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  1. config.js is the same as in the archive downloaded. wpi crashes with the original config.js (i just try to put this command line: calc.exe ) and then after i close manually calc.exe , wpi crashes.
  2. i have the latest version of wpi (4.3.8) i have an exe file located on c:\ and i want wpi launch it, so in wpi command , i put c:\thesoftware.exe and the strange thing is that when thesoftware.exe is installed (and closed) wpi close itself, and the shutdown.exe doesn't work. try this: put in wpi command this command: calc.exe you will see that wpi launch the calculator of windows, but when you close it, wpi crash and there is no shutdown in 30s so ? has someone a solution ?
  3. we are sharing only experiences... nothing else. because it's piracy to share cds,softwares... (only freewares could be shared). try to do yourself,it's the best way and in the forum,everybody "share" autoit scripts,cmd... just read or ask
  4. i started to undersand how to build an unattended windows: just windows+security patchs after that,i tried to understand how to build a silent application with the parameters in a batch file for example: trial.exe /s after that i learn to use autoit scripts after that i learn to make a self silent package (with 7zip method) after that i learn to integrate to WindowsPostInstall (on this forum) and i always use this.
  5. it's not so difficult the frog language
  6. i found that here:http://www.win-web.be/?act=show&code=page&id=112&lettre=A Adobe Photoshop 9.0 CS2 Auteur : retj Paramètre Silencieux : /S /v/qn Remplir uniquement les informations contenu dans le fichier Abcpy.ini : ;*************************************************************** ;OEM Installation Options ;*************************************************************** [OEM Install] SERIALNUMBER=****-****-****-****-****-**** SERIALNUMBERTRYOUT=****-****-****-****-****-**** USERNAME='votre nom' COMPANYNAME='votre compagnie' INSTALLDIR='repertoire d'installation mais vous pouvez laisser vide si vous ne souhaiter pas changer celui par défaut' Adobe Photoshop CS2 Auteur : berfizan Paramètre Silencieux : "Adobe Photoshop CS2.msi" /qb Il faut également renseigner le fichier Abcpy.ini pour le sérial Pour l'install des compléte : "Adobe Photoshop CS2.msi" /qb "commonfilesinstaller\Adobe Common File Installer.msi" /qb "bridge\Adobe Bridge 1.0.msi" /qb "help center\Adobe Help Center 1.0.msi" /qb "stock photography\Adobe Stock Photos 1.0.msi" /qb
  7. you need 4 files on the desktop: 1)a cmd file: @echo off copy Y "cmdow.exe" "%systemroot%\system32\" <==== to hide the cmd window cmdow @ /HID regedit /S notify_yes.reg <====== to set the notify download complete to yes start /wait autoit.exe <==================to launch the downloads and the setups del "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\desktop\*.exe" <==delete all files after job is done del "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\*.exe" <== del "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\desktop\*.cmd" <== del "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\*.cmd" <== del "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\desktop\*.reg" <== del "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\*.reg" <== exit 2) your autoit script (change WinWaitActive names,because mine are in french) compiled in an exe file 3) a reg file to change the notify download completed Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main] "NotifyDownloadComplete"="yes" 4) the cmdow.exe then,you have to set the cmd to be launched at the biggining of the windows session but the problem is,if a download doesn't work... the autoit script won't continue...i' m not an expert,so perhaps the script can be changed with a condition "if no exist' ,then continue .... your idea is good,but it will take a lot of time if the internet connection is not very fast,and if there is a lot of softwares to setup. and the other problem is that as soon as software is updated,the name change exemple: winzip8trial.exe xinzip9trial.exe so you have to change your autoit script as soon as a software is updated. or an idea is to set a "package" with all the softwares in an zip or rar archive on a web site,and then to launch the download with the autoit script. so it's impossible to build your cd ,and then everything is automatic for years... you always have to have a look on the new versions,and their names....
  8. i have had the same pb (i'm not using nlite,i do everything myself) if you can't see the player,it's because you (or a software) have change the file type in windows media player. so,just go to windows media player,then right click tools/options/file type/and then select audio mp3 it has solved my "problem"
  9. well... not sure the internet connection is on when you want to launch the cmd... but it's a good idea to have more space on the unattended cd. why not doing something like that: using an autoit script that downloads files and install them at the first boot of windows desktop ? but if the name of files changes on the website you have to change the name in your autoit ;********************* ;TELECHARGEMENT AUTOIT ;********************* Run("C:\PROGRA~1\INTERN~1\iexplore.exe http://www.autoitscript.com/cgi-bin/getfile.pl?autoit3/autoit-v3-setup.exe") WinWaitActive("Téléchargement de fichier") Send ("{LEFT}") Send ("{ENTER}") WinWaitActive("Enregistrer sous") Send ("{ENTER}") WinWaitActive("Téléchargement terminé") Send ("{ENTER}") ;******************************* ;TELECHARGEMENT VLC MEDIA PLAYER ;******************************* Run("C:\PROGRA~1\INTERN~1\iexplore.exe http://downloads.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/0.8.2/win32/vlc-0.8.2-win32.exe") WinWaitActive("Téléchargement de fichier") Send ("{LEFT}") Send ("{ENTER}") WinWaitActive("Enregistrer sous") Send ("{ENTER}") WinWaitActive("Téléchargement terminé") Send ("{ENTER}") ;********************* ;INSTALLATION D'AUTOIT ;********************* $Title_1 = "AutoIt v3.1.1 Setup" Run ( "autoit-v3-setup.exe" ) ;Welcome Screen WinWaitActive( $Title_1 , "Welcome") Send ("{ENTER}") ;License Screen WinWaitActive( $Title_1 , "License") Send ("{ENTER}") ;Install Path WinWaitActive( $Title_1 , "Choose") Send (@homedrive & "\xp\util\AutoIt\") Send ("{ENTER}") ;Finish WinWaitActive( $Title_1 , "Completing") Send ("{SPACE}") Send ("{ENTER}") ;***************************** ;INSTALLATION VLC MEDIA PLAYER ;***************************** $Title_1 = "VideoLAN VLC" Run ( "vlc-0.8.2-win32.exe" ) ;Welcome Screen WinWaitActive( $Title_1 , "Welcome") Send ("{ENTER}") ;License Screen WinWaitActive( $Title_1 , "License") Send ("{ENTER}") ;Select Components WinWaitActive( $Title_1 , "Choose") Send ("{Down}") Send ("{ENTER}") ;Path to be installed to Send (@homedrive & "\xp\divx\VLC") Send ("{ENTER}") WinWaitActive( $Title_1 , "Completing") Send ("{SPACE}") Send ("{ENTER}") ;************* ;FIN DU BOULOT ;************* MsgBox(64, "Installation", "TOUT EST OK!")
  10. the link works with firefox if you use another explorer,try this url: http://www.eazyshare.com/user_uploads/Gribouill%E9.jpg but sure,there should be no accent like "é" in url,because a lot of servers or explorers doesn't like.
  11. try this http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=13246
  12. don't use reshacker,but resource tuner,you can add accents (moi j'utilise resource tuner pour pouvoir mettre les accents)
  13. i haven't said the opposite it was just my experience,not to follow.... but it can work,that was just what i wanted to say. but to be sure it works,we have to follow line by line the rules
  14. well,i have done this job without an extra clean xp : just uninstalled office and other office tools. and i haven't installed framework .... and it works
  15. strange ... perhaps the version of 7zip or startX ... try to make .exe (with the methode) of another software (not office) =>take a software =>make a setup.cmd ... and then make the .exe with the 7zip method and see if the .exe you get works
  16. i don't think it's possible to "remove" sp1 from the directories,because some files are updated,and some are added. the solution is probably to use an old office version
  17. 1) download and install 7-zip 2) put the startX.exe in the folder c:\officeshrinker 3) create a setup.cmd file setup.cmd is that: @echo off setup.exe transforms=yoyo.mst /qb- yoyo.mst is the name of your mst file and put your setup.cmd in the folder c:\officeshrinker 4) select all files and directories of the folder c:\officeshrinker (setup.cmd,startx.exe+all other files and directories ) right click "add to archive" in the option window,choose "ultra" compression after a few minutes,you get your officeshrinker.7z 5) put in another directory =>officeshrinker.7z + =>7zS.sfx (found in c:\program files\7zip if you can't find this file,then try to install the 3.13 version of 7zip) + =>a config.txt with that in this config.txt: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! RunProgram="startx /wait setup.cmd" ;!@InstallEnd@! + =>a finalization file (finalization.cmd) with that in : copy /b 7zS.sfx + config.txt + officeshrinker.7z officeshrinker.exe 6) double click on the finalization.cmd and then you get the officeshrinker.exe witch is THE file !!! 7) if you want to test,just execute (double click) on this officeshrinker.exe,everything should be (if my english is hard to understand,refere to Keytotime tutorial ) i hope i have helped you
  18. @ankap how can i add the french files to the msi or to the cab ??? witch tool ? thanks
  19. @Alanoll how can i add the french files in your cab files ? i tried to recab,but i have errors,so is there a way ?? the only way i found,is to edit the msi,and add french files in it with the trial version of installshield.. i can't change the cab files thanks a lot for your reply
  20. well it didn't work for me. Setup.exe PIDKEY=(25-digit key) TRANSFORMS=MSTFile.MST /qb- and deleting the registry key "registration" i still have the serial key used shown in gray at the first begin of the soft... where is stored this number ??? please help thanks
  21. this is how how to change the text "windows is now setting up.." and the icon iernonce.dll it's the file to change. simply edit it with reshack,change text,icon .... and then save your job, use makecab and put it in i386
  22. i don't like scripts or vbs to silently install softs you can do that 1) with the trial version of installshield adminstudio,you can create your own installshield =>newsoft.exe 2) in a cmd file, you use the silent switch newsoft.exe /S /v/qn 3) and if you are crazy, you can put your installshield and the cmd in an exe file with 7zip and startX tested

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