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  1. While messing around with c#, I thought id see how easy it would be to implement a program like I wanted to with Registry Tweakage.NET. I have developed a tool which seems to hit most of the points people wanted with the original. If this is in demand I may polish it and release it. Key features: - Data/User driven from reggy databases. - Users can share / merge multiple databases into one. - User can edit/save and add/delete from a database. - User can export selected tweaks as a .reg file. - Tweaks are grouped in alphabetical order for easy navigation.
  2. that is the point, so users can add tweaks to a config file and distribute them throughout meaning the program itself isnt hard coded and doesnt require the programmer to keep updating the tweaks.
  3. I have no problem with you trying to take up where my program left off. It would of being nice of you to ask but there u go. From your alpha it looks pretty much the same as mine except missing functionality, I dont see any improvements over mine. From what I understood people wanted a more flexible program, they wanted it to be data driven so they could add there own tweaks and not have everything hard coded, ie xml driven. As for releasing your source code, if people laugh at it then thats just immature of them. Every programmer has his own way of coding which is unique to himself, as long as its commented and can be understood improvements can be given.
  4. nice of you to ask before you make some replica of my application. also pointless unless you add something to it which makes it better (more tweaks isnt better).
  5. I dont recommend using it since its BETA software and BETA1 at that, at least wait till BETA2 is out which will be for the public. BETA1 is english only I think since people have being hacking the languages to make it work. There have being reported problems with the beta, and many users have experienced IM programs not working and breaking due to install.
  6. its a hacked version of iecustom.dll which bypasses
  7. It has the MS product validation on it btw for users who dont know but this can be easily bypassed with a custom hex edited dll.
  8. The headers have changed in the new versions so they wont be as big as previous versions like you specified. Also the sections are in the file in order of what they are on the menus, ie in 0.4 its SP2-Services from left to right then down so they will differ depending on what is selected each time.
  9. Added it so when you put <nopass> into the field it makes the pass blank. Is this ok?
  10. cool, didnt know such a program existed I might give him a pm
  11. microsoft windows will never be free, and this is totally irrelevant to unattended.
  12. its called regshot, and you will need the paraglider version. You can download it from here
  13. If people keep on supplying new tweaks then yea, there will be some new tweaks and some bug fixes . It is very hard to code such a program with the vastness of tweaks this program has and be no typos/small bugs. The way I coded 0.4 helped me alot for future development. At the moment im looking into .inf files but with the way the tweak database is coded inside the program its proving to be abit of a pain so ill see if its worth it. But simple answer to your question is, there will be tweaks if people provide them or highlight them to me and yes there will be bug fixes.
  14. I think you should create your own style instead of copying someone elses style, you gain no respect from that.
  15. thank you for pointing that out, seems like a small typo, will be fixed in nxt version.
  16. If your xp cd is in the drive after it reboots it replaces them on boot, ive found this. You can delete all the screensavers but then if you reboot with the xp cd in the drive it seems to install them all again, dont hold me to this but if I remove the cd they dont come back.
  17. ill look into it, havent seen anyone complain about that tweak before.
  18. The tweaks you are referring to have being discussed and they are pointless, one of the tweaks you have mentioned "unloading of DLLs" is a pointless tweak which does nothing therefore they have being removed. Also tweaks which cause harm and have no significant changes have being removed to stop users causing harm to there system. The reason this app runs in a thread is mainly for the feedback and a number of members helped me clear these tweaks up, also some of them where default in xp so it was pointless tweaking something already set. Hope this clears things up for you, feel free to bring up anymore issues if you have any. thx Mike
  19. There is no reason they should rly, they have spent alot of time creating programs such as nlite etc. You cant expect them to just give it over.
  20. you make your own bed, u can lie in it
  21. @websee sry I forgot it, ill add it for nxt, ive made a note of it
  22. looks cool, you might want to remove "firstly a suky screenshot" now you have updated it. Add components in there and it will be kinda useful. gj edit: I would also change the apply button to be called create, it has more bearing on what it actually does.
  23. damage is generally caused if you force the monitor to run in a refresh rate and you think it works, it displays but what you dont see is the strain inside which will eventually cause your monitor to break. My mates monitor did this, it went all liney and then the screen flickered and moved then it died. Most monitors will just kick the refresh rate out and go black as you say and go into standby, but sometimes they accept it and can cause problems. edit: doesnt break straight away it could just break one day after like 2months or something, depending on the monitor.

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