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  1. If I understand correctly, you have a shared folder (with templates) on the network that all users can access with read only permission. I don't quite understand why you would be opening them by >File>Open>filename.doc or simply opening the file in windows explorer Why don't you just set the Workgroup Templates (Tools>Options>File Locations >> select workgroup templates>modify > browse to shared location) to point to that shared folder on the network and open the template as you would any other template >File>New>use the New Document Task Pane
  2. Try out XPC Spy Key Features: Records all keystrokes typed. Records all websites visited. Records all programs executed, folders explored, files opened or edited, documents printed etc. Records all windows opened. * Records all clipboard text content.* Records all system activities.* Records all actions on self. Records web-mails sent (database update online, more and more web-mail servers are supported). * Records all ICQ Messenger chat conversations (* both sides). Records all MSN Messenger chat conversations (* both sides). Records all AOL/AIM Messenger chat conversations (* both sides). Records all Yahoo! Messenger chat conversations (* both sides). Runs invisible in the background, and protected by password. Built-in screenshot pictures viewer. Schedule monitor process, set time to start or stop monitoring. Creates text or html logs report, good format for reading. Sends logs report via e-mail. Sends logs report via ftp. * Hides absolutely under Windows 9X/NT/ME/2000/XP, can't be found in task manager. * Extremely easy to use. ... Notice: * means the feature is only available on pro version. Hope this helps!
  3. If your new mobo will arrive tomorrow, I would just wait until then. As for popping in the new mobo without reformatting... I would seriously reconsider. A pal of mine tried that 6 months ago and even though he did manage to do it, he experienced nothing but problems until he finally took my advice and did a clean install. Besides, being a member of this forum, you probably have an unattended XP CD hanging around... just pop it in and go have a nap. Good luck!
  4. Just copy and paste the following into notepad and save as addcopymovecontext.reg Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ; Add "Copy To" To Right Click Menu (Not Recommended) [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\Copy To] @="{C2FBB630-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13}" ; Add "Move To" To Right Click Menu (Not Recommended) [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\Move To] @="{C2FBB631-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13}" Double click the new reg file and merge it into the registry. Voila! Or just download the attached file. I would recommend a reboot after doing this. addcopymovecontext.reg
  5. I used to get that "Invalid MS-DOS function error" quite often when I used "cheap" cd-r's. I got them from a liquidator place for about $10 (Canadian) for a spindle of 50. They were unbranded and quite obviously cheap when I opened the package. I never found a way to around the problem -- sorry. Tip for n00bs: Buy branded media and preferably NOT from a discount bin.
  6. With Disk Cleanup (RClick on drive -> properties -> Disk Cleanup button) you may remove all but the LAST restore point. Once the dialog box for the Disk Cleanup opens, click the More Options tab at the top and click the bottom "Clean UP" button for System Restore. Hope this helps!
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    Going back to holding down SHIFT... Gives you absolute control. I find that usually what Windows "decides" a CD/DVD/USB key is (ie music, pictures, video or mixed content) more often than not it's wrong. Besides I/you don't always want to perform the same task for the same content. Besides, my USB key is definatly "mixed content" and Windows ALWAYS reports it as "Photos" of which I have none on the key - go figure.
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    As far as I'm aware you cannot... BUT if you hold down SHIFT when you close the CD tray that WILL disable the autorun. Hope this helps!
  9. The font size in IE (specifically) might have been changed. With IE open, click VIEW -> TEXT SIZE Here you can specify what font (text) size you desire -- Medium is default
  10. Have always been interested in doing an unattended install, but could never find a "ultimate" resource for info... until now.

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