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  1. IF EVERYONE LIVED LIKE YOU, WE WOULD NEED 1.8 PLANETS. Interesting little quiz ... for those who like the topic I recommend to read "Collapse" by Jared Diamond
  2. I have been away for a while (busy ...) just felt I had to say this is the best windows site out there
  3. One other point is the native resolution. Not for comparison between different LCD's maybe, but more a general hint. Keep in mind that the LCD only works well at it's native resolution (1280x1024 in your case). Or at the very least it looks better. If you're going to play games, make sure your system is able to handle that resolution at an acceptable frame rate. I like my Samsung 913, but it'sa not even the best one out there. It doesn't have ghosting issues at least.
  4. Typically updating drivers with newer versions doesn't lead to install problems. Even if you haven't done an uninstall first.But never say never in the wonderful world of complex software If you use installers, normally they add additional programs besides the actual driver. This utilities you don't need for windows to run at all.They can be diagnosis utilities for example or simply manuals etc etc, It's up to you to decide if you want those. If not, it's no problem to integrate drivers and there's no need to worry about uninstall options not being available.
  5. Walking through is a little difficult right now as I don't have word on this pc and can't remember exactly. I'll do my best, Ok, here it goes, hope it's correct. First of all you need to split the doc: MS Word lets you insert different kind of breaks. What you want is a section break. This breaks the document in two sections. So you need a section break after page 2. Page 3 will be the first page of section 2. Now you can insert page numbering (or edit existing). For section 2 you should start with 1 and have it apply to section only (you may have to do some experimenting - can't remember exactly how to go about doing this step by step). For section 1 simply no numbering / remove the page numbers in the footer. Again look that you apply it to this section only. That's all I can do right now, hope it helps anyway.
  6. A relatively cheap one I quite like is the In-win Viper G001 http://www.in-win.com.tw/
  7. Nice to see MS is into soccer as well.Looks like I now need to use my winXP system as I don't think genuine advantage validation will work with Linux. Never tried though, who knows? But Holland will surely win for the first time ever, ha ha
  8. @Fernando 1: Succesfully tested configurations using nLite: integration of LEGACY folder drivers from package 6.70 with RC7 and RC8 integration of LEGACY folder drivers from package 6.85 with RC7 and RC8 Raid BIOS version v. 4.84 Mainboard: Asus A8N-SLI Premium 2 x Samsung SP1614C, 160GB, SATA 150 in Raid 0 Operating system: Windows XP home SP2, Windows XP home SP2 with slipstreamed hotfixes until Mar 06, Windows XP home SP2 with Ryan VM update pack 2.06. I prepared a build with the beta drivers as well, but haven't tested it yet. Nice thread Fernando! Especially the last update couldn't be clearer and simpler. I remember fighting a LOT with my first SATA drivers integration attempts. This should really be a BIG help @i_know_tim: Interesting. May I ask what drivers you used before and what motherboard you have? By the way: I had seemingly random freezes for a while too. They actually turned out to be caused by a defect memory bank. But until I discovered this (because the memory bank finally was kind enough to fail consistently, which made it easy to detect), But I was suspecting buggy drivers as well.Are you 100% sure it's stable now?
  9. @Fernando 1. Yes, don't know myself where I got the version info, I must have been in outer space. Both are indeed 5.10.2600.0667.
  10. Split the document in two sections. You can then specify "custom" options for each section. For example page numbering. Give it a try
  11. Thanks for maintaining this thread, my first experiences with nVidia raid and WinXP install were rather painful. I think it's a good help for many users. I was wondering about the different versions ... from the LEGACY folders: nforce 6.70 AMD nvraid.inf: DriverVer=08/18/2005,5.10.2600.0552 nvatabus.inf: DriverVer=08/18/2005,5.10.2600.0552 nforce 6.85 AMD nvraid.inf: DriverVer=08/18/2005,5.10.2600.0552 nvatabus.inf: DriverVer=08/18/2005,5.10.2600.0552 Vista beta: nvraid.inf: DriverVer=08/18/2005,5.10.2600.0552 nvatabus.inf: DriverVer=05/01/2006,5.10.2600.0667 This suggests that the Vista beta driver package contains an updated nvatabus driver, the rest is identical anyway. Anyone know more? nVidia isn't exactly very clear in their driver releases I find.
  12. Use %% instead of % in your cmd script.
  13. I can yes, and I should since I spent too much on upgrade ... But tried advisor anyway and this is what it says (for all options) "Make sure you have an approved TV Tuner card" Maybe I should have installled the drivers Rest is fine
  14. Any chance of sharing what the BSOD message is? Also, try posting in the thread @smashly mentioned.
  15. Going to gym today at lunch break. Currently going 3 times a week and 2 times a 12k run. But don't like gym much, it's boring. It's just that I f*d up my knee last year
  16. Try LaTex instead Don't know, would be interesting to learn this trick as well. I normally resort to adding pics in the text (I mean not floating) and keeping the captions together with pictures by ... don't have office here, so forgive me if I write something wrong now ... ticking "keep with next" in the paragraph format menu. This whilst selecting both pic and caption. Although this appears to work, it severly limits formating options (no wrapping of text e.g.)
  17. I assume drive "U" is a network drive mapped succesfully with "...network\map.cmd" and all paths are correct ??? If you actually want the quotes in "TRANSFORMS="U:\Office2003\unattended_2.mst"" to appear in RunOnceEx you'd need to enclose the quotes in quotes ... like this """. Altough I don't know why you want that. Normal install of "Flash824.exe" works ok? Nothing that anyone can see with just this data. Maybe someone actually had same experience, I haven't so sorry. Try posting more details. One more thing. Sometimes I found that if installs don't finish properly they can cause issues for the next installs. I have no idea why. But you could try enforcing (or changing) the install sequence. Also testing them individually to confirm they work may be a good idea.
  18. Yes, read the thread @smashly recommended. And note that once you have succedfully integrated the textmode drivers, you don't need to and shouldm't press F6 anymore. Windows will find the drivers by itself.
  19. Since no replies yet... Ok, first some general tips: Please use CODE tags when posting code Even though VBA does not require you, it's a good idea to declare your variables anyway like this Dim X as <type> See web/help for recognized variable types. You can enforce declaring variables by adding the following declaration at the top of the VBA editor page. So before any other code. Option Explicit You say your code it works for the first entry of "e1a1". Did you actually compile your script succesfully and copy it? Anyway, let's assume it actually does work for the first entry for now. The answer to your question is simple: replace your text string "e1a1" in the Cells.Find line with a variable. For example: Cells.Find(What:= ROTA, ... BUT this will not work since you cannot use the same name for the routine ("Sub ROTA()") and a variable. Hence my remarks. If you'd use something else for the variable it would work. For example "SOMETHING" instead of "ROTA". EXCEPT that this code still wouldn't. You need at least to debug your code (use "Compile" menu item in the VBA editor) and also you need to reset your variable "COU" to zero inside each start loop. As you coded it here (if it'd work) ... your program would just count up "COU" to 4 and keep looping questions without acting after that. By the way, by looking at xlPart with the Find function "e1a1" would give more than one match. For example also "e1a11" ... This doesn't seem to be what you want. Anyway, try to improve these things and also use compile to debug. You can probably figure it out and change it accordingly. Good luck
  20. Looks interesting! Will try it soon and let you know how things worked.
  21. Croatia? Isn't that a country by the Adriatic sea? lol
  22. That's nice info indeed. I completely forgot about these options. I seem to recall even using something like it for Windows 98. Also, if you hit <WINDOWS KEY>+e you'll get My Computer in Explorer regardless of tweak (in XP at least, not sure other versions).
  23. France? They couldn't even win against Switzerland Only title Holland ever won was for large part because of brilliant van Basten and he was injured as well ... so who knows ...

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