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  1. VM workstation 5 kicks azzch lov it. very stable .
  2. What can kernel xp do for me?
  3. i think what fathom wants is a batch file with ie6/dx9/mp9 included in the install to make a up 2 date 98se cd . i think it might be better to include the above in sp2.2 but this is not gapes goal understanable because it breaks eula agreements etc but a easy tuturial and a batch file explain where to put ie6 dx9c/mp9 exe and such is really what these nebies want a complete unattented cd up to date for 2005 so they dont need to spend another 30 minutes installing above exe manually hell id even buy such a cd but not here from msfn but in theory id love such a thing .maybe someone will come follow with a batch etc.
  4. true enuff the only thing that makes surfing a drag is malware sure xp sp2 helps alot but putting the interenet zones on high and disables active x scripts etc from loading behind the scences and adding known sites famous for spyware to a host file is cool but to be able to surf without running more programs to stop protect us from spyware is a drag u got spybot anti virus etc etc im p***ed why must my startup have more proggies for malware than operating dlls lol if one cant built something at lleast make a bat file that like enough is enough programs but better .iam on the sidelines maybe this will spark devoplement of a idea 4 such a project .
  5. no malware theres a project thats overdue .
  6. IE 7 the return of browsing my friend.firefox and opera are but a small percentage of the whole.
  7. betas rock .great why to test stuff before a final rc is better its all good..
  8. works great thx u ten
  9. ived burn hundreds of cd using nero with no lockups and i like it now other cd burning programs the lite one work great as well.
  10. illegal dont want bill dropping a apple pc on my head.lol
  11. ya we funny.lol party on garth.
  12. So u cant decide if u want to trust microsoft new incarnation ie7 your friends tell you firefox is better less spyware etc but after trying xp pro sp2 you notice your not getting much spyware now so u cant decide what browser to use.since 98lite graced the market followed by nlite etc people have been toying with the idea the ie interegration is bad more bloated locked into microsoft evil plan of world domanation.sure microsoft got us to late to complaint now or is it? Firefox gathering speed u bet ived tryed firefox and yes it is faster on the surface yet smaller in size hmmmm sure some ie based websites appear out of whack and needing to download sun java and media player plugin are a drag but muti tab browsing is the norm these days .Now ie 7 maybe scare maybe finally listen to its core customer offer mutitab browing better security etc what to do.now i like ie even despite 10 years of security flaws etc .why ?because 99%of websites work on it it comes with the latest xmhl css etc and its stock on any ms os sure its big nearly 15X bigger than firefox or opera but it works well .im not pro ie or anti firefox i think their both fine u decide.just in my experience with the net ans oses i find using ie better because a newbie needs little instuction its part of xp etc it works ans xpsp2 ie 6sp2 seems to be 70%better than iesp1 so im leaning towards ie 7 im wondering what your gonna do or use for a browser this summer.
  13. the answers to what sp2.1 does or the hotfixes patches etc are clearly explain on gapes homepage my friend.Gapes place
  14. i was wondering if someone might make a inf or bat file whatever to incorporate ie 7 into 98se perhaps its impossible maybe not, u wizards of batch files etc are amazing .with the first tabbed browser release of ie7 due for late jun im curious if this is practial?thx u in advance .
  15. I was reading up on IE 7 and its security about the settings on the zones eg.internet restricted trusted etc they are all on high or med-high to deal with active x scripts etc spyware phishing i was wondering what would be the ideas settings in todays world for 98se.in a effort to change default setting to meet todays problems thx u in advance.
  16. yes i heard mdgx was recruited by apple to built the 9xmesp2.x
  17. or maybe find a forum for the game and ask there .thx u come again.
  18. 4 shame illegal warez requestes my my this is a wholesome law abblying family site lol .if u must have it maybe google it and remember the dos gods are frowning on you.
  19. try the media player classic 6.4 the new one on mdgx site. and kick your tower twice u never no.
  20. a floppy drive right on so u can install win 95 lol j/k go with amd 64 and some weed.
  21. wait dude u know how many betas rc their might be tell a final what will be tryed and dropped look at 98 like 8 betas 10 rcs etc id wait till next summers betas to get a true interpation of the final version and smoke a joint your stressing me out.
  22. partation of your hardrive install 98se then ypor good 2 go .just a thiught.
  23. welcome to the wonderful world of msfn theres a lot of usefull info here enjoy.
  24. hows bout some screenshots dude.

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