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  1. I have search in several forums and this may be beating an old horse, but I have not found a clear way of installing applicaitons with Windows 7 unattend.xml. I am doing this with a USB drive. I hear a lot of first logon and setupcomplete.cmd. None of these has really worked for me. One of the applications I want to install is firefox. Can someone please give me a clear example?
  2. Does anyone remember how to modify Firefox Installation with preset config settings such as the following: user_pref("network.http.pipelining", true); user_pref("network.http.proxy.pipelining", true); user_pref("network.http.pipelining.maxrequests", 8); user_pref("content.notify.backoffcount", 5); user_pref("plugin.expose_full_path", true); user_pref("ui.submenuDelay", 0); If not, anyone knows how to set this up in script? Thanks
  3. I have used the FireGeier guide to install updates. I follow the instructions with no probems, error level 0, I do the unmount(takes 30 mins) and then I transfer to ISO/DVD. When I reboot and do a fresh install, the updates does not take effect. I do the windows updates, and same files I have integrate are needing to be updated. I confirmed the KB numbers. Is there any way to verify that the files are in the install.wim Any Ideas?
  4. Dang, that is what I was trying to do. IF I setup "TOM" acount in /oobe, is it possible that TOM to have the same or very similar settings. This configuration is for laptops to be used by admins, but the admins name (ex. TOM) is used instead of administrator. I would like to do this with either unattend or a script(either I can run manually or runonce) Any help is highly apprecated.
  5. I would like to rename the Administrator Account Unattend to another name for example: Tom or I would like to create though unattend a User Account for Tom with Administrator rights, so when the computer boots up the first time, Tom is the account active, then the Administrator account is disable. The idea is Tom is an administrator account instead of Administrator.
  6. I would like to setup unattend.xml with WAIK for the following: wipe only the c: drive and leave the reserve partition(Hidden) and the data partition(D:) drive alone. I can the all of the following except the reserve partition is no longer hidden and it is assign to drive D:
  7. Can someone provide an example of a working Unattend.XML that has completed installation of 3d party applications(firefox). I have been using WAIK with Run Synchronous Commands in Audit and OOBE with no luck. I have seen several examples but I feel that I am missing something.
  8. I am be missing somthing, but did anyone figure out how to turn on the "Run Command" unattended? Script or XML?
  9. I have recently tried to do the ComputerName on UserName tweak, but I was unable to update due "Some keys are in use." Also does anyone remember the tweak to put system infomation(system build number) in the bottom right hand corner? Any Suggestions?
  10. I been trying to figure out that best way to keep update with the MSN Live Messenger and was wondering if any can provide information on how I can download the messenger manually so I can edit it. Thanks, Senathon
  11. Can anyone make any suggestions? I am looking for a way to do Unattendend installation of my games with my OS. I have the originial CD's and keys. I am only looking to automate my installation. No CD hacks. List I am looking at is the following: StarCraft StarCraft Broodwars Age of Empires III (3)
  12. Looked at both apps, and the manager of the service desk said that it is TOO COMPLICATED for the tech to user. She wants a icon on the desktop to point to a page that has checkboxes of the apps and a submit button. Assume the user is logged into with rights to install any software. Also she wants it to be accessable from any pc in the network. (sounds more like a webpage) I have to keep remembering - "managers are my friends, not morons"
  13. Greetings, this probably my first post and would like to need some help. Have a group of applications that I want to install by creating an app with some gui interface(HTML possible) that allows me to list a group of apps and check which apps to install. This is for post installation. Better explaination I have a group of people who's job is to install the software but they are clueless about finding the software on DFS so I will give them an app to open and just click which software to install and click "INSTALL". The app does not have to be secure. Just need a simple app and that it. Remember the people are clueless and can not think for themselves. Robert
  14. LOL, The program told me the same Distro that I am using - Fedora!! Have to recommend to now Linux-users.
  15. Two other good linux comics would be hackles.org(retired cartoon) and userfriendly.org(the best!!).

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