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  1. Windows ME (2000) network stack on 98

    well, win9x serves good even with many megabit connection, so problem may not be in TCP/IP stack but in Internet settings. maybe try some other clients (for example use Opera instead of Internet Exploiter), then try to optimize TCP/IP stack settings.
  2. Thanks for your answer, but that doesn't solve my problem - I have already got all freely available updates, but none of the hotfixes that need to be requested (like Q229670)
  3. For some reason, I can't use the Unofficial Win98 SE Service Pack, but I would like to install all updates released for Windows 98 Second Editon. I have collected all updates that are available from Microsoft's web site and WindowsUpdate, but I also would like to get remaining updates without sending Microsoft a lots of requests Is it possible to share already requested updates?
  4. Is Win98SE more secure by default than XP?

    Yes, it is more secure from network (maybe not from inside - every user has almost all privileges, but if you are the only user that's not a problem).
  5. Hmm, where can I download them? A quick Google search does not reveal anything interesting.
  6. Favourite File Manager

    Total Commander is the best choice for GUI Windows file manager, and it supports all your desires
  7. It's interesting, I haven't heard any ways to check this from batch file without using specifically created executable which cheks it, but I guess that you could grep netstat's output for interesting info.
  8. Pimp My Os

    Look at MDGX's W95-11D.zip (Google for it ) as a good starting point. I have even read all of it and made my own NSIS-based setup that applies all the tweaks I found to be useful for my system B)
  9. How to install WDM drivers unattended on Windows 98?
  10. Looking For A Firewall

    I, personally, recommend ATGuard and Agnitum Outpost.
  11. Do You Already Have "longhorn"?

    Other: No I don't have Longhorn and have no will for it
  12. See 7zip help file for explainations for these settings. Modifying them may reduce or increase your compression ration. Some time ago after studying 7zip manual and experimenting I found these parameters to be most useful for me: x=9 m=Deflate fb=255 pass=4
  13. On 9x based system this can be done with simple API call (see article at Borland.com). I think it is quite impossible to do this in "normal way" for NT based systems.
  14. It has been 7 years since Win98 was released

    Emm. Who is not blocking NetBIOS and SMB ports from INTERNET anyway? IMHO, it's obvious that with any Microsoft OS you should block access to these ports from PC's you don't control. Better solution - uninstall Windows Networking if you don't need it
  15. How Many 98se Install For Friends?

    In last year I have been installing this beautiful OS (98SE, of course) to about 40% of my installations on friends' computers, because many of my friends haven't realized that Windows XP is just a Poke`moN OS