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  1. Better than me, I only get one update and that's the Spyware Removal Tool So I think there´s something wrong with SP3 or nLite... Let´s wait if someone finds out the problem... I´ll try an install with SP2 CD, then install the SP3 manually and then search for updates... let´s see if IE7 will be found in WU then... UPDATE: Installed System with SP2, looked in WU : IE7 is there... Installed SP3, looked in WU : NO IE7 there (and of course not installed... system still running with IE6)...
  2. I´m not expecting (many) updates/hotfixes... but it doesn´t find IE7 and WMP11 and that´s an error for me... if i do the same steps with SP2 it finds IE7 and WMP11... with SP3 it doesn´t show this updates... so there must be something wrong...
  3. Silverlight is also an optional release... but silverlight is shown in WU, IE7 NOT...
  4. But it should find IE7 if only IE6 is installed... no matter if WU is ready for SP3 or not... IE7 should be found when only IE6 is installed...
  5. But it doesn´t contain IE7 and WMP11 ... and if I only slipstream SP3, install it and run WU it should find IE7 and WMP11... but it doesn´t even show one of this updates... so there must be something wrong...
  6. Hi, I slipstreamed SP3 RTM to my SP2 (German) CD and then made an nLite´d CD... No matter if I add IE7 and/or WMP11 to the Project, after installation (without any errors) it only finds 2 Updates in Microsoft Update: Silverlight (KB946609) and KB941569. Anyone might have an idea why ? tff2
  7. I got the same error... What I did : - Downloaded wpi 4.2 - unpacked it - did copy my old config.js over the new one - opened wpi and changed only : - Language ? -> German - Timer Active ? -> No - Play Audio In WPI = -> No - Play Audio During Install = -> No - saved I´m using German Windows XP SP2 Pro... I just found a small "workaround" for that problem : - Change Play Audio In WPI back to Yes - Removed every line in the .m3u files in the Audio-Dir Than it works (for me) without any problem... The Audio-Player will be visible in WPI but it won´t play any music ...

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