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  1. Thanks. Where do you quote from ? Edit: Sorry, found it.
  2. Confirmed. XP Prof. SP2 CD SP3 and some Updates integrated (Updatepack containing KB951376 and some other fixes) nLite 1.4.6 KB951376 still showing up in WU. This is also reported by some other users in the german nlite forum.
  3. Tested a few minutes ago, works well. Leaving Security Center and everything works great (Tweaks, Components, WMP 11 Integration as Hotfix)
  4. I can confirm that HotCatCleanup makes no difference. The working SP3 Builds in the past also created additinal CABs and there were no problems.
  5. Hi streamer, seems to be the same problem i have. Tweaks does not work, even when there is nothing more integrated than sp3. nuhi tested my settings, works fine for him. tried it several times today, it doesn't work for me. maybe i will try an "blank" xp without sp2.
  6. ok, thank you for testing. Now i'm sure that there is no nLite bug but something wrong with my settings. Thanks BTW: Keep up your great work ! I'm using nLite for a long time now and it makes me loving XP !
  7. Hi, okay, I will try to describe it a litte bit better: I used nLite 1.4.1 to integrate SP3 RC1 Build 3234 into XP Pro SP2. I also used nLite to remove some Components and selected some Tweaks from the Tweaks section. (Like i did 1000 times before) Everything works perfect, no probs with SP3 Yesterday MS released Build 3264. I created another CD, using this build and exactly the same nLite settings (see attached file - german) LETZTE_SESSION.INI After installing XP I noticed that XP offers me the Welcome-Tour, even I have selected to remove it. (some other components are not removed also) Furthermore many selected Tweaks have not been applied or does not work any more. e.g. Tweaks section -> My Computer -> all tweaks, or "Disable Open Web Prompt" and many many more. I have tested it several times. Sorry for the link, it will be only interesting for people who speak german. I wanted to show that there are some other people who reported the same problems when using build 3264. Maybe it is an problem with the german version of XP or the SP3. BTW, sorry if my english is not perfect, I'm trying to describe the problem es good as possible. Greetings from Paderborn, Germany Banditbond
  8. Hi, It seems that nLite has some problems when working with the RC1 of Windows XP SP3 Build 3264. nLite seems to work fine, XP setup works fine, but components which were selected to be removed are still there after finishing the setup. Furthermore serveral tweaks are no longer working. (some work, others not - e.g. all context menu twaeks for the workplace icon does not work, xp tour is not removed, ...) When working with Build 3234 one week ago, using the same nLite settings, everything works fine. I used a clean XP Pro SP2 CD - German locale This issues are also reported by some other users at the german-nlite forum Forum-Topic (Page 5) Banditbond
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