Username: %FTP_USER% ECHO FTP Password: %FTP_PASS% ECHO FTP Package Directory: %PAK_DIR% :FTP_CONFIRM ECHO. SET /P FTP_CONF=[Is this correct? Y/N:] IF /I "%FTP_CONF%" == "Y" GOTO FTP_EXIST IF /I "%FTP_CONF%" == "N" GOTO FTP_INPUT GOTO FTP_CONFIRM ::END FTP SERVER TESTING ::BEGIN BUILDING FTP SCRIPT :FTP_START del %FTP_OUT% del %FTP_TSCR% ECHO Getting Required files ... > %TOOL_SCR% ECHO open %FTP_ADDY% >>%TOOL_SCR% ECHO %FTP_USER% >>%TOOL_SCR% ECHO %FTP_PASS% >>%TOOL_SCR% ECHO bin >>%TOOL_SCR% ECHO prom >>%TOOL_SCR% ECHO lcd %TOOL_DIR% >>%TOOL_SCR% ECHO cd unattend >>%TOOL_SCR% ECHO cd tools >>%TOOL_SCR% ECHO mget *.* >>%TOOL_SCR% ECHO bye %WINDIR%\system32\ftp.exe -s:%TOOL_SCR% del %TOOL_SCR% ECHO Building FTP Script ... > %FTP_SCR% ECHO open %FTP_ADDY% >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO %FTP_USER% >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO %FTP_PASS% >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO bin >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO prom >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO cd %PAK_DIR% >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO lcd %APP_DIR% >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO cd apps >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO mget *.rar >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO lcd %UPD_DIR% >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO cd ../updates >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO mget *.rar >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO lcd %TWK_DIR% >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO cd ../tweaks >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO mget *.reg >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO lcd %MOD_DIR% >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO cd ../mods >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO mget *.rar >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO lcd %DRV_DIR% >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO cd ../drivers >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO mget *.rar :FTP_DONE >>%FTP_SCR% ECHO bye ::END BUILDING FTP SCRIPT ECHO. ECHO Downloading per FTP_CMD.TXT .... %WINDIR%\system32\ftp.exe -s:%FTP_SCR% del %FTP_SCR% ECHO. ECHO Extracting Packages ... for %%i in (%APP_DIR%\*.rar) do UNRAR x %%i %APP_DIR% for %%i in (%UPD_DIR%\*.rar) do UNRAR x %%i %UPD_DIR% for %%i in (%DRV_DIR%\*.rar) do UNRAR x %%i %DRV_DIR% for %%i in (%MOD_DIR%\*.rar) do UNRAR x %%i %MOD_DIR% for %%i in (%APP_DIR%\*.rar %UPD_DIR%\*.rar %DRV_DIR%\*.rar %MOD_DIR%\*.rar) do DEL %%i ECHO. ECHO Applying various registry tweaks ... for %%i in (%TWK_DIR%\*.reg) do REGEDIT /S %%i for %%i in (%TWK_DIR%\*.reg) do DEL %%i ECHO. ECHO Building installation script ... for /d %%i in (%APP_DIR%\*.*) do type "%%i\%PACK_SCR%" >> %INSTALL_SCR% for /d %%i in (%UPD_DIR%\*.*) do type "%%i\%PACK_SCR%" >> %INSTALL_SCR% for /d %%i in (%DRV_DIR%\*.*) do type "%%i\%PACK_SCR%" >> %INSTALL_SCR% for /d %%i in (%MOD_DIR%\*.*) do type "%%i\%PACK_SCR%" >> %INSTALL_SCR% call %INSTALL_SCR% GOTO CLEANUP :CANCEL ECHO Package installation was canceled. GOTO CLEANUP :MISSING_INI ECHO %SCR_VER% - ERROR! ECHO The specified INI does not exist. GOTO END :USAGE ECHO %SCR_VER% - ERROR! ECHO You must specify the location of the INI file containing variables. ECHO. ECHO Syntax: ECHO ftp_ini.cmd [path to ini file] ECHO. ECHO Usage: ECHO ftp_ini.cmd z:\config\ftp_var.ini ECHO. GOTO END :CLEANUP ECHO. ECHO Cleaning up ... rd /s /q %TOP_DIR% SHUTDOWN -r -t 10 :END
  11. Run it whenever you want, I run it using GUIRUNONCE cause I'm lazy
  12. Once I'm satisfied with it I will try and write up a full tutorial.
  13. There are several ways to accomplish this: http://www.sci.fi/~tobo/mpg123/ Or maybe... you could search using google? http://www.google.com/search?q=command+lin...=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  14. Putting CHOICE.COM in $OEM$\$$\system32 should work fine. Works in VMWARE & on a PC here. Perhaps try calling it by it's full path. %WINDIR%\system32\choice.com /C:YN /T:Y,60 Voulez-vous installer les logiciels de base ????
  15. If you wanted to change my unattended FTP install, you could do everything from a bootable floppy with ftp.exe on it. All you would need is an FTP server & the client you want to install to. Check the links in my signature. Since this is a good idea I will be creating a boot disk to do it, I'll add it to my unattended FTP post when I finish it. Bootdisk can be found here: http://www.nu2.nu/bootdisk/network/
  16. Where on your cd is choice.com? Put it in $OEM$\$$\SYSTEM32, rebuild your ISO & try again.
  17. You can edit my unattended FTP script to do exactly what you're asking. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=25929&hl=
  18. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, took me 5min to add WMP10 to my unattended install
  19. hahahahahahha You have no idea how often this happens at my workplace..
  20. This is pretty modular, least amount of maintenance when you change things. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=25929 I'm sure you could modify it to work for your needs (take out the ftp etc). Then you could use READINI_NT.CMD to read an INI with the description & what not. I know it's still a batch file, but I prefer em. ReadINI_NT.CMD http://www.robvanderwoude.com/files/readini_nt.txt
  21. I don't install XP via ftp, I install all my applications, updates & drivers via FTP post-install. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=25929
  22. The reason I would like to do it this way, is to use it during my FTP install, see the links in my sig for more info. I don't want to have to re-burn my cd. So being able to determine post-install & then install from my ftp works great.
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