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  1. I had windows runing for almost the full day, runing Windows Live messenger 8.5 Beta, WebcamXP, Firefox, the Volume Panel was open, nothing else.

    Windows XP pro SP2 nlited with nLite 1.3.5 and install files xpized.

    i have installed nLite 1.3.5 but i didnt openit today, surprisly, past 22:30 hrs a popup appears, showing instruccions and descriptions, i couldnt take a snapshot, because i open nlite to see what could be next, i sa the main nLite window and at the taskbar blinking the nLite button, but it was from the popup (it was not blinking because i had already checked), not from the main nlite window, then i close the main window, but it took away the popup with!

    one more thing, im not sure if it was when i open a a picture from inside live messenger, before or after i did it :wacko:

    Wich instruccions?

    i dont want to lie but i have nLite with spanish setting, anyway, i saw everything in english (but the main window), the first and the only one i can remember is

    Path: [says something about the sources files]

    and about 4 or 5 more commands or words with descriptions under PATH very rare to me.

    in my PC's support window say: [Customized by nLite v1.3.5 - www.nliteos.com]

    i dont know if somebody have seen this popup...

    im shocked!

    Well, i can remember my suggestion (not much :D), [goes in tweaks] is disable autoscan [can be found in the registry in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager] by Boot value and delete the file autoscan.exe] why? because sometimes is annoying to many people when windows crash or something like that and they dont need it, is usefull when they use another tool.

    id like to add users, i mean, specified pictures for the users added with nlite.

    could this be possible?, if so, i would like to have the reg (and other way) code to ad in windows nlited cd (would be great if found in nLite) or anybody could helpme with? ill try but is not easy, kind of troubleshootin.

    Keep the great work up Nuhi!

  2. i agree with Nuhi, not using any preset or template because ther you can get small differences be2in the first end the second nlited windows CD, i made a few isos and i had such results, new sources, same nlite version, same preset but slighty changes, i only change administrator names and users, there should be no changes other than user names. i think it happens with nlite 1.2 1.2.1 and 1.3 i didnt try 1.3.5...

  3. Have you tried to manually insert the same registry entries as coolbits does in xp?

    if i ask that, is because same registry code/values works in vista too, nothing to loose with doing that.

    one more thing (the last) just keep looking in your nTune program, there should be one way to activate many features in your nVidia control panel, i activate the overclock window and more in XP.

    i have a XFX GeForce 7900GS wich is runing faster than a 7900GT (or GTX, can not remember now)

    My VC is runing at 592MHz (Core) and 1570 MHz (Memory speed) speeds are autodetected (and keep by default) ill try to overclock'em manually later.

    another one is comming in no more than 2 days, ill have an SLI.

    want to know the stock speed? go to xfxforce.com and look for model number:


    450MHz Core

    660MHz Memory (1320MHz as advertised, it is 660MHz X 2)

    room temp is about 30° to 35° and the VC goes from 54°C to 65°C on high load but now runing at 56° C.

    Good luck!

  4. i think you are not looking at what you really have there, just what you want is an answer.

    Well, next to it (at the right side is a blue icon with the question sign: ? )

    press it!!!

    there is your answer...

  5. Well, you did a clean version, but, did you tried already with a clean source?

    I mean, start from zero, create a folder, copy the source files to that folder, nlited but with no presets, just selecting again each component and create your new install disk.

    One more thing, an EULA.TXT is not found when:

    The file is Deleted. (for sure! :))

    The file has been Renamed. (just as deleted)

    The file content is Modified. (in any way, adding or deleting text)

    I hope that can helps...

    Only a day after 2 years of my registration on this great forum.

    Just posting when i think i can help, anyway, THANKS NUHI!!!

  6. letme say this more clear, nothing should read vista files, except vlite.

    includes everything, index services, antivirus, copy of vista folder to have a backup (as i did and got BSOD) While vlite start apply changes and...

    Have Phun :!:

  7. If you pay attention, it is here:


    and needs to be here:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ OR mainly


    because the setting is por every user, not for current user, i hope that helps little more, i just uninstall vista, ill try to reinstall it some day...

    I didnt like vista, bein honest, I can get about the same with nVidia drivers, the glass FX works only in restored window or floating windows, but not in maximized mode, the visual tooltip some times is annoyin, flip3d, you need to go to the bottom to get flip3d, with nVidia drivers i just use a mouse click, as fast i click makes the change to another window :D

    could be good if we reach the glas FX in maximized mode :D

    note: i try the same input as in XP looking at the reg i mean the inf file from a nlited CD (after i had vista installed, just next day after you post vlite 0.9) and didnt work.

    Keep Up Nuhi! :thumbup

  8. 683Mb = 700,000,000 bytes (roughly)

    700Mb = 716,800,000 bytes (worked out by 700 x 1,024,000)

    I think I have worked that out wrong somehow, heres the size of my VistaLite ISO....

    Is that 2Mb under or 32.5Mb over?

    Please tell me its 2Mb under! I only have 2 CD-R's left and don't wanna waste one. :blushing:

    Which one is right, I mean what is the maximum a "700Mb" CD can hold?

    Letme give you answers:

    700MB CD holds 700MB of files

    you are 2MB under

    your image file (if you are showing the iso size) can be about 4MB smaller, in that case, could be 6MB under, i check that when i did my first small ISO from XP, i had 192MB but i made the iso and i saw 196MB (4MB over) after i burn it i check the CD size, it was 192MB.

    You can overburn a CD with nero burning rom, the most i could do was 716MB you can calculate 716*1024 but that doesnt matter to me if that gives you 750,000,000 b because 700Mb (683Mb) is not 700MB, go ahead and burn 700MB or 703MB if your burning app tells you...

    I dont like too much typin without givin you an answer...

    Have Phun!

  9. Maybe this helps:

    i have windows xp sp2 pro corp. nlited

    i had dot net 2

    i had vlite 0.7

    many programs

    i downloaded Norton Internet Security 2007 trial, it was runing and i installed vlite 0.8 try to run after i select the Ultimete Edition BSOD :realmad: !

    i try to uninstall NIS2007 but addremove programs couldnt then i remove everything i could from programfiles\symantec with a batch file to make it easier :rolleyes: pc restarted, had a error message about c++ (because i remove nis2007 files) wich i ignore than vlite starts working well, vliting vista 32 bits...

    after that i try to vlite vista x64 but i start a copy (wich i forgot) of the files to have a backup until there, going to apply changes and rebuilt, i got a message error and all vlite stuck, after the file backup i restart vlite and all went ok! :thumbup

    im not sure, but i think, while the files are being checked or some programs reading any of them, vlite crashes!!!

    but anything else works great! :thumbup

    a question! if i remove everything from vista32bits, to get aero glass, i shouldnt remove something? because i havent burn any cd, and reinstalling windows xp and all my programs is going to take too long... :unsure:

    thanks for another great program nuhi!!!

  10. There is no point in integrating SP1 if you're integrating SP2....you're wasting your time doing so...
    tap52384 is correct. SP2 is a cumulative update and includes all fixes/updates from SP1 so all you're doing is wasting your time and maybe further cluttering up your source.
    I was so worried that the ISO ngine was not working perfect for you! I couldn't even sleep! I am sure it is that magic slipstreaming of SP1 and then SP2 on top of it that keeps your CDs regular, like a good dose of fiber.

    I keed, I keed.

    Hey pistolero!

    my english is soo poor...

    what that word means? (keed)

    are you sleepin now?

    i was wonderin if im going crazy :crazy:

    but now, im sure im not! :whistle:

    :thumbup: nliting windows on my way works!

    :hello: guys? try to do it my way! :P

  11. I dont have any issue with iso ngine on any previous nLite versions, i just use windows CD and dont add hot fixes, just SPs.

    So im sure the ISO ngine works perfect!

    Ill test RC2 at 11:47 PM JAN 16, 07 :thumbup:

    Tested! at 01:27 AM JAN 17, 07

    My only complain is:

    it keeps the WORKGROUP default name instead i set AMD.

    i hope you could fix that!

    Close to 1.3 Final :thumbup


  12. Lets do this little be more clear:

    if you are the last who made a reply, dont need to ad another, just edit the last one unless is an old thread.

    If your PC had Windows XP Home, get Windows XP Home, your PC needs to have your license key (most PC have windows XP Home OEM)

    If your PC had Windows XP Media Center, get Windows XP Media Center, your PC needs to have your license key (most PC have windows XP Home OEM)

    nLite have support for MCE now, i think, let me remember :unsure: nop!

    well, just let us know what your Windows Version is and you can get only the preset to lite your Windows, note, you are not going to get any Windows iso here neither a License Key, doing that you can be banned!

    Have Phun!!!

  13. I'm trying to setup a unattended ME setup.

    Can you share all that info about unattended install with windows ME.

    if you know about Batch, i mean using those .bat files, you can have this line:

    ren windows\Applic~1\Microsoft\INTRO\CONTENT.HTA windows\~1\Microsoft\INTRO\CONTENT.txt

    or have it in to the registry this way:

    command ren windows\Applic~1\Microsoft\INTRO\CONTENT.HTA windows\~1\Microsoft\INTRO\CONTENT.txt


    command.com ren windows\Applic~1\Microsoft\INTRO\CONTENT.HTA windows\~1\Microsoft\INTRO\CONTENT.txt

    add it here:

    it can be on HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce

    just remember to change windows with the right path

    i dont know if there would be a popup saying file missing.

    or if you want to try by yourself to know where that line is, try to go in safe mode before the last reboot and look at Start Menu - Programs - Startup

    or you can go into registry editor:

    open Run and type: Regedit

    it can be on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce


    it can be on HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce

    there is a menú next to file, click the search option and type in to the box:




    if succesfull

    get the string and try to put in to your unattended install to remove it, im honest, i don´t know how :blushing: well, i can´t remember but you can add it to the registry from the command line.

    Have Phun!!!

  14. There is no point in integrating SP1 if you're integrating SP2....you're wasting your time doing so...

    thats what you think... :whistle:

    if you didn´t know, it is better way, doesn´t matter if SP2 includes SP1 already.

    I like to have it my way, im not going to waste my time to do as youd like if i already have not nlited SP2 and nlited SP2. :whistle:

    plus i forgot to say:

    I did it with nLite 1.3 RC and had those themes issues.

    but my best nLited CD is with nLite 1.2 Final, i do not need to make themes for msstyles files and i don´t need to come back and get another nLite version to make another nLited CD, unless it looks interesting!

    i don´t have quick launch toolbar too :thumbup

    Have Phun!!!

  15. Nliting Type:

    Windows XP content CD

    slipstreamed SP1

    slipstreamed SP2


    Windows XP SP2 is Nlited

    all that was perfect but Themes.

    I build a perfect ISO image, did somebody had the same results?

    i dont know what they removed or slipstreamed more than i but i have an almost perfet Windows XP SP2 nLited.

    i remove too many languages but all spanish and USA english and keyboards and all unnecesary for network, well i have a 172MB total plus 19MB with themes!!! :hello:

    What else can i ask for nuhi?

    do we have to improve nLite more? i think you´ll success! :thumbup

  16. Thanks for your reply but "bliss wallpaper" is not possible to preserve in to OEM folders or nLite's Keep box!

    I tried and it are deleted! Others files are preserved!

    p.s. If you possible please indicate me the procedure to preserve "bliss wallpaper"? If not possible is the same. Thanks again.

    p.p.s. And the others features indicated in my post? Are possible?

    to keep your bliss wallpaper you have to write in to the keep box:


    doesn´t matter wich language you use, even for me to keep it i have to write down the name bliss.bmp and the installation rename it to Felicidad.bmp, wich is called in spanish.

    or you can make sure by search trough the folder \I386 and every .BM_ file you can open it with winrar easily and youll know its real name.


    @Nuhi: Issue with themes and settin themes after install since version 1.2.1 - 1.3 RC i cant tell about 1.2RC neither 1.2 final but 1.2 beta is the same, i made an unattended cd with i think 1.2 final :thumbup: and this works great! but the other versions :realmad: previous version (or what i said :D) : all goes in to the CD but doesnt appear in Resources\Themes folder, except for 1.3RC appears into the folder but i cant see it in properties, except for Media Center style and royale colors.

    the others are there but i can not use any...

    any idea?

    thanks for all that great job Nuhi!

    but i think i said before, make sure to fix without adding any new features nor upgrading when you think to caal it final, just fix any issue.

    look at this i think weird or something like that :D:


    * new: Danish translation

    * fix: Invalid argument when loading old version presets

    * fix: Unable to cast object with certain settings

    * fix: nvraid SATA/RAID pnp auto-insert excluded for Legacy

    v1.2 Final

  17. i think you should have your pc with earlier date to use it, then there is a code wich "read" the date and if is close to 2007 or 2007 doesnt let you get in.

    if you wish to try it, reset the date to may or june 2006, if that dont works, make a clean install of your windows and reinstall your office Beta.

    i know a website wich has that office (Microsoft CD, not a kind of pirated) as gift or now you can buy it for about 5 dollars.

    but we dont talk about crack or hack here :D you could be banned.

  18. After creating the unattend install, go to the setup.ini file and delete the key. Search for this file on the CD, browse through the content and you should find the reference to the key.
    Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, BUT:

    I've looked at the contents of the setup.ini file and there doesn't appear to be a key anywhere. Where else could it be?

    Like previously mentioned. The key is provided when slipstreaming service pack 2 into the install when you follow this guide here

    oh well!

    here is the quick guide!

    search into your CD or folder where you have the installation Files:



    get in this section:


    ; The option section is used for specifying individual Installer Properties.


    ;COMPANYNAME=my company

    ;INSTALLLOCATION=C:\Program Files\MyApp

    to have it active should be like this:


    ; The option section is used for specifying individual Installer Properties.


    COMPANYNAME=My company

    INSTALLLOCATION=C:\Program Files\MyApp

    "you can see added here:"


    then, in this section:


    ;CompletionNotice=Yes you can activate it! just remove ;

    but, if you go up to:


    ProductName=Microsoft Office Professional 2003

    you can add By Me!

    and have it:

    ProductName=Microsoft Office Professional 2003 By Me!

    at the end of your install!

    Have Phun!!!

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