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  1. Internet Information Services

    You remember that Iam using Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2. Sure I will try to do the same and tell you what happens. Thanks Really.
  2. Internet Information Services

    Iam not able to do it correctly. Please can you help step by step??
  3. Internet Information Services

    Event IDs are 36 and 10004
  4. Internet Information Services

    These two errors come: Iam sure. Thanks Praveen Kumar
  5. Internet Information Services

    Event Viewer Says: I hope these are the events.
  6. Internet Information Services

    OK. I tried it. But no use. Says: What should I do? Iam thinking of formatting my XP and reinstalling it again. It is a hectic job to do and I need to patiently see what should I have to back up and its a really tough one. Please help me and Iam too trying my best to recover this problem. If nothing works I have to format my system on Friday. Please do me this needful. Thanks In Advance. Praveen Kumar
  7. Internet Information Services

    For the pages Iam using are ASP. They are unable to display. Where to see in the Event Viewer?
  8. Internet Information Services

    Where should I see for the event log? If IIS6.log is the evnt log, then I will post it here. As in the IIS6.log OK?
  9. Internet Information Services

    Hi Guys, When I try to load any page from my IIS 5.1 (XPProSP2), It says: This doesnt come when I load any HTML pages. Please help me. My entire work depends on IIS. Thanking You, Yours Truly, Praveen Kumar
  10. Hiii

    Hi guys. This is Praveen. Iam interested in Computers and Internet and I need soem softwares specified by my college for projects So Iam here. I know somethings in computers. ASP, VB, C, etc. Iam also searching for good friends here. Regards Praveen Kumar