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  1. Downloaded and used RVMI 1.6.1 beta 2.1 and ended up with the same story. I did however come across an interesting tidbit on the RyanVM Discussion Board: OnePiece says that I should be integrating first with just the Update Pack and then after I integrate that then I can go ahead and integrate again using any of the "remove" Addons. When I try doing that (using only the source dir, destination dir, update pack, and optimizing system files) it gives me this error message: I'll try to post this error msg on the RVM Forum after I get my account approved over there but I figured that in the mea
  2. Thanks for pointing me to that. I'll give it a try and see what happens. I notice that there's already a comment concerning driver.cab problems on the Chinese Source so maybe I'm running into something related to that.
  3. I redownloaded everything and installed it all on a fresh XP Mode VM. Used RyanVM Integrator to copy files from the CD to the C:\XPLite2 folder, integrate the OnePiece Update Pack and the Remove Windows Search Addon Pack as well as Optimizing the System Files before making an ISO and burning it to a disk using ImgBurn (RVM_Log.txt) Used RichCopy to duplicate C:\XPLite2 to C:\XPLite4 Used nLite to trim down the install on C:\XPLite4 and then made an ISO and burned it to a disk using ImgBurn (nLite_Log.txt) Used RichCopy to duplicate C:\XPLite4 to C:\XPLite5 Used DriverPacks Base to integrate C
  4. Happy New Year to everybody RVM hasn't been upgraded since 2009 but that is a good point you bring up... I'll redownload all the software I use to make sure nothing's been corrupted. As for the Dell OEM source I'm using... yes, it could be the source of the problems as well but considering the fact that I have done this exact thing successfully about a month ago, I'm inclined to believe the problem is due to something else; something I actually changed between then and now. It was interesting how old most of the threads involving this problem are. That's why I was intrigued enough to keep w
  5. These are just a few topics that state similar problems but so far none of their "solutions" seem to work for me. Tools I use: Windows XP Mode (Windows XP Pro SP3) on a Windows 7 Pro x86 Dell Optiplex 780 Dell OEM XP Pro SP3 source disk nLite RyanVM Integrator 1.6 DriverPacks BASE 10.06 OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_v4.3.1_ENU.7z OnePiece_Remove_Windows_Search_AddOn.cab ImgBurn Steps I take: Create the following folders on the XP Mode VM - C:\Custom C:\Custom\XPLite1 C:\Custom\XPLite2 C:\Custom\XPLite3 C:\Custom\XPLite4 C:\Custom is where I store general files relat
  6. Question: Is there any way to create a custom table style in Excel 2010 so that it will be available on any spreadsheet I open? Alternatively, is there a way to export / import a custom table style? Here is my custom table style, nothing fancy. I just don't like having to recreate it every time I make a new document. And yes, it is slightly different from any of the existing built-in table styles Thanks, Fiernaq
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