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  1. Miss U all, My fellows, Long Time No C.
  2. I am using symantech 8.0 enterprise edition, which works very fine. u can try it.
  3. Sorry Aaron XP, I'll do as you said. thx
  4. I Used it only for one week, it's a buggy and unstable OS. Only it is a little bit beautiful than other MS OS, Espeically the Task Bar. Nothing else special, I think. I am waiting for the Beta release, .
  5. Welcome to MSFN! Enjoy your stay!
  6. Hi, Code Monkey, Wellcome here. Enjoy youself here.
  7. Thand you all very much. I have installed Jv16 Power tools, which works well. However, Drew, Would you please tell me how to register this software? Input a serial code? or something else to register? I can't find how to register. If available, would you please Email me a Key of this software (maybe it will tort the copyright of the author). Thx
  8. thank you very much Drew, I have installed it on my computer, I'll have a try. 3ks
  9. Liuxmu

    Hi All

    Welcome, Enjoy ourselves :beer:
  10. Terminator3, Thank You vey much however, I think probably it is a little bit complicated to use TweakNT to install the Norton, I think we'd better find a software which can be diretly used on the 2k3. Thx Again
  11. Hi, guys would you please what kind of system cleaner you guys use for the win 2k3? I am looking for a best cleaner for my os of 2k3. Formerly, I used System Mechanic for my Win XP, however, it does not work now for 2k3. I need such a software as can clean my system, including the registry, waste files, etc.. Plz recommend a good even best cleaner for me! Thx :beer:
  12. Yeah, I am looking for such a site too because I really wanna save my RAM.
  13. hahaha No, It's not me but the most famous star in Korea, u don't know her? Did you watch the movie of "My sassy girl"? try to find teh viedo and enjoy it.
  14. Thank you very much!
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