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  1. Animated desktop wallpapers are absolutely new product that isn’t widespread yet, but is worth telling about. Just look at a static picture which is at the desktop of your computer. Certainly you can change it several times a week, but still there is not much pleasure in it. And suddenly you see that the picture "is coming to life": you look not at simple photo of the heavenly beautiful spot but at the animate nature. Try to imagine that the monitor of your computer is a window pane where icons are scattered. Looking through the window you see a wonderful alive world filled with movement. Besides you not only see this world but also hear it. The worlds of animated desktop wallpapers will fill your life with sounds of wildlife which you rarely hear in the big city. Animated desktop wallpapers are aimed first of all to make the world of your computer more beautiful and cosy that you could have a rest during the working day. Moreover, the technology of creation of animated desktop wallpapers allows to make them not only very beautiful. Animated desktop wallpapers hold many perspectives of creation of the worlds where users can take part in. "Elefun Multimedia" Company ( http://elefun.e-not.net ) has already made first steps in this direction. Practically in all animated desktop wallpapers which were made by this company the element of interactivity is present. In other words, some characters of these worlds react to your certain actions. In the animated desktop wallpapers "Mystery Forest" if you guide the cursor of the mouse on the butterfly sitting on a sheet - it'll fly up. And in the other product of "Elefun Multimedia" Company if you put the cursor on the dog, it'll start wagging a tail and if you click, it'll stand up and leave. Besides in the worlds of animated desktop wallpapers there is time, which doesn't differ from your local time. The dawn there replaces night and the day gives way to the sunset, as well as behind the window of your office or house. Of course, we can talk about the magic and fantastic worlds of animated desktop wallpapers for a long time, but it would be better to visit the site of "Elefun Multimedia" ( http://elefun.e-not.net/desktops/animated_..._wallpapers.php ) and to download animated desktop wallpapers. Only in such a way you can decide whether you like them or not.

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