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  1. I'm going to try this out, and see if it is really what I think it is. IF it is, then you've just created something quite amazing, and the proof that NT is still based somewhat on DOS/OS /2 (Which is one of my arguments in many discussions). This might be Utopia for DOS geeks.
  2. This is very awesome. I just fooled around a bit in VMWare, and came up with one thing that might be useful. I don't know if this was a bug before, but... If you take the imagehlp32.dll (or similar dll name), and put it in the new system32 directory, I'm relatively sure that explorer can be used as a file manager. Of course, I'm an id***, and didn't test this prior to adding the file. In either case, it might just be a good idea to put the image helper back in, just for good measure. I must say, 29MB commit charge is impressive, especially on a server OS. I have a feeling that Microsoft is planning on creating something like this in Vista Core Server. (just a command prompt, as far as I know). Good work to everyone involved in this project! edit:
  3. I wonder if WINE's implementation of some of the DLL's would work... They're basically what you're talking about. Heck, I wonder if, given the current speed of the WINE project, if a partially free Windows could be created using WINE-based DLLs. Seeing as DirectX9 support is beginning to be implemented into Wine, there's probably enough of an understanding for kernel32.dll's code for an alternative dll to be compiled for use in Windows 9x... But then again, I'm no programmer, so I'm probably wrong. ;(
  4. Really strange problem - for some reason or another, the setup wouldn't take my 100% Legit key. I'm guessing some modification may have caused the install to think that it's an OEM copy of 98SE, and not a Retail copy. I pulled an OEM key off one of my old computer manuals, which worked. The key I originally tried to use is from a Retail copy of Win98SE Full - "for PCs without Windows". Any ideas?
  5. I'm surprised by the fact that this thread has been dead for over 3 years, and someone actually posted in it... and didn't get crap for doing so..... Which is what tends to happen elsewhere. MSFN's forums are great for hosting Win98-topics and such, including nostalgic topics that have been long-since forgotten...
  6. I'm going to try and create one of these, just for nostalgic value (same reason why I browse this forum). Thanks for Version 2.0, as it seems to be a LOT easier (Pictures are very helpful!) Edit: I've got everything I wanted in the CD, and I'm currently burning an image to test in VMWare... I hope it works... if not, no worries... all the instructions aren't here yet, so I'm just winging a LOT of it.
  7. it might be a part of browserui.dll ... I'm looking at all the dll's that come with IE7b1 ... edit: Looks more like it's stored as a bitmap inside of ieframe.dll ... or at least the mouse-over icons are... I haven't looked through all the bitmaps yet. I guess I should just extract them all...
  8. That's what the Revolutions pack is for... Gape's 98SE unofficial ServicePack is a set of Microsoft-issued updates for Win98SE/Me. It's not an add-on pack for Win98SE users. If you want to have winXP/2k style icons, use the Revolutions pack...
  9. I beta tested Windows .NET rc1... I even used it as a gaming platform... bad idea.... Although, I was probably one of the few people to probably try, and get working completely, Win2k3 with dx9, and full 3d rendering...
  10. Is this part of the "Windows OEM Preinstallation Kit"? I have a cd from where I work, as they've been getting multiple copies, and throwing them out in the trash. If this is indeed the app you speak of, I'm currently installing it just to fool around with it... if it's a possibility to create a nice, simple WinXP with minimal memory usage, I'm all for it. PM me with details, if possible.
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