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  1. Major progress here! I tried installing with only the DVD drive and the RAID array plugged in. No go. Then I tried only the single HDD in SATA and the DVD drive. It works! I'm happy as a man who just invented self-removing trousers. Thank you all so much for your help, now I'm finally happy with this new computer of mine.
  2. Haven't tried that yet, I'll do that next time. No need to apologize for the being silent, you're doing me a favor anyway and I'm thankful for it.
  3. Bump-able. After lots of re-installs and some BIOS tweaking back and forth, I got a "NTLDR is missing" error instead of the "Disk read error". I tried switching the booting device back and forth, didn't do much good. I guess I'm getting closer here...
  4. In the first two SATA ports are my two 500 gig drives in RAID 0. In the third port is my DVD burner. The fourth port is empty. The fifth port has my 250 gig SATA drive and the sixth is empty. The fifth and sixth ports are in IDE emulation mode set from the BIOS because it won't install in any other mode. My only options are either IDE emulation or "As SATA mode" meaning it'd be the same as ports 1-4. RAID, that is. No card-readers, no USB drives, no floppy, no removable of any kind. As you probably know by now, AMD SB750 is the chipset this motherboard uses. Edit: Oh, and if it's any help... I've got a small partition of that non-RAID as C, the 2x500 RAID as D and the rest of the non-RAID as E.
  5. Thank you, I'll try it as soon as I have some time. I tried re-installing with a new disk and all but to no avail.
  6. I couldn't upload the .oem file because it says I'm not permitted to. Thus I simply made it a .txt instead and uploaded it. txtsetup.txt
  7. Not a rewritable. A brand new disk in perfect condition. I also verified the files after burning.
  8. I found something that might be useful. On the readme.txt of the Gigabyte SATA floppy it says the following: ==================== Contents on the disk ==================== README TXT This readme file AHCIx86 Microsoft Windows miniport disk label file AHCIx64 Microsoft Windows miniport disk label file TXTSETUP OEM Microsoft Windows miniport text mode setup file x86\AHCIx86 INF Microsoft Windows miniport setup file x86\AHCIx86 SYS Microsoft Windows miniport driver for x86 compatible platforms x86\AHCIx86 CAT Microsoft Windows WHQL Certified catalog file x64\AHCIx64 INF Microsoft Windows miniport setup file x64\AHCIx64 SYS Microsoft Windows miniport driver for x64 platforms x64\AHCIx64 CAT Microsoft Windows WHQL Certified catalog file I pointed nLite at the parent folder. It still only shows one driver to integrate, the one I integrated before. Looks like no separate SATA and RAID driver. Any other suggestions?
  9. But I tried installing it on my non-RAID SATA drive and that also gave me the same error. I might have the right RAID driver but lack the SATA driver. That just might be it. Good idea, Johnhc. Thanks.
  10. Not much to tell from the LAST session.ini [Tasks] Integrate Drivers [Drivers] D:\Temp\XP\SBDrv\RAID7xx\x64\ahcix64.inf,Napa_amd64_ahci Johnhc, what I use isn't really a driver _pack_. Just a single textmode driver. There was only one choise, 64 and 32 bit versions. I did, of course, choose the 64 bit version.
  11. That's going to be hard since I usually nLite in several parts. First the update pack, then I remove most stuff, lastly the drivers. I'll try to find the right session.ini and post it when I do. EDIT: This is it. It doesn't include the update pack I use (http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6400) or the drivers I use (Chipset driver from Gigabyte's site. Worked perfectly during the textmode). I didn't use any addons. Everything works good now that I use IDE emulation so the only problem's (the first) boot from the SATA drive in SATA mode. Even the RAID drives are detected just fine after install. LAST_SESSION.INI
  12. I'm in dire need of your help. I removed some components and integrated my RAID drivers. Everything worked fine. The drives were visible on the textmode install, I could format the RAID drives and a non-RAID SATA drive. Then, just after rebooting after the textmode part, it refuses to go to the graphical mode. "A disk read error has occurred" on the screen and it tells me to push ctrl+alt+del to continue. I tried both the RAIDed drives and the non-RAID SATA drive. Neither worked. Then I put the non-RAID SATA drive to IDE mode, reformatted and it works. It's a darn shame, though, I really wanted it to work without downgrading to IDE mode. Windows XP 64 SP2 Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4h
  13. So is there a list that explains which files are which languages? I need to keep the Finnish language but I don't care for the others. Thus I can't just delete all the language files or delete just some random ones.
  14. The exact same here with XP 64 pro. Only SP2 slipstreamed, no update packs.
  15. Is the language removing bug fixed yet? I decided to wait until it's done until I re-format.
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