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  1. [Desktops] 2007

    Mine: Ubuntu 7.10 http://www.flickr.com/photos/cviorel/1980892754/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/cviorel/19820...57603090668125/
  2. Ie6 - No Direct Download

    I reinstalled my system, after some big crashes (hardware failure) and didn't had a chance to try your solution but thanks anyway.
  3. Log on message/script

    Go to start-run-gpedit.msc There are some settings that can help you in your quest.
  4. Internet Sites

    Look for fragments from that address in your registry. If you find something, delete that key. Make a back-up first
  5. Hi! I have a problem with IE6. When I click on a link that has something other that a web page (like an .exe, .zip, .rar, etc. file) my browser does nothing instead of starting the download. I can only save files only if I choose from the right click menu "save target as...". And there is another problem. I downloaded the IE6 SP1 - full and run it. Installer apparently did its job, no error messages, but when I try to install another security patch for IE, I get the message that I have to install the SP1 foe IE (!!!). Weird... Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Every new $ interesting thing is welcomed. I look forward to learn. So, bring it on.
  7. my system freezes

    Changed one of the momory module and now, everything works fine. So, pay atention when u encounter problems like the one I had.
  8. my system freezes

    Hi! I have a problem with my computer. I have Windows 2003 Standard Server, configured as a workstation. Sometimes my system freezes, the harddisk stops working (no activity) and the anly thing I cand do is press the reset button. When this occurs, in the system event log appears: "DCOM got error ""The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. "" attempting to start the service StiSvc with arguments """" in order to run the server: {A1F4E726-8CF1-11D1-BF92-0060081ED811}" I can see this only after the reset. I don't have any IRQ conflicts, no old devices, all the drivers are up to date. Does anyone encountered this? Same with Wondows XP Pro + SP1. Note: This occurs even when I put only one memory module. Thank you in advance! My Computer: MB: Shuttle AK35GT/R Storage: ATA 100 Seagate Barracuda 60 GB, 7200 rpm CPU: Duron 1200 Memory: 1 x 256 PC 2100 1 x 256 PC 3200 Sound: Creative SB Live! CDRW: Polaroid BurnMax CDRom: Sony 52x
  9. System cleaner

    Hi! I use Ace Utilities. It does it all: cleaning registry (first it does a backup), remove junk files, invalid shortcuts, clean computer history. It has many plugins installed by default which u can use to clean history for different programs such as Total Commander, Photoshop, Winzip, Winrar, Office and many more. U can get it at their webpage.