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  1. both commands created the "txt" files. so i guess its not the cause of the problem
  2. tested both and got no message... so it means they both work ?
  3. yes, but it should be executed after firefox first run, beacuse it would conflict **first run -> refers to, after running firefox once which is the "Import Settings" and "Browser Check Default" how to suppress the asking of firefox "import settings" during first run ?
  4. @echo off COPY /Y "%systemdrive%\Install\AdAware\defs.ref" "%PROGRAMFILES%\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Professional\" COPY /Y "%systemdrive%\Install\AdAware\sites.txt" "%PROGRAMFILES%\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Professional\" COPY /Y "%systemdrive%\Install\AdAware\awsettings.awc" "%UserProfile%\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\" COPY /Y "%systemdrive%\Install\AdAware\settings.awc" "%UserProfile%\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\" PAUSE anything wrong with this code, it won't work (this is called during the first logon after installation of a clean window OS)
  5. *editted yah, i noticed i click the wrong button !
  6. @echo off cmdow @ /HID for %%e in ("%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Firefox\XPI\*.xpi") do "%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -install-global-extension "%%e" this still works for installing extensions for 1.0.1
  7. will "extensions" labeled as "for 1.0" (not 1.0+) be able to be use in 1.0.1 ?
  8. ok, i'll try those. btw, anyone know of a registry hack to remove: "right-click" - "send to" - 1> Compressed Folder 2> Mail Recipient 3> My Document
  9. oh i see, that clears it *sorry for what i just type*
  10. how did yuo make it not wrapped ?
  11. if code is right, then you didn't disable WFP <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i suppose there is something missing with the code
  12. it installed fine with no error reported.wat else should i check to see if there really no problem? *edit*
  13. cmdow @ /hide RD /S /Q %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Accessibility\ RD /S /Q %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Nero\Nero Toolkit\ RD /S /Q %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Nero\User's Guides\ RD /S /Q %UserProfile%\Favorites\Links\ RD /S /Q %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Accessibility\ how come this does not delete the following folder ?
  14. So they are: CoverDesigner ImageDrive Nero BackItUp nero soundtrax Nero StartSmart Nero Toolkit Nero Wave Editor WMPBurn ?
  15. are the files in "Common Files", "System", "Redist", "setup" safe to be replace by 0-byte file ? Common Files -> contain dll Systen -> contain "NeroCheck.exe" Redist -> contain "50comupd.exe" & "shfolder.exe" setup -> contain eula & "shortcut.dll"
  16. Need registry hacked to disable Screen Saver and to automatically set "Never" turn off monitor when idle
  17. is there a way to make menus when creating a cd of mix application installer (such as winrar, adobe...) ?
  18. where can i get what each component points to? [Components] AccessOpt = On Appsrv_console = On Aspnet = On AutoUpdate = On BitsServerExtensionsISAPI = On BitsServerExtensionsManager = On Calc = On Certsrv = On Certsrv_client = On Certsrv_server = On Charmap = On Chat = On Clipbook = On Complusnetwork = On Deskpaper = On Dialer = On Dtcnetwork = On Fax = On Fp_extensions = On Fp_vdir_deploy = On Freecell = On Hearts = On Hypertrm = On IEAccess = On Iis_asp = On Iis_common = On Iisdbg = On Iis_ftp = On Iis_htmla = On Iis_doc = On Iis_inetmgr = On Iis_internetdataconnector = On Iis_nntp = On Iis_pwmgr = On Iis_serversideincludes = On Iis_smtp = On Iis_smtp_docs = On Iis_webadmin = On Iis_webdav = On Iis_www = On Iis_www_vdir_printers = On Iis_www_vdir_scripts = On Iis_www_vdir_terminalservices = On Indexsrv_system = On Inetprint = On Licenseserver = On Media_clips = On Media_utopia = On Minesweeper = On Mousepoint = On Msmq_ADIntegrated = On Msmq_Core = On Msmq_HTTPSupport = On Msmq_LocalStorage = On Msmq_MQDSService = On Msmq_RoutingSupport = On Msmq_TriggersService = On Msnexplr = On Mswordpad = On Netcis = On Netoc = On Objectpkg = On OEAccess = On Paint = On Pinball = On Pop3Admin = On Pop3Service = On Pop3Srv = On Rec = On Reminst = On Rootautoupdate = On Rstorage = On Solitaire = On Spider = On Templates = On TerminalServer = On TSWebClient = On Vol = On WBEMSNMP = On WMAccess = On WMPOCM = On Zonegames = On Incase no one knows all, i just want to know where are: address book remote assistance sound recorder accessiblity (all of them)
  19. wat do you mean by "proper version" ? is that the cause why when i startup w/ the custom kernel, i get an error message saying "NTFS.SYS is corrupted or missing" and it halt
  20. i use a pre-made boot screen, renamed it to "ntoskrnl.exe" and put it in system32 but everytime i reboot i still get the old XP default boot screen... specs: XP pro w/ SP2
  21. how can i make it that the output will be same like the one in http://unattended.msfn.org/advanced/cosmetics/oeminfo.htm guide i'm refering to the Architecture Hertz RAM mine shows the Hertz and RAM in one line seperated by a comma sign
  22. i can't apply these reg tweak... i paste them on notepad and save them as a *.reg file, when i run it windows pop-up an error saying that its not a valid registry script. sample content of the file [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System] "NoInternetOpenWith"=dword:00000001
  23. is there a way to automate disabling of certain services like auto-updates, etc... note: i'm referring to the services found in "services.msc"
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