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  1. thanks. i use Parallels for virtualization. about that splash screen? how exactly does it work? it hides the command windows or how it is done? thanks again. It is just an image which will be displayed on Top Most. all installations will run behind it.
  2. I request a feature. Assign Screen.Width and Screen.Height like as be done with Top.Status in api.js (sizer) That way I will be able to script my themes to detect resolution en set right wallpaper. As for now I fixed it myself in the HTML of the theme. <div id='bgpiclayer' style="z-index:-1; position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; height:100%; display:block; overflow:hidden;"> <img id='bgpic' src='' width="100%" height="100%"> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> if ((screen.width==1920) && (screen.height==1200)) document.all.bgpic.src = "./Themes/vista/wallpaper1920ws.jpg"; if ((screen.width==1600) && (screen.height==1200)) document.all.bgpic.src = "./Themes/vista/wallpaper1600.jpg"; if ((screen.width==1600) && (screen.height==1050)) document.all.bgpic.src = "./Themes/vista/wallpaper1600ws.jpg"; if ((screen.width==1280) && (screen.height==1024)) document.all.bgpic.src = "./Themes/vista/wallpaper1280.jpg"; if ((screen.width==1024) && (screen.height==768)) document.all.bgpic.src = "./Themes/vista/wallpaper1024.jpg"; else document.all.bgpic.src = "./Themes/vista/wallpaper.jpg"; </script> HJW
  3. MRT.exe = Mallicious Software Removal Tool update December LegitCheckControl.dll = ActiveX control for downloading software from genuine section microsoft DeskHack.dll = custom themes now displayed with correct name (fix) shsvcs.dll, themeui.dll,uxtheme.dll = patch for using custom themes startup.cpl = CPL applet where you can manage all applications that have a startup entry every boot.
  4. Looks good with all the elements (6pcs) Good use of icons. I dislike the huge banner personally, font is too much kitch, not business neutral like. It also looks a bit blurred to me. Update the banner and you have outstanding job done
  5. Mine search function still working Component deleted: -Languages (Japanese/chinese )
  6. Hi all, In addition to this guide I want to add a few things. I use those to make my X64-CD even more up2date. KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool) Use /Q to install silent (T13 ready). DirectX_march08_x64_redist (switchless SFX installer with only x64 CABs) size = 38,9mb, md5 = a112fadb6b527f9e1f1de23b375424eb download here NET20SP1_x64 ( repacked switchless SFX with T-13 ready ) size = 46,8mb, md5 = 19dd772d6cddced9b246a8e99dad3a7e download here Windows Update Client X64 ( repacked switchless SFX installer ) size = 7.69mb, md5 = 5372304f21699279fefe3df163e984e4 download here I also tried to make an SFX covering the issues in this topic but I failed with that one. * Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool ActiveX Control - KB892130 (LegitCheckControl.cab) * Office Genuine Advantage Validation Tool ActiveX Control (OGAControl.cab) * Windows Update ActiveX Control (wuweb_site.cab) * Microsoft Update ActiveX Control (muweb_site.cab) * Office Update Installation Engine ActiveX Control (opuc4.cab) * Microsoft Update Catalog ActiveX Control (MuCatalogWebControl.cab) Well I hope you guys can use these files for your x64 disc HJW
  7. It is possible to create an .NET 1.1 SP1 installer because SP1 is just an msi file. Situation .NET 2 and 3 that is a bit different cause ServicePacks are deployed in an other way. I install .NET Framework 20SP1+30SP1+3.5 +languagepacks this way: REG DELETE HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PCHealth\ErrorReporting\DW /f REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup /v SystemSetupInProgress /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 3 /f Regtweaks are for T-13 compatibility START /wait DNF20\Netfx20a_x86.msi REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qn START /wait lng\fw2\langpack.msi ADDEPLOY=1 /quiet FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR/B DNF30\SYS32') DO ( XCOPY/DY DNF30\SYS32\%%I %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32 %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\REGSVR32 /S %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\%%I ) START /WAIT DNF30\WIC\update\update.exe /quiet START /WAIT DNF30\XPSEPSC\update\update.exe /quiet START /WAIT DNF30\Netfx30a_x86.msi ADDEPLOY=1 /qn /norestart START /WAIT DNF35\VS_setup.msi ADDEPLOY=1 /qn /norestart START /WAIT LNG\XPS\update\update.exe /quiet START /WAIT MSIEXEC /i LNG\WCF\langpack.msi /qn /norestart START /WAIT MSIEXEC /i LNG\WPF\wpflangpack.msi /qn /norestart START /WAIT MSIEXEC /i LNG\WF\WF_langpack_x86.msi /qn /norestart START /WAIT MSIEXEC /i LNG\VS\VS_Setup.msi ADDEPLOY=1 /qn Tip: extract original installers with following command: msiexec /a <name>.msi /qb TARGETDIR=C:\Temp This way I was able to create a 54mb package containing all .NET Framework with updates and languagepacks.
  8. I got this problem too HJW
  9. Thanks for this guide. It is really helpful and exactly what I am looking for. There are some minor issues though with slipstreaming hotfixes using nLite 240# KB942763 - Timezone update 280# KB941569 800# KB925876 Failed for direct integration method (I got a dialog) Then I selected use "svcpack" integration but those attempts by nLite failed too :( Bytheway while slipstreaming IE7 I got some dialogs if I wanted to overwrite a existing file with an older version :S Could you help me? What causes these failures ?? Thanks HJW EDIT: Everything works fine when integrating under X64-Operating System.
  10. files updated to with December Updates. X64 available too now http://vistapacks.siginetsoftware.com/files/x64_December.7z http://vistapacks.siginetsoftware.com/files/x64_Extras.rar
  11. HJW

    Hotfix Hunt

    Hi people, In case you are looking for packs with lots of updates you can use with vlite to integrate check out here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=106442
  12. All files available through download page. Everything up2date November 2007. I also included updates for your Office 2007 Suite. CustomPack now available for download too. Have Fun!. HJW
  13. 1# post updated. Files currently uploading available soon @downloadpage. HJW
  14. Update since a while, We are currently working on the client. Now based on new technology: XML. Example Attached. HJW. TweakCollection.xml
  15. ahhh, so what method do you use might I ask? vLite works..
  16. Download in windows: navigate to C:\windows\softwaredistrubution\download\ and search for your CAB files. Cab files can be used for integration (MSU contains xml+cab). Tip: search for big files since dreamscene files are many MBs. Open CABfiles to look for dreamscene content or try to search on KBnumber. HJW
  17. Correct, maybe the time has come to collect all descriptions and write somehow an application to let the user choose which updates to be used for integration.. No clue how to make that working. Maybe somebody got an idea I didnt receive it here though . BTW new version of updatepackages is ahead, will wait for next patch tuesday though to renew UpdatesThroughWinUpdate too.
  18. Hi, I experience problems too with this update package. Unable to solve them. Guess we should wait for v3
  19. You are looking for a regular updatepack, can be found here: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5501
  20. HJW

    Vista32bit updates

  21. :whistle:just wait but then you 've got something
  22. Hello MSFNusers, December 20th Post Vista MasterUpdatePack This Vista UpdatePack contains 350+ packages you can use to update your Vista Installation Image (install.wim). All integration methods should work with these updates, no errors should occur. However in some situations some updates may fail to integrate even though this pack has been tested several times every month. Depending on the integration method you are using the whole integration process might fail or just a single update integration fails. Due the large number hotfixes I decided to skip all update descriptions and list. You have basically two options integrate all updates here avalaible or just only integrate the updates that normally would come through your Windows Update Client. That will be about 40-50 update packages. Vista MasterUpdatePack applies to all Vista Image entries in your install.wim (MUP is language NEUTRAL). The Extras .7z pack will only apply to Vista Ultimate Editions. As addition I added updates to update your Office 2007 Installation. This works very easily the only thing you need to do: create a directory named Updates in your Office07 dir. Place in that folder all msp files and those will be applied during office 2007 installation. The extra "Save as PDF Plugin" needs to be called externally e.g. with WPI or CMDscript. There are a few things you might miss after applying all these tons of updates and extra packages. Yes there is more.. think like: UXTheme, TCPIP.SYS, Themes, Capicom. Therefore I created an extra pack called "CustomPack". This pack needs to be copied manually to your Vmount directory. This pack wil be later available. Thanks2: Siginet (4Hosting) http://www.siginetsoftware.com/ Download http://vistapacks.siginetsoftware.com/ Special Thanks fly out to Sp00f for testing and helping collecting updates. Have Fun! HJW Available Files: -Packages_through_WinUpdate -Packages_1_for_KBx -Packages_for_KBx -Extra_Packages -Office UpdatePack_1.0 replaced by Office SP1 -KB936644-outlfltr -PDF_SaveAs_Plugin

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