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  1. There are a few ways to do it, but the best I found for cross browser support is available here. Hope this helps.
  2. Thank you for the appreciation! But, Plants is already uploaded! Have you got a problem downloading it? For Wet Shadows, I opened it in XPreview and was displayed fine (see the shot below). However, XPreview displays files at low resolution (not 1024x768). This is why I use WINNTBBU Editor to display the file at 1024x768 which the file is designed for. I also recieve errors when trying to open in XPreview And in WINNTBBU Editor I tried renaming and it doesn't work either. Could it be a problem with the downloaded version versus the original on your computer? There isn't a problem with the file it just seems as if WinntbbuED has a problem expanding it. If you open a command prompt in the directory you downloaded it and type expand -r Wet_Shadows_by_maxxin.dl_ and then hit enter or return, WINNTBBU.DLL will be expanded into the same directory. You will then be able to view it WinntbbuED or XPreview. Hope this helps.
  3. I had this happen to me a while back and finally traced the problem to the CPU. Try removing it and cleaning out any dirt and replacing it. If not change the CPU for another one and you will find the PC will boot.
  4. are you this is the right link? It should be cubeengine.com
  5. You could see if its possible to change the hotkey in maple to something else or you could use something like AutoHotkey to remap your current hotkey configuration on windows.
  6. With the error of the cpu not being recognized correctly and it asking you to enter the bios, it sounds as if the the cmos battery is failing and cannot keep the info when the power is off. These are cheap and easy to replace and available from electronic shops, computer shops etc. Make sure you get the right one, perhaps take the old one with you. It could also be that you have a dust build up inside the case. Open it up and clean it out, while you have it open it may be beneficial to remove and reseat every card attached to the mobo in case you have a dirty connection on one of them. Also clean the heatsink and fan on the cpu and ensure it is on correctly incase you have a heat build up and the cooling isn't doing its job.
  7. TI7.0 has been given away free on a few computer mags, check your local store you may still be able to find one. When you create the backup partion you are given the option of password protecting the contents. This only stops the user from changing the contents, and the password needs to be supplied when restoring from this backup. It doesn't stop the partion from being deleted or viewed through the computer management console.
  8. I used to run into a few problems developing on PWS, it is not a fully featured web server. There are a few free web servers out there most noteably Abyss Web Server which has a very small download and installed footprint. Go here for easy to follow instructions to configure Abyss to run with perl and other technologies. Abyss is so easy to install and configure, I know a few companies that are using it in production enviroments. Hope this helps.
  9. Under Logical Disk Management, is you raid set as active? Also not knowing what raid chip you are using, can you go into the raid configuration screen / bios and check that it is set to first boot device / active in there. If these are set correctly then I can only think that the Master Boot Record is corrupt on the raid and needs replacing. First check the boot paths by Edit your c:\boot.ini file. The easiest way is usually with msconfig. Start/Run/msconfig <enter>. Click on the Boot.ini tab. Click on Check all boot paths. should look something like [boot loader] timeout=5 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect may be slightly different due to the raid but there should be no mention of a cd drive or Boot you pc to the recovery console and at the command prompt type FIXMBR and hit return and reboot without the CD. or Use an old Win98 boot disk at the command promp type fdisk /mbr to replace the mbr, then type fdisk /status which will show you you the current status of your disks and whether they are bootable and active. Hope this helps.
  10. There a few things we need to do to enable asp in iis. 1) open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager 2) expand the tree on the left until you find Default Web Site or whatever you named yours 3) right click on the entry and select properties 4) Select the Home Directory tab and tick Read, Write, Log Visits, Index This Resource 5) On the Home Directory tab change the Execute Permissions to Scripts and Executables and accept the prompt. 6) Select the Configuration button and select the Options tab, Tick Enable Parent Paths and change the Default ASP Language to whatever you are using. Click on OK and then apply in thmain window. 7) If you get any Inheritence Override Windows, Click the Select All button followed by OK. 8) Select the Documents tab, and ensure you have Default.asp and Index.asp in the list, if not add them 9) Click on APPLY and OK IIS will now serve asp pages. You may have to restart IIS, but you shouldn't need to. Hope this helps
  11. Have you changed your bios to boot from the raid as the first device?
  12. A bit more info would help diagnose the problem 1) what browser are you using 2) what firewall do you use 3) how do you connect to the internet 4) give an example of a site you can't connect to
  13. If html pages load then what extension of web page are you trying to load (eg asp, php, aspx)?
  14. The product key is still in the registry but it i encoded different ways in different places. If you are programming in delphi Go Here If you are programming in C# Go Here Hope this helps
  15. Why didn't I think about uploading it? /crawls under desk and hides
  16. XcOM If you want to pm me your email addy, I will email it to you.
  17. It depends on how you want the txt file to interact with your insallation. If you want the the installation routine to be halted while you read or copy the the info from the txt file then add this to the batch file start /wait %systemdrive%\FolderName\nameof.txt The installation will resume after you close the text document If you want the installation to contine while your txt document is open then add this to the batch file start %systemdrive%\FolderName\nameof.txt The installation will continue while the txt file is open If you have spaces in your folder names or document name then remember to enclose it quotes. start /wait "%systemdrive%\Folder Name\nameof.txt" Hope this helps
  18. Does everything else on your unattended installation work? Do you install any additional programs during the unattended setup? You can have the $OEM$ folder at the root of your CD as you have in the diagram, but for the files to be copied over during the installation you need to add these lines to your winnt.sif file as follows: [Data] UnattendedInstall="Yes" [Unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended OemSkipEula=Yes OemPreinstall=Yes Hope this helps.
  19. I am trying to repair an old Dell Inspiron 2500 who's HD has fried for a friend. Needless to say he doesn't know where his repair disks are and didn't create the recovery disk from the hidden partition. No problem I thought as I have access to CD's for the OEM, VL and retail disks of XP home, I would use one of these disks on the new HD and use the CD key on the sticker of the laptop for the product key. But no matter which CD I use the Product key on the sticker is not accepted. Do Dell do something different to their pc's / CD's so only the originals can be used? There is no way of extracting the info from the old HD as it is not recognised via the bios or when put in a 2.5 drive caddy connected to another pc, the drive motor doesn't even spin! Also if any help in deciphering which version of XP home needs to be used the sticker on the laptop is green on the left going into purple. Thanks for any advice / info.
  20. You could try droping the timings on the cpu and memory to see if the install will complete. If it completes then first set the timing of the cpu back to the correct settings and see if everything runs ok then slowly increase the memory timing to see if the boot up fails. If this occurs then I would try different ram to confirm that the ram is defective and then exchange it for a replacement.
  21. The reason the key is wrong, is due to you installing a retail copy of xp with a OEM (Original Equipment Manufactuers) CD key. To use the key on the laptop you need to get hold of a an OEM disk and install it using your key or buy a new copy of xp to keep yourself legitimate. I have read that it is possible to change a retail copy to an OEM copy and vice versa by editing a file but I have not tried this so don't know if this would be another possibility for you.
  22. You need to expand the two files as they are compressed, then copy them to your system32 folder. 1) Copy the two files from the cd to a temp folder. 2) Open a command window and change to the temp folder 3) Then type: expand -r iis.dl_ and hit return 4) Then type: expand -r iis.in_ and hit return 5) Close the command window & navigate to the temp folder via windows explorer 6) You can now copy iis.dll & iis.inf to your system32 folder IIS is the built in web server of XP. Putting these two files on your system you will not install IIS but you will gain access to the advanced tab again. Hope this helps.
  23. The first sections need to be [Data] Autopartition = 0 MsDosInitiated = 0 UnattendedInstall = Yes AutomaticUpdates=1 [unattended] UnattendMode = FullUnattended UnattendSwitch = Yes OemPreinstall = Yes OemSkipEula = Yes FileSystem = * WaitForReboot = No NoWaitAfterTextMode = 1 [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=* EncryptedAdminPassword=Yes TimeZone = (whatever your in) OEMSkipRegional = 1 OemSkipWelcome = 1 NoWaitAfterGUIMode = 1 hope this helps.
  24. You have removed IIS, or the two files that control that tab have been corrupted. To fix the problem copy iis.dll and iis.inf to your system32 folder and all will be ok. Cant remember if you have to reboot after copying them back to get the advance tab working. nlite actually warns you about this when removing IIS. Hope this helps.
  25. The reason you can not access the apache web server is because both of the web servers you have installed, are trying to serve their pages on port 80 (which is the default). If you want to run both web servers then one of them needs to have there default port changed to another number to stop the conflict. Then you would be able to access them seperatly. Depending on the which one was changed and the port number the links to the seperate web servers would be something like http://yourdomain.com:80 http://yourdomain.com:8080 As to which one to use, it is up to your own personal preference. I have used both in the past, but I would say for the "novice" that IIS is probably easier to use as its configuration can be changed with a few point and clicks and the rest of your MS software will intergrate with it easier.
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