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  1. I love seeing that this project is being maintained. It's great to see the vision of Windows 98SE continuing 13 years after it's release. Good job to all those involved!
  2. I say make 'em public. It seems stable enough to me for people to test it outside of the select few current testers. Besides, I only test on virtual machines - making it public should allow for more types of hardware to test on.
  3. I primarily use your patches for testing anyways, so include me with the testers of USP5.2
  4. it was my birthday yesterday. Found I got phished, money missing. not a happy day :(

  5. jimmsta

    Windows Updates

    I've tried building multiple times with the current up-to-date list, but I always end up with a disc that states that vga.sys is corrupted. I'm including all the requestable hotfixes, and have replaced my source media multiple times, to no avail. I'm currently running hfslip one last time to try and get a working ISO out of the whole ordeal. I've gone through and removed any conflicting or old HF's, and made sure everything is in its right place (I'm no noob to hfslip, but it's been ages since I used it). I'll update this post with my latest results (log file, etc), if it's not successful. <div>Edit: that try was unsuccessful. I went through the list again, removed anything that was in yellow, and am building a stock win2k w/IE6 now... perhaps it'll work this time :S</div><div>Edit2: Success. I guess one of the non-public hotfixes is bugged, because I _know_ the resulting OS didn't have a different vga.sys in it, but it was being detected as corrupted (maybe something in the layout.inf?)</div>
  6. I'd love to try my hand at maintaining the script, or at least get it back to some form of working order. I've been needing to recreate my xp install CD's anyway I really feel that this script should continue to be updated, even if no donations are offered - I've been working on my Bootzilla project for six years, and have yet to see any donations, yet I still maintain it, and keep it up to date, despite the lack of additional funding. It's therapeutic for me.
  7. is working on lots of small projects, and playing lots of World of Warcraft

  8. With the sudden influx of updates, keep your eyes out for the new and improved win9x power pack v6. I spent way too long attempting to update a W95 install the other day, and need to update my compilation.
  9. When the latest redist came out, I looked through the cab files, and it looks like there's nothing new for 9x, but they still include all the compatibility stuff for 9x/2k/XP gold/XP SP1/XP SP2+, as well as updated dx9c_xx files for Vista and 7. I do find it interesting that the installer is compatible with 9x. Could be kernelex though. <img style="position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; right: 0px; bottom: 0px; margin: auto;">
  10. jimmsta

    Fileset 9, all done

    Just a heads up - I created a new build over the past few hours, and ended up having to go into the depths of the hivesys.inf file. Text-mode setup kept telling me that Line 498 was corrupted, and setup was aborted. I removed the comma after "Control", and all is fine now. I don't know if this is a bug for anyone else, or just me.
  11. Is this as obvious as it sounds? I have computers with more than one CD Drive. Otherwise, I also agree with its removal. Every kilobyte counts. Multi-cdrom units are cd changers and cdrom libraries. RSM is useful if you're using media managment within the MMC snap-in, but aside from that, it's pretty worthless. KB's are KB's, and more services = more memory. I say strip it out.
  12. It doesn't matter what version either. The GPL states that free software is free for all use, personal or commercial. Changing the license for HFSLIP would not be possible without Tomcat76's approval (if so inclined to do so, anyway). Personally, I'm a fan of the GPL, but for my own projects, I usually chose to use a Creative Commons license, such as this one: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ which prevents commercial use. Perhaps switching from the GPL to a CC-like license would solve the 'problem'. Then again, HFSLIP has helped me out in non-personal uses, which I only used since HFSLIP is licensed under the GPL! So, I believe that anyone that uses HFSLIP under its current GPL license, has the right to use it for personal and non-personal uses. If the license should change, then that's a whole other story. Putting language in stating that the program is INTENDED for personal use only is more or less a reminder that the software developer provides NO warranty for the software. Just my 2 cents on this topic. I've been wary of speaking about it, in case I offend anyone. I'm just stating facts and showing how to 'fix' the problem, if the community is inclined to do so.
  13. jimmsta

    Windows Updates

    KB955704 has been released for XP SP2 and SP3, and adds exFAT support to the filesystem.
  14. Aw, awesome. I was hoping that a proper WAIK would get released for the beta, and now that it's here, I'm interested in seeing what's changed. Thanks for reporting it, OP!
  15. The topic's subtitle needs to be updated. I'll test this on the next patch Tuesday.
  16. Is this still in development? I'm still interested in seeing it become something. For the past few months, I've attempted to fully make use of Microsoft's deployment tools, but haven't really had too much luck with them. I'd love to see WDS become a reality.
  17. You're welcome! I've tested it at this point as well, and I'm happy with the results.
  18. Thanks for writing this all up! I've been trying to get MSI 4.5 integrated properly, and never thought to do the good 'ol /integrate: switch. Perfect!
  19. I made one early this morning: http://rapidshare.com/files/154373645/SWFLASH.CAB Just note, I have not tested it yet. I assume that it works since I built it off my previous 9.0.124 package.
  20. Thanks for doing this! Unfortunately, you'll have to update your post sometime this week, as there's a handful of patches coming out tomorrow that address Windows and IE.
  21. This seems to be the best workaround for now, since SP3 isn't supported for slipstreaming with MCE. I think that a 'custom' SP3 installation would probably work better, but then we'd need to find a way to hack around the security catalogs, /methinks. I imagine that there's a better way to get MCE working with SP3 slipped into the source, but I'm out of ideas at the moment. I've raised hell with Microsoft on their own forums, but haven't gotten anywhere.
  22. Windows Installer v4.5 isn't supported yet. I've looked into slipstreaming Search 4.0 in the past, and had the same sort of results - I believe we might need to install search as a guirunonce application.
  23. The Microsoft Installer has been updated from version 3.0/4.0 to version 4.5, and is available here. Should it work already, or will it need to be added in to the latest beta of HFSLIP?
  24. I tend to take screenshots when I encounter large results at work. I too, use NOD32. The following screenshots, however, are from sometime last year, when I was still using NOD32 v2.7. The most I've ever seen, however, was on a heavily infected worm-infested system, which had over 150 thousand infected files, sorta like the above 35 thousand-object example above. Both systems had variants of the Win32/Nuwar.gen worm.
  25. I took a close look at the extracted SP. a subfolder called "root" has a bunch of updated files for the components folder, which include Mediactr, tabletpc, and netfx. This is what gets updated during an install - perhaps these updated files need to be installed via hfslip at a later point in setup? (Would that make any sense?) I realize that the nastiest way to workaround this issue at the moment is to integrate SP3 as a Guirunonce application, so that on first boot, the service pack gets installed, thus mimicking a slipstream in the simplist way possible for this situation. Luckily, most of the time when I install Media Center, I'm bound to put it on a DVD, so all in all, it really just makes the install twice as long, and bloated. Someone's bound to figure this out.

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