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  1. Treveo

    ASP.NET and IIS

    At the moment Im using Vista without IIS 7.0 and I just installed VS to test the web service... guess what.. it is working fine!
  2. Treveo

    ASP.NET and IIS

    Hi guys, I need to develop soon with ASP.NET 2.0 and web service. I like to know or removing IIS will break the working of web service? Or can I still use it fine? Thanks.
  3. Yes, it fixed my problem, thanks!
  4. Hi2u, Which components do I have to keep in the image to get SQL Server Express 2005 working? In my present image Im not able to install it because I dont have some dll's like: XOLEHLP.dll MSDTCPRX.dll MTXCLU.dll And I get the error message: "Failed to load SqlSpars.dll" even when the dll is in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap". Who can help me? =) Thanks, Treveo.
  5. I tried the newest test version and Nuhi managed to fix it
  6. I ripped my Vista with vLite 1.1 RC but there is one problem. I cant use the search function in the start menu. I love to use it to start all programs. But now I see some message that the search function cant be used. What should I keep in the image?
  7. Nuhi, I love your nLite and vLite <3

  8. Treveo

    Modem support

    Thanks, I will make a new rip then... but I like to know this too: Is removing DNS client bad for my browser performance? Or will the speed be still the same?
  9. Treveo

    Modem support

    Im downloading Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) so I can mount "install.wim" but then I need to know which files I need to copy for modem support
  10. Treveo

    Modem support

    Hi guys, First I want to thank Nuhi for his great vLite. Second Im looking for a solution for my problem. I removed the modem support but I didnt realised that I need it for my Samsung mobile. Is there another way to install it then making a new Vista rip? Thanks, Treveo.
  11. Treveo

    Cant boot Business

    Error: "The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum."
  12. Treveo

    Cant boot Business

    Even Ultimate doesnt work anymore...
  13. Hello, I rebuilded Vista Business with vLite 1.1 beta but I get an error that the file header is corrupt when I try to boot. Could anyone tell me how to fix this? Thanks. Treveo.
  14. Treveo

    Error + PowerDVD 6

    "pcaui.exe - Cant find the part This application cant be started because wer.dll cant be found, the problem can be solved by reinstall"
  15. If I open PowerDVD6, I see the error window with the following message: "pcaui.exe - Kan onderdeel niet vinden Deze toepassing kan niet worden gestart omdat wer.dll niet kan worden gevonden. het opnieuw installeren van deze toepassing kan dit probleem oplossen." Can anyone tell me how this come? I can use PowerDVD 6 without problems.
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