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  1. When I work from home, my work laptop is sitting on the same desk as my personal computer (desktop). I can easily RDP from the desktop to the laptop to take advantage of my multiple monitors, as well as the better keyboard and mouse. However, when I connect to my work's VPN, RDP stops working. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue?
  2. Well, i ended up moving some things arond the house, and now both my laptop and the desktop are plugged dirrectly into the router. And I am having the exact same problem. But, I realized that my wife is working right next to me, and she using remoted desktop over VPN on her office machine. So, now I am wondering if my network is just oversaturated. I need to look into a better router. I need to decide whether to add a 2nd router to the network, or figure out how to replace verizon's router entirely.
  3. I can't really unplug MOCA, since that's how I am connected to the FiOS router which is what gets me online. I might try moving my router to the basement, and get both machines plugged into it directly. Of course, that means really crappy WiFi upstairs.
  4. They are connected to a hub via cables. I don't want to go with a crossover cable, since I only have a single NIC on each machine. Besides, I am having horrible flashbacks to the days when I had to bridge connections. Not something I want to do again. Would replacing the hub with a router work? I want to avoid having the data travel via MOCA at all.
  5. When I bring my work laptop home, I simply use remote desktop to get into it in order to take advantage of the keyboard, mouse and tripple monitors. However, remote desktop is sort of laggy, sometimes freezes for 30 seconds at a time and takes a long time to refresh things like images. I am starting to wonder if it's my network setup. My personal PC and work laptop are connected to the same hub, which is connected to a MOCA adapter. The actual FiOS router is a different room to maximize the WiFi coverage, so I have no way of directly plugging the two computers in there. Is my remote desktop slow because I am going over MOCA? Can I expect better speeds if I connect both computers directly to the router? Can this be solved by replacing the hub with something different (switch or another router) Thank you!
  6. When I boot up my laptop, the keyboard barely responds to inputs for a good 5-10 minutes. And even after that, there are periods where it takes a long time to register key presses. They do get processed, just not for a good 30-60 seconds. I did notice that explorer.exe is using 30% of the CPU right after bootup, but I don't know if this is related. I'd appreciate any help. I really don't feel like doing a clean install
  7. I brought my work laptop home, and I would like remote desktop to it. The laptop is a part of a domain, and my home computer is not. Is there any way to get remote desktop working between the two? I can connect both PCs to the home network either wired, or wireless. They are both running Win 7.
  8. doesn't help that my office is like 40 minutes away, and it would suck to have to drive over oh well, i will call them. I looked into using backtrack linux to create a local admin, but i may dig myself into a deeper hole this way.
  9. i was hoping to avoid an embarrassing phone call to the help desk, since I probably shouldn't have been messing around in there
  10. I was trying to remote desktop into my work laptop to avoid having to hook up my monitor keyboard and mouse. After failing a few times, I went into the control panel changed my work domain to my home workgroup, ignored the warning, and rebooted. When I start up the computer, it's asking for a password for some account, and I can't change user. Am I stuck calling support at work? Is there anything I can do to just revert back to domain?
  11. I am also not interested in just killing the apps. I want the shutdown dialog to no block me from answering the "Are you sure you want to close"
  12. This is not what I asked. I don't want to have to close notepad, or firefox, or photoshop. It was convenient with XP because it tried to close all the apps for me, but left them responsive for me to answer the dialog. On Win 7, the only thing I can do, is cancel the shutdown.
  13. When I install some software, and my PC requires a reboot, Windows 7 will complain about programs that are unresponsive when trying to close them. Often, it's firefox's "Are you sure you want to close all your tabs" and 4 instances of notepad I have open with "Are you sure you want to close and lose your changes". In XP, i could just go back to those windows, take care of them, and Windows would proceed with the shutdown. But, in Win 7, I can't focus on those windows. Thanks for your help in advance.
  14. I've been searching for the past hour and found nothing, so i am coming here. On my MSI Wind one of the boot options is "Realtek boot agent". According to the bios, it's a network device, but i can't figure out how to boot from it. Ideally i'd love to share a CD-ROM drive on my and just boot from it. Is that possible?

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