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  1. I'm glad you got it, but could someone please elaborate a bit more and tell me if I got it?
  2. So I should actually type "Computername=JOLLYROGER" (without the quotes) to stop the popup asking for my computer name even though I wrote JOLLYROGER in the space during my nlite setup? When did this change and where do I find documentation on other little changes like this?
  3. Nlite registry tweaks

  4. XP Home, Repair and Auto Login

    Same here. In the old Nlite, 1.0.1, I believe, you could have an unattended account log in as owner or administrator even under windows xp home. I don't want to make an account that I have to delete after my unattended install is done. What happened to the old way of doing unattended accounts on nlite? I have to say it worked better that way.
  5. Folder SYSTEMTOOLS in with Diskeeper?

    Why not hide it? Out of sight, out of mind.
  6. Spell Check Extension For Firefox

    Spellbound Good Google Toolbar Best
  7. Windows Media Lite vs WMP10Lite

    I'm curious about this too.
  8. F.E.A.R. - No Sound

    Well, using the ACE Mega CoDecS Pack, under the "dash board" shortcut, make sure only "Microsoft" settings are checked. There should be 2 sets of them. Try not too scroll to fast cause it's easy to pass them up. Uncheck everything else. That's how I got mine to work. If you've already done that, my apologies. I have no other options.
  9. F.E.A.R. - No Sound

    It's a codec problem, I had the same thing happen to me on my nlited cd. Using "lite" settings in nlite, I thought that, I too, removed too much. That wasn't the case. There's a long solution and a short. My Codecs installed: DefilerPak QuickTime Alternative Real Alternative Wmlite120 And having used the long explanation: ACE Mega CoDecS Pack Will try the short one later today, see how that goes. LONG: http://support2.vugames.com/vug/answer.aspx?ID=7323 SHORT: http://www.softoutfit.com/hints.html#F.E.A...+Problem+Solved
  10. IE 7 patch?

    IE7 BETA ~10mb
  11. IE 7 patch?

    Alright, my bad. The guys over at Mozilla suggested that we "spread FireFox". I was just doing what my masters taught me. Blame them, I'm just a mindless pawn. Please don't crucify me... T
  12. IE 7 patch?

    Ya, it's called Firefox. =]