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  1. Why dont let nlite do it for you?

    Mount your image.

    Open nlite

    select source (the mounted image)

    when you press ok or apply (whetever it says)

    It will ask you where you want to copy your source files but if you don't have a specific folder you can browse the dir tree where to create a new folder from the same popup window.

  2. Almost everything said.

    As many have said:

    No WGA because piracy/pirates don't worry about it because before they install any ms stuff, they make sure isn't a problem for them.

    If they install (as others said) at the corner's store, they can make sure to disable automatic updates yet update services.

    Is like a P** in t** **s to download and verify wga almost every month or whenever you need something wich ask for validation.

    W7 to work without pagefile or without RAM 1 of the 2.

    The install option as win98 (already said).

    Menu style (this already said, shift between classic, xp and vista)

    automatic GAME MODE (outperformed), i mean, almost in kernel mode, saving anithyng else as hibernation or paused (as in virtual machines) because whyle you play you dont need antivirus, if you play crysis, a monster is not going to infect your system, don't need MDM (microsoft debug machine or likely), etc.

    anybody agree with "my game mode"?

  3. Great job 32512mk0.pnguhi! I expect more removals but i do prefer a stable release, thanks!

    1.2 RC works so much on x64 integrating and removing stuff but i didnt like a few things, ill do removals with final release, id like to see network status window, i can see the network activity icon.

    vLiting soon...

  4. I came here for the same question.

    BTW: Go to http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Home.aspx

    Type in Vista x64 then press Search button and you'll see updates in order by date newer to older.

    I did a search trough SP1 contents.

    (KB951618) 11/08/2008 n/d 1,9 MB 1947193

    (KB940157) 22/07/2008 n/d 11,9 MB 12466752 Windows Search 4.0

    (KB955020) 08/07/2008 n/d 63,1 MB 66133418 Whit this one you can add words to english and german dictionaries, Critical Update

    (KB950124) 24/06/2008 n/d 16,0 MB 16775344

    (KB937287) 08/04/2008 n/d 9,6 MB 10034364

    (KB950127) 07/04/2008 n/d 265 KB 272297

    (KB949939) 07/04/2008 n/d 1,2 MB 1283323

    (KB945553) 07/04/2008 n/d 423 KB 433916

    (KB941693) 07/04/2008 n/d 1,6 MB 1656115

    (KB946041) 10/03/2008 n/d 931 KB 954003

    (KB943899) 12/02/2008 n/d 3,6 MB 3739073 in SP1 but may be newer.

    (KB943302) 12/02/2008 n/d 3,4 MB 3597491 in SP1 but may be newer, there is same KB code but december's update could be in SP1.

    (KB947172) 11/02/2008 n/d 17,6 MB 18408177

    (KB946456) 11/02/2008 n/d 1,1 MB 1135635

    (KB946026) 11/02/2008 n/d 468 KB 479860

    (KB943411) 21/01/2008 n/d 1,5 MB 1522805 an update released in january seems to be included in SP1, ignore.

    Olders seems to be included in SP1, instead it was released in March, doesn't have included 11/02/2008 updates:


    Everything in XP SP2 inside Virtual PC, it is working/downloading ok.

    Thats how i start downloading.

  5. The fact that nobody else has answered tells me that nobody knows what the heck is going on, which is pretty amazing. I figure it's just a Beta bug in the program, but that can't be if nobody else is having the same problem.

    The fact that you want help is you didnt tryout removing 1 component at a time youd like to have everything solved, i had almost similar problem but i dont know what i did removed nor what i didnt remove to make it work.

    Dont remove too much, i did beacause i only have a miniDVDRW, but i solve it the way i recommend...

  6. Depends on wich version you choose to integrate and wich one you vlited, every version (home basic, home premium, ultimate, etc) needs to slipstream SP1 if you have slipstreamed SP1 and had home basic and then you want to vlite ultimate you need to slipstream for ultimate.

    If you want to have SP1 on every flavor of vista, you need to slipstream with every flavor not only once, it can be done on de same source files, dont need to have source files (and slipstream SP1) for every flavor.

    BTW: I can see SP1.

  7. When nLite first runs it gives an error message saying that the luna.msstyles file is not found in my Windows directory. I'm not sure why it is looking in my Windows directory as I'm running nLite on a Vista machine to build a CD for an XP machine. I also have no idea why it is looking for the Luna msstyles file in the first place.

    Anyone got any advice on how I fix this?

    I havnt seen such error in XP SP2 machine

    There is not any Luna theme nor Luna.msstyles but there are other themes...

    Looking for luna.msstyles file sounds Strange... :unsure:

  8. thats it!

    some times when you are at the desktop and all your windows are minimized, you press F1 key by accident and a dialog box appears, when you are at the windows explorer, at the image viewer is not a problem, it just does nothing, any other apps just open its own help window ( if thers any) not problem with firefox nor W live messenger.

    is possible to disable that dialog box from appearing and being annoy...?

    thanks for readin...

  9. you should have an option, when you choose what to have available, example: updates, add hotfixes, unattended... at the bottom look at burn/make iso or so, when that window appear, there you can opt by make an iso file, burn from image or direct burn but nlite does not spit any iso, unless you work on it!

  10. maybe it depends on CD make, i didnt like to reuse CDRW because at first, it works, but the next times dont, doesnt matter if i do full erase wich takes too long or not, have you had checked with Ultraiso?

    well, is not an image cd but make an iso file, check it with ultraiso, burn it with nlite at maximum speed (gives you the image burn option) into a CD-RW and later on CD-R check results!

    have phun!

  11. Well, if you want StRUT as admin, i think the only way is just to rename Admin in users list, that it!

    and there is another option to show admin account (because if you add another user, admin get hide) have you tried looking into nlite?

    and have phun!

  12. it is taking longer nuhi, Firefox just says it took longer tan expected and in iexplorer cannot show webpage and says check your internet settings :D

    i hope to see it runing online today :)

    10:00 am PDT

  13. sorry about my poor english. :D

    as i said, i didnt open nlite since i start windows, but yes! with that instruction shows such window, about the question of pictures (specified avatars) for users into nlited windows, is it possible?

    Thanks nuhi! im glad to read your answer :D

  14. it is a tweak, right click on My PC, choose properties, advanced settings tab, performance button, there you can see something like use shadows in desktop icons, just check that box at the left.

    if you fixit, youll need to make an script, regfile or rebuild a new nlited cd from zero, clean install files and clean nlite program (recommended).

    did you use old presets? (any other preset)

    Have Phun!

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