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  1. OFFtop : Ahhh hell! Where is RUSSIAN version. I waiting for SP2 so loooong
  2. BoardBabe For my UXPCD i use ripped version of Nero7, that only have Nero Burning Rom7 and StartSmart and have only 58mb. And then i run cmd file as i post above installed only this components
  3. Here is another solution i find in one release of ripped nero @echo off msiexec.exe /i "NeroSuite.msi" USERSEL="6" STARTMODE="-1" FAMILYNAME="" STARTPARAM="CallFromExe" DONOTRUNSETUPX="1" put and run in folder that have -Cab -Redist -Setup NeroSuit.msi Every thing is OK for me.
  4. Ahh hell I integrate hotfixes for XPSP2 manually. I adding some strings in svcpack.inf and hf installs during setup. But in the end then i integrate a WMP10 with slipstreamerv3 by default. It write something in svcpack.inf. Then i test my UXPCD and install XP.... NO hotfiexs installed!!!!???? As i think slipstreamer delet my intries Next i try a slipstreamer with Edit svcpack.inf box Uncheked. Maybe it helps.
  5. Hmm ... i use key from 7.0 like this %CDROM%\Software\ACDSee.msi /QB PIDKEY=xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxx LICENSE_MODEL=Full ADDLOCAL=ACDSee,ImageEncodingDecodingPlugIns,ACDPhotoEditor ,CommandExtensionPlugIns but then i install XP i have hell errors like problem with ACDsee, connection wizard during install. I clicked OK and after install no ACDsee is installed If it works with 7.0 what a prob in 8.0 ?
  6. How about brand new Winamp 5.1 ? I like your tweaked 5.094. )
  7. Please post a link to J2SE 5.0 Update 5! I cant find it on official site. Its only Update 4 Thnx ) EDIT : Reqest removed. I find
  8. boooggy Oh hell NOW i understand everything. Thanx you boooggy!
  9. Is it REALLY needed ? Or i can do it in good old way. WMP10 slipstreamer v3 -> newWMP -> put in i386 thats it. ?
  10. It works perfectly for me-XP sp2 pro. Order is: nlite, wmp10 slipstreamer v.3, your update pack, nlite the 2 wmp 9.5 sdk hotfixes. Absolutely awesome-thanks <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Please wright a name of this 2 hf. E.g. KBxxxxxx
  11. Hail to the king! And at the end: 1 Just run wmp10 slipstreamer and put files in i386 2 Extract pack in i386 (only three files!? ) And i recieve Comlpeted slipstream of WMP10 ver 3923. Now i think i am right? Hoooooray!!
  12. boooggy Here i put 2 updates that i install to update WMP10 to last version. http://rapidshare.de/files/5003260/UpdateWMP10rus.rar.html PS Funny that ive download latest WMP10 from MS install and there is still old 3802. And only after i apply this 2 hotfixes version changes to 3923
  13. Not a prob ) Ill post link tomorrow. As i understand it will be the same name files as in your newWMP ?
  14. Yes its to integrate this pack and recieve last version BUT what about Language? I have Russian ver of XP and WMP10! And 2 hotfixes in russian. Please explaine how to do the same to russian version?
  15. I can post it but U can simple did it. Start ACDsee, customize to your need (icons menues etc.) and then export this string [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACD Systems\ACDSee\70]. Open reg file and edit it as i say REMOVE any string that have direct path (e.g. C:\Program...) and timestamps. Later i attach me reg
  16. Wesmosis Early i have the same problem Solution: Edit you acdsee.reg and REMOVE any string that have direct path (e.g. C:\Program...) and timestamps. All other tweaks apllyed succefully!
  17. Hey guys ! What about LANG packs? Is them works with NCI ? EDIT: Lang pack works ok. But some strange. Russian WinXP SP2 Corp .... after i create Custom Nero and try it. 1. It doesnt create shortcuts in Start menu 2. NeroVision doesnt start "Unable to loading image subsystem" 3. SmartStart error "Some files a missing.Reinstall Nero" I put Nero+Rus è NVE+Rus set tlist="CoverDesigner" "Nero Toolkit" "Nero Recode" "NeroVision" "Nero StartSmart" Help! I do exactly as instruction!
  18. First page link to file DEAD Please fix! Or mb someone send it to fanat( at )stack.ru
  19. Ok . but problem in this: I can install and AHCI and RAID my mb support it!!! As i understand then DP checks HWID and recognize that can apply and RAID and AHCI and do it Am i wrong? Maybe the way to open iastor and delete all strigs exclude SATA AHCI ? Later today i post my HWID (mmm where i can find it?)
  20. Guys please help! I have UXPCD + ASUS P5GD1 + HDD with NCQ i need to put SATA AHCI driver on F6 request when i install XP. I start using DP MassStorge but i have a question: in driver file from intel there are 4 drivers SATA AHCI , SATA RAID and mobile Question; How Windows (or who) recognize that i need only SATA AHCI driver !!!??? Not RAID or Mobile. The ID for chipset the same! Help please!
  21. Cool! Where you DL it??? I really want to try it!
  22. You say put reg file in $OEM$/$$ and run it from cmdlines as REGEDIT /s MenuOrder.reg But i heard that we must put this files in $OEM$ folde near the cmdlines!! I have a lot regs in $OEM$ folder (which need to execute AFTER first logon) like this [COMMANDS] "RunOnceEx.cmd" "useraccounts.cmd" "REGEDIT /S regtweaks.reg" "REGEDIT /S ACDsee.reg" "REGEDIT /s menuorder.reg" Here the question: Can i make some folder in $OEM$ (like REGS) and put all regs (include menuorder.reg) in it. My cmdlines STILL work after that and apply regs from folder REGS? And how to write a command in cmdlines to REGS folder? Help please ! EDIT: Or maybe you have better way to apply REGs (with keys, settings) which need to by applyed AFTER first logon? It would be GREAT!
  23. in second i mean a place like file server with lots of silent tweaked packed and ready to use programs.
  24. 1 question: Where i can find examples of programs for WPI and maybe you know where i can find silent switchless arcs of progs?

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