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  1. Unofficial DLURL

    thx makes xpcreate functional again
  2. Guide: Mozilla Firefox Unattended

    Easier method: mine I haxxed the 7z archive, and modified the config file, and added my AutoIt script.... You can get rid of all the dialogs bar one (thinks). Then a simple AutoIt script. Addmittedly not entirely silent, but it works. You can hide the setup window anyhow....
  3. Modular Auto Installer

    ahh..the i=0 (initialization) is outside the loop.....anyways.....
  4. Need help with ATI 4.8

    Yeah I couldn't see a good reason why they would need to be first.....barring crazy ATIness.... BTW, is the ATI WDM drivers required for other capture devices (my Nebula DigiTV, HDTV goodness)?? I wouldn't think so, but some crazy things happen Taemun
  5. Driverpack Sound - V5.03.1 & V5.03

    I use the stock standard Creative drivers (for an Audigy 2 ZS). Never had a problem with them. Bâshrat, do we have a ETA on the new version of this pack, the one that has proper Creative support?
  6. Modular Auto Installer

    Are you talking about a small batch script that says (bluntly): set i = 0 SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx For each directory: i++ REG ADD %KEY%\<i> /VE /D "<title>" /f REG ADD %KEY%\<i> /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\<path>\<folder>\start.bat" /f Loop Cos that might work. This way, you could probably implement the same idea in the xml base required for XPLode (which looks better!), usuing the same basic stucture. (as above, in post #1) EDIT: yeah i just went to see Bart's ModBoot, it looks somewhat like that yeah. Perhaps a different method would be to have a multitude of archives, called <short_title>.7z , in X:\$OEM$\$1\Install\, instead of having the folders. This way you say for each file, uncompress to C:\Install\<short_title>\*.* and inside that have setup.bat. NTFS, I know, supports "file streams", these could be used to get a <short_title>.7z:title=<title>, <short_title>.7z:description=<description> sorta thing going. (the standard syntax for streams is filename.ext:stream=data) Learn about streams here, and here. Unfortunatly, AFAIK, CDFS's (ISO, UDF) do not support streams. Please gimme a yell if you think they do! So perhaps <short_title>.txt holds the nescesary information (<title> and <description>). Or perhaps <short_title>.title and <short_title>.description. Hmm the latter seems a bit better (easier from a scripting perspective, but 'chunkier').
  7. He's asking if you can download the Windows Update V5 ActiveX component for unattended (offline) installation. Not that i know of anyway, try emailing Microsoft.
  8. Need help with ATI 4.8

    Nah. TTBOMK, drivers can always be cut down to a basic inf file, and its dependancies. The setup.exe for the driver component inserts the inf file for the graphics card, AND (not sure, thats why I asked ) installs smartgart. Smartgart allows the ATI drivers to auto-detect whether or not AGP4x or AGP8x etc is to be used (thinks). Theres probably a few too many caveats....hehehe.
  9. Need help with ATI 4.8

    OIC, thats the 'smartgart' installation package
  10. POssible ATI-Catalyst Solution (4.8 driver)

    Whyever would you use AutoIt scripts instead of [OemPnPDriversPath] and some InstallShield silent installation files (iss) !?! Sorry, but I can't follow the logic....
  11. Need help with ATI 4.8

    Which files do you mean when you say "drivers package"?? Fom inside the original executeable "wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-042-040803a-016701c.exe": \Driver\2KXP_INF \Driver\C2_16701.INI \Driver\CX_16701.INI \Driver\data1.cab \Driver\data1.hdr \Driver\data2.cab \Driver\Driver.dat \Driver\Driver.DLL \Driver\ikernel.ex_ \Driver\INSTALL.INI \Driver\layout.bin \Driver\Setup.exe \Driver\Setup.ini \Driver\setup.inx \Driver\setup.iss \Driver\_setup.bmp \Driver\2KXP_INF\atiiseag.ini \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154 \Driver\2KXP_INF\C2_16701.inf \Driver\2KXP_INF\CX_16701.cat \Driver\2KXP_INF\CX_16701.inf \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\ati2cqag.dl_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\ati2dvag.dl_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\ati2edxx.dl_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\ati2evxx.dl_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\ati2evxx.ex_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\ati2mdxx.ex_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\ati2mtag.sy_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\ati3duag.dl_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\atiddc.dl_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\ATIDEMGR.dll \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\atiiiexx.dll \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\atioglxx.dl_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\atipdlxx.dl_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\atitvo32.dl_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\ativcoxx.dl_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\ativvaxx.dl_ \Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17154\oemdspif.dl_ Surely you wouldn't need the setup.exe and all that?? From the CPanel folder inside the original executable: 16701_2K.REG 16701_XP.REG CPanel.dat CPANEL.dll CP_2K.REG CP_XP.REG data1.cab data1.hdr data2.cab FGL_32.REG ikernel.ex_ INSTALL.INI layout.bin Setup.exe Setup.ini setup.inx setup.iss setup_shortcut.iss All those as well? (WDM doesn't interest me I have no vivo on my gfx card) Thanks
  12. Sorry people, I haven't made it (programming expertise isn't exactly marvellous here). My thoughts: at the moment there are a lot of different methods for unattended installation of programs: the rather cludgy batch file method the XPLode method (purdy ) the RunOnceEX method eagle00789's "easy method for RunOnceEX" I would like to propose a new, simpler (IMHO) method of autoinstallation. Lets say that you have X:\$OEM$\$1\Install\*installation files* Currently for me, that entails: C:\WXPVOL_EN\$OEM$\$1\Install>dir /b CC4202 DC4032 DT346 F70190 FB083 FF093 FG16 GS221 JAVA2142 MIRC616 MSN62 MT52 OOD6 P054 QT651 SAV9 WD6 WI61 WMP9 WR33 X101 Just shortened names for each program, one program to each folder. Inside each folder have a setup.bat which is a plain batch file that installs that program. What I would suggest is an automated installer that doesn't actually have a direct 'config' file, rather that you point it at the root of the 'installation folders' and then it goes through each folder, and runs setup.bat in each case. Obvious ways to extend this: description.txt, containing a program title, a brief description, and perhaps a variable to say whether this item should be autoinstalled. description.txt: Hmpf, after look at what i just wrote, looks like xml ....i'm not really keeping up with the times, text files are just simpler I came about thinking in this way after I found they way that I way making the installation packages (generally repackaging in RAR or 7z, and working out the switches, and registry entries required). I found it easier to dump each nescesary step (uncompress, run setup with switches, add registry entries, delete uncompressed installation, keeping the original installation files) into a small batch file, and then compile (loose use of the term ) all of the setup.bat's into a single XPLode xml file, or perhaps RunOnceEX. (both look purdy, tho XPLode is nicer). Some people will probably revile at the thought of having to make ~20 setup.bat files (and the text files), but i would see this as a more accessible and sensible method of organising autoinstallation information. Reinventing the wheel is ok, as long as the new one is better. Or is this a useless reinvention? Thoughts? P.S. A quick question: why is it that XPLode hasn't found widespread use? EDIT: Just read sleepnmojo's method in eagle00789's thread.....sounds similar......hehe
  13. POssible ATI-Catalyst Solution (4.8 driver)

    Could you post the .iss fiels that you used (that worked ) here? Any luck with finding that registry entry?
  14. Any other opinions here? marty56 seemed to think that he got it working (just not using "OemPnPDriversPath")