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  1. I found a fix. I just deinstalled XPize and after a restart copied a prepatched uxtheme.dll over the original one. After another restar I installed XPize again but this time without the patcher. I and what can I say, now it works. And it looks great.
  2. First I want to say that I use XPize for a while now and absolutly love it. Also I never had a problem with it. But yesterday I had to reinstall my PC and thought to myself "Nice, there is new version lets try it out." The installation went without a problem and I was happy as a kid to see the new XPize. But after the restart an ugly unskinned Desktop awaits me. I restarted again and even reinstalled XPize but with no luck. The Screensaver and other things work but the windows and the taskbar are not changed. If someone has an idea I would be happy to hear it.

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