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  1. Lost "User Accounts" module in Windows XP

    Does it mean this happened to everybody who has removed Internet Explorer, which IECore is part of it? How much disk space will be needed if IE is added back? (I won't do it, just want to know a little more.) Thx What I_Broke_My_MHZ is saying is that, since you don't have IE any more (eg IECore) the Standard User Accounts window won't work properly, so instead with the reg hack stated above, you'll use the other User Accounts manager within windows Without needing to install IE.
  2. RunOnceEx Issue on Reboot

    My initial thoughts would be to install everything before the system restart and the joining to the domain. Past that create a domain account that only has access to the folder you are installing stuff from, set it to be one with a permenant password, make sure you use some kind of password encryption (I can't member the util that does this in a windows install, right this second) and make it a VERY long password as well for security sake.
  3. what was the last Visual Studio for 98se?

    Unless you patch your version of 98 to work with Windows 2000/XP programs those won't work very well. The express editions you are looking at now all require a minimum of Windows 2000 to get working, also you need to install the .Net framework, which I'm pretty sure doesn't work in 98
  4. best solution for this?

    If anything that I can see build a Autoinstall CD with all the drivers and such on It, then go from there, basically cut down the amount of time you spend at each computer to a couple of minutes for starting the installation.
  5. Excel-Problem with Vlookup

    with Excel 2003/2000 and the vlookup across Workbooks this can happen almost all of the time. but if you have 2 sheets (tabs) the vlookup should be working. the only thing that I can think of would be the formatting of the cells themselves, are you comparing 2 cells that are formatted the same, or are they different, do some of the cells that are not showing stuff have apostrophes (') in the cells With Excel 2007 it seems to work a little better, Can you show the formula that you are using? and what version of Excel you are using as well?
  6. Logoff Script

    Run a Registry Scanner, something where you can take a snapshot before and after, then you can get the registry settings from that.
  7. I suggest Windows PE/BartPE which can detect the MAC of the nic in the computer (if they are onboard it'll work even better) from there you can generate the answer file with the correct product key attached to the MAC which you can store in a DB on your server, as well copy any related activation files over before the computer restarts to finish off the rest of the install.
  8. What DJ refer for?

    what about DeskJet you gotta print from something??
  9. making oem unattented cd ...

    still does not what ? -what cd are you using instead of the OEM ? -is there no key on the computer (sticker) ? -search the forum for "OEM", there is a lot about this sort of issue. What version of the Installation files are you using? OEM XP Pro/Home setup files, or Retail XP Pro/Home Setup files? I know they differ (had this kinda cd-key problem b4) with my installation sets.
  10. Yes and yes. However, a gateway is a computer (or router) that other computers connect to in order to access the Internet. and to Complicate this a little more, the protocol that the Gateways/Routers normally use because it's probably the easiest to setup (espically the non managed variety of Routers) is NAT (Network Address Translation).
  11. WinPE 2.0 NTFS Not Working with 2000 - Please Help

    Just a thought, since you are using WinPE 2.0, and Windows 2000 needs to have SP4 to read a partition that Windows XP SP2 has created, does your Windows 2000 installation source have SP4 integrated?
  12. Get rid of thumbnail view

    Here is a slight possibility, I may be wrong, but you never know this could be it Within the "My Pictures" folder the ultra hidden file entitled "desktop.ini" If you modify the contents of that file to reflect another folder's "desktop.ini" (eg another folder which you like the settings for). This could potentially resolve your issue.
  13. Unattened installation help

    1 - YES!!! 2 - Just after you hit the "press any key to boot from cd" button 3 - I answer with questions of my own - Where does it fail? what does it say when it fails? cause the unattended.txt file looks ok to me (but i might not be reading this right).
  14. problem with excel

    well as long as all of the cells stay in the same spot you can still use the sum function, but it looks a little different (kinda likewhat jaclaz said.) =SUM(Jan!I11,Feb!I11, Mar!I11, Apr!I11, May!I11, Jun!I11, Jul!I11, Aug!I11, Sep!I11, Oct!I11, Nov!I11, Dec!I11)
  15. Help with macro's in excel

    The macros in excel are actually stored within the Excel file itself. so as long as the Excel files are backed up they will be too any default workbooks that run at startup will be under "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\XLSTART\" or "C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates"