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  1. Drive capacity = 1 TB File size (mostly) = 200 MB - 300 MB mkfs.ext3 -c -b 1024 -J size=1 -m 0 -O large_file,dir_index,^filetype,^has_journal,^journal_dev,^resize_inode,sparse_super,ext_attr -v -L [label] -T largefile4 [device] Is setting block size to 1024 bytes ideal?
  2. Currently I don't have any Windows box, and my only Windows box is down, I'm planning on updating my Windows installer before reformatting. Is it possible to run nLite using WINE? If yes, any additional files I need to run it on WINE?
  3. Thanks Zxian, I manage to find an E2160 CPU. Will a 1GB RAM suffice? Do I need a Dual-Channel, or a Single-Channel is enough? EDIT: I notice that the ram I had were DDRs not DDR2. I got myself a 1GB Single Channel one, since that is the only smallest available. But I was a bit slow, prices fluctuated so fast, that I got to spend a little bit higher than what I have canvas Thanks guys (especially Zxian, for bearing with me ) , I hope my first file server is a success
  4. Thanks Zxian, I'll try to see if I can fit it to my budget. BTW, I also need to change my Processor since it will not be compatible. Should I get a Core 2 Duo or just a P4 Incase a Core 2 Duo, I think I be getting Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 since its price difference w/ Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 is just minimal.
  5. It seems all old hardware I have are still usable except for the board. Is the Gigabyte GA-946GM-DS2 board to much?
  6. Some old parts are still usable (i.e. Video Card, Power Supply, Case, Fans). For the ram, I've not yet test them w/ memtest.I'm planning to use it as a storage device. I'm planning to use it as a storage device. (a simple second computer with hard drives). The HDDs I have are Western Digital & Seagate w/ varying sizes (80GB - 300GB). They are all SATA interface.
  7. Hi, I'm planning to build a file server since it's my first time building a file server, I like to ask help from experience members of the board. What I currently have are SATA HDDs for the rig. Here are links to local stores: PC Gilmore PC Express RSun VillMan * As of this post the estimated conversion rate is 1 Philippine Peso = 45 US Dollar.
  8. My little question have cause a big ruckus among MSFN members Thanks for all the opinions (& debates ) I was just curious coz I saw PC cases with vertical mounting position for HDD.
  9. Is there any difference between installing HDD in vertical position against horizontal position? If there is, what position is better?
  10. there are no desktop pc where I am right now, only laptops. I'm not planning on burning anything, just want to see if it runs (check if it works or not). And thanks, I remembered there is a working external burner somewhere here, maybe I can borrow it and put the DVD drive there and test it.
  11. Is it possible to attach a 5.25 drive to a 3.5 enclosure interface? I'm planning to test a new bought 5.25 DVD writer if it is working, but right now I don't have any desktop to connect it to. So I'm planning to connect it to my external 3.5 drive enclosure. The question is, is it a good idea? (the voltage match but I'm not sure, any suggestion?)
  12. Same here, I'm using Liteon and it never failed me even once except when there are power outage .
  13. Is that statement true? ****, if it is... oh well, if I only knew... all my DVD are high speed (16x).
  14. Yeah I know, I was just using it as an example, because enclosure don't specify any size limit that I just want to confirm if they can hold more, for future recycling of enclosure Thanks guys
  15. I see, I'm planning to get me a separate enclosure & hdd, I think its much cheaper, but my only concerned is that they don't specify any drive size limit.Does that mean they support any size? example would be this enclosure: Max4 Active Cooling it doesn't specify any limit drive size, so does it means it can be use w/ the WD 1TB hdd? BTW, I can't get firewire for now, currently I don't have a firewire port.
  16. File Server for a networked external storage. So if I will be scrping the idea of having it networked. Is using a single external hdd better compared to using a multi-bay external hdd (no networking, similar to My Book Pro Edition II [WD My Book are Dual Bay type]).
  17. That's my country for you ... Thanks for the info. For now I think I'll just be contented to burning to DVDs as a backup means.
  18. all online store that I visit are mostly local. PC Bodega RSun PC Gilmore PC Corner PC Express This would be a first time for me looking at a international online store, like NewEgg. --EDIT-- I can also settle down w/ just an ordinary external storage, and just mount it to which user is in need (this is just my other option) --EDIT-- In terms of backup, would I be saving more if I burn them to DVDs (that is only available here, no HD or Blu-Ray yet), or Using a File Server, or having many External HDD?
  19. at least 3. documents, musics, videos atleast 1TB if possible (currently I have a 320GB and it seems not enough) this is a hard one... hmm, I think I'm about above average. if it is base on USD and I'm converting it back to my currency here, not more than $600 Later maybe, other issues might arise.
  20. i'm all ears to the idea But before we go further, I'm planning to use that storage as a sharing storage to multiple user. So should I go to a normal external hdd (like My Book Pro Edition II) or a file server?
  21. In need of recommendations for Multi-Bay External HDD Enclosures, if possible one with atleast more than USB 2.0 Interface or have Networking interface. I have found some but they are either just USB 2.0 or just eSata Interface. Thanks in advance. ----------- no ones seems posting any recommendations or suggestion Is having a multi-bay enclosure a bad idea? ---------- I have found some: - Muse NAS-RAID N0001LN (Thermaltake) : http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/product/Stor...1LN/n0001ln.asp - Muse X-Duo-Raid N0015LU (Thermaltake) : http://www.thermaltake.com/product/Storage...5LU/n0015lu.asp (this one seems smaller max 2 HDD) Question: - When they say it supports up to xGB hdd size, does that mean they won't work for larger hdd size? ex: for 'Muse NAS-RAID N0001LN (Thermaltake)' it says 'Supports up to 2.0 TB storage' which means if I use 4x 500GB hdd I will get 2TB. So it won't work if I have 4x 750GB or more?
  22. A cellphone driver, i.e. Sony Ericson Phone, to be able to update the firmware and such.
  23. Have you "Map The Network Drive"? Right Click 'My Computer' > Map Netwrok Drive...
  24. Is it possible to give Power User Hardware Device installation priviledge? I have read some guides about adding User in the 'Administrative Tools>Local Security Policy>Local Policies>User Rights Assignment>Load And Unload Device Drivers' but it didn't work.
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