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  1. If you have vista source, you can do:

    Add (slipstream) Service Pack 1 to any version (one at a time, takes too long, i know) and save, dont do anything else.

    If you want to have 2 or more versions, s-stream 2 or more times SP1, then start "vliting".

  2. It is here:


    you can copy & paste to dir bar on win explorer, just like that.

    maybe you remove some extra stuff from "Hardware support"

  3. It's NOT sad we have no open source vLite\nLite...

    ...Think of this - you get the "Latest and Greatest" vLite and after vLiting your system you install it, then all of a sudden your system goes online and starts routing porn, viruses and spam emails...

    Please, dont give fake hope.

    nuhi doesn't have time, he said so (a long time...). :whistle:

    is not going to open the source code, he said that too (a long time too...). :hello:

    either way, don't scare people or tell, how many opensource proyects are that dangerous?

    XPize is full of viruses, spyware, tojans, etc because now the source is open?

    OMG :angry:

  4. I think i know where your problem is.

    When you select components, look at the advanced button.

    Click it, remove every line on Keep Files side (leave it by default, 1 file to keep, 2 files to remove).

    That is a prehistoric bug. :whistle::hello:

    You can try to get the same bug this way:

    Select images and avatar components, go to advanced, try to keep these files:




    you can put there any of the avatars or wallpapers name, is the same result, no shortcuts.

    Recomendation: dont use advanced option not on your next nliting.

    After success you can start trying with files to keep if they are not where youd like to have m.

  5. Are you working on a full windows system (installed)?

    Do you have WAIK installed?

    vLite Forum Rules

    Providing links to download individual portions of the WAIK, including but not limited to wimgfltr components, will earn you the right to be banned without further notice as per forum rule 1b.

    I don't know the full WAIK link wich seems is not forbidden or installed v1.1.6 Final before 1.2 final (don't ask why).

    I don't use it because i dont like it.

  6. Today, when i decided to came back to check if nuhi still support his MASTERPIECE's i start thinking "maybe he took a never end vacations..."

    Thanks for coming back and happy hollydays!

    BTW: I can see the new 1b rule...

  7. I just purchased a UPS with a third-party monitoring software that requires this service in order to work. I would like to run the monitoring service software because I live in an area with very unstable electrical transmission and have had an expensive power supply and monitor toasted previously.

    Does anyone have information on which other components are necessary for the Human Interface Device service module to be installed and run properly?

    Maybe (i used translation.txt file to get this) Battery:


    S324="Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery, HID UPS Battery Driver. Don't remove if you use this installation on a laptop/notebook."

    Be carefull because UPS are not (all) power protection enabled, i own a stabilizer (kind of) where the V should stay 110V-120V but it always goes up to 134V.

    Have fun! :thumbup

  8. Maybe depends on the way you work with.

    Only leave it there without a problem, have you tried manual/advanced backup?

    If i remove indexing services, it stops when the back up starts.

    OS is Win XP Pro SP3 plus hotfixes until sept.

    To figure out i remove all at services but keep restoring until it works, on each component, 1 install, think the wasted time...

  9. As much as i can see, it removes many types of files and modifies some inf files packed and nonpacked.

    If you get in touch with nuhi, maybe he can tell you some but is not going to give you the code source.

    Have you tried to get in touch by email?

    Good to have a tool like that to "nlite" from Linux... :thumbup

  10. Letme tell (or ask?).

    You need a full windows source install (windows cd, you should have it or your system should have a folder called i386, mainly is what yu need) but if you though that downloading Service Pack 3 iso would do it, your wrong, that is only the service pack for offline update or many systems update, doesn't contain what you need.

    Don't ask for any here.

    If you are looking for warez, youll be banned (i hope is not what you are doing).

    But if you want to add Service Pack 3 to the source, maybe you need to select from nlite the exe files.

    If i understood the wrong way, i'm sorry...

  11. But at the same time my mind refuses to accept that noone can stuff an iso into a usb flash. It's unconceiveble!

    Did you mean setup windows from USB (as a CD).

    Or run windows on USB without hard drive:


    My Windoze running from USB, i don't know about boot sectors, total newbie here.

    Id like to make and post a video turning on mi PC and only running windoze from USB, not HDD but need some time and little knowledge about video & stuff.

    mireazma it tookme about 3 full days to sucess with trial and error, start reading a website, anyway, i did read about 3 and the last one with some more insteresting info.

    Take your time, read, try with a full windows first, when you sucess then start with nlited windOwS.

    You can do it! :thumbup

  12. No es que me propongo, es por el hecho de que no se puede actualizar por windows update despues de instalar SP3, al hacerlo por la página web da un error (no recuerdo el código) relacionado con la fecha y hora del equipo no son correctas (a pesar de serlo) y si no se corrige la fecha/hora, no se puede actualizar (es parecido a cuando el msn messenger no deja iniciar sesión cuando realmente el equipo no tiene la fecha correcta).

    Ese "bug" se corrige con el parche de certificados de raiz.

    No digo que el winup no sea bueno, sin embargo, el windows update downloader (WUD) te deja seleccionar lo que quieras actualizar y te da la información de la actualización, si existe alguna actualización que expresamente dice que verifica que el soft sea genuino, no la bajes (para evitar un problema mayor, considerando que se tiene el soft con licencia original), de hecho, ninguna actualización (de las que he bajado hasta el momento) mediante el WUD me ha indicado que el soft (ni ha bajado actualizaciones de validación, esas las veo al ir al sitio de actualizaciones como críticas) necesita ser verificado.

    Porque no se ve "habilitado" el soporte para temas no firmados? considerando que a muchos les gustaría ver otro tema, para variar.

    Espero que no te parezca exigente, pero es un muy buen manual, yo veia uno que encontraba con google, me enviaba a un foro de ethek, pero ese manual ya es viejo (comparado con la versión del que acabas de hacer).

    Yo hago mis desatendidos reducidos (cada cierto tiempo actualizo y despues uso el nLite) pero si alguien me dice "puedes hacer uno para mi?" respondo que si y que necesito la licencia para que no la tengan que escribir o que no me la proporcionen pero se la aplican ell@s (solo amistades contadas con los dedos :D)

    Déjame decirte, el manual/tutorial es excelente para los que se están iniciando con crear su propio windows "nlited". :thumbup

  13. Muy bueno pero, porqué SP2 y no SP3?

    Y para que Ultimate Boot CD for Windows?

    Para que WinUp cuando tienes Windows Updates Downloader (solo para SP2 y SP3, en este caso, SP2) que se actualiza constantemente?

    Si el problema de no usar SP3 es por lo de la actualizacion mediante windows update, baja e instala los certificados de raices o rootcertificates y eso lo resuelve despues de aplicar las actualizaciones, de hecho rootcertificates puedes agregarlo a una carpeta (o en la raiz del cd) en la pestaña donde agregas comandos de ejecución de programas "extras" lo agregas para que se ejecute..

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