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  1. I added some addons like acrobat and imgburn, etc. I want to make a new build without them so I removed them in the addon windows and rebuilt the image but when I install the image they still show up. How do I remove them???
  2. Ask and you shall receive!!! Updated downloadable PDF file for offline printing Added SP1a Specific Information where is the PDF at????
  3. ok - I built the nLite CD and it works great... it finds the raid installs and works ok. It goes thru the complete install and then when I take the CD out and reboot it gives me the error cannot find bootable drive. If I leave the Cd in it goes to the hit any key to start and then it times out and then boots the XP install on the Raid. Any suggestions??
  4. I have made the initially install with the RAID drivers and it works and goes thru the entire install and works perfectly. When I reboot the system it comes back up with "No boot Device found" error.. any suggestion to help me?
  5. This time I copied the oem test file into the folder and did it like you said and it worked perfectly. Thanks
  6. http://www.highpoint-tech.com/BIOS%20%2B%2...0-v236-1120.zip I added it via the screen for drivers
  7. I'm trying to install Windows XP using rocketRAID SATA card with dual 400GB's and everytime I run the CD it doesn't load them and I can't do it via floppy because the system doesn't have one.. any suggestions?
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