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  1. I don't know yet. Too much on my head now, new job takes a lot of my time and thoughts. I have to create timesheet, room reservations, vacations forms etc in SharePoint while i don't have much of experience in this :/
  2. Hello All, I'm looking for a Fax Machine for an office that has ability to both send Fax to email and send email to Fax. I've found one device that has abilit to send Fax to email - Sharp FO-IS 115. Couldn't find anything else? Anyone can recommend anything? Also all those ALL-IN-ONE machines from HP and other companies that are connected thru USB to computer. Can those be used with lets say Microsoft Windows XP builtin Fax program? Or other external programs out there? I don't want to buy something that will be useless so just wanna be sure that if i connect some usb based fax machine computer will see it. Please let me know what experience you have with faxes, is this useful, how does it work? Is it it reliable? With regards, MadBoy
  3. The network part does work 1. You have to state \\server\share_name not just \\server (this won't work). 2. As you are in workgroup using SERVER_NAME as your domain should fix the problem. So for your login you could try using: SERVER_NAME\Guest. Password leave empty. If it will not work i will have to test this solution myself on some non-joined to domain computer.
  4. Surfertje: the program can be used the first time you login to Windows (you can make your Windows Autologin for you and start the program). The program then starts and does it's job, finish and quits (but you gotta do some testing first). What it does you ask? What it does it takes a directory with drivers (you can have in that directory drivers for every single machine in your network) for example that looks like this: d:\Drivers d:\Drivers\DellX300 d:\Drivers\DellX500 d:\Drivers\HP6400 etc, you can also have it like this D:\Drivers D:\Drivers\VGA\ATI D:\Drivers\SOUND\BLASTER Anything that is under the D:\Drivers will get scanned and will be used to detect proper drivers needed. All my program does it takes every single inf directory and puts it in registry. THen it forces Windows to redetect all devices and then Windows scans all those directories for the right driver and matches with proper device. If it finds one it install the driver, if it doesn't it continues to next. No magic done here So in other words yes to your 2nd question and yes to your 1st question (althought you gotta play with it to see how it works first).
  5. Yes, the problem was with & which underlines a letter and makes it active in that Hardware Window (and in any other window). In my english version i think N was underlined so it means &Next was the text to search for but since i used partial matching having Next was good for me. However in your case Volgende had O or other letter underlined which means the & was between V and O like that: V&olgende. For the partial matching to work you had to skip the beggining to get rid of & and it worked Hope you understand my gibberish. Anyways I think i'll fix that in new version so when it starts matching it will remove any & before trying to match text. Thanks to that there would be no need to think about it when setting this up. I'm glad it works
  6. I will add it soon, and release it for testing. Should be ready for monday or so if i don't have to fix other things. Thanks
  7. Check Data Access Prevention in BIOS. See if you have something like this? WHat HW model you have?
  8. Tnx, fixed. Hopefully your tip will work for psycho. Eventually psycho you could also try "lgende" only. I'm using Partial string matching so this could work. Test it please.
  9. Althought this is workaround but you can get RDP (based on Altiris) from HP (trial) which also includes WinPE you are looking for. Check the links below: http://www.hp-altiris.com/Default.aspx?tabid=43 http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/servers.../rdp/index.html If i have pointed to right release the WinPE should be somewhere in \RDP\dspreboot\oem
  10. What if you type in script.exe "Wizard Hardware toevoegen" "Volgende >" Annuleren script.exe "Wizard Hardware toevoegen" "&Volgende" Annuleren
  11. Please redownload the file. I have modified it so it takes as parameters Window Name Next and then Finnish so execute it like this: script.exe "Wizard Hardware toevoegen" Volgende Annuleren and see what happens.
  12. pSycho-Y2K try this please http://pro-solutions.org/download.php?id=2352344231 Simply start Add Hardware Wizard (i've hardcoded your nl values), start this file and see what happens. It should detect window (pop a button to press), detect next (pop a button to press) etc Don't do this atm in automated way as it's just a test The thing is i just cut out the code from my program and tested on both Win2k3 and WinXP, both english and it worked fine.
  13. Nice catch! I think i found the problem today when i was playing with vmware and setting things up in win2k3. I've never seen this msg before (as i wasnt testing the program on real missing device driver so most likely my program wouldn't know what to do here. In your case you had similar window to the one described below? Or not? SUre, it's planned
  14. romsempire: What settings you have for: <registry_path>Begin</registry_path> Also can you check what entries you have in your registry?
  15. It's quite normal behaviour. USB drivers are located at current %SystemRoot%\inf location. This should be added to devicepath in registry. Most likely settings of my program overwrite this entry (when it shouldn't since it's an option in .xml to have it set on the begining of the line, end of the line or removed totally. On end of my program this %SystemRoot%\inf; is put back into the registry. I'll take a look at this.
  16. That's what I've been working on with pSycho-Y2K. Unfortunetly i didn't had time to actually check the problem.
  17. autoit go for it, there's nothing better then this (and as easy)!
  18. try reruning ipconfig /renew on winpe start right after winpe init. SHould fix your problem.
  19. Not sure what you mean. You have to put user name and password in the .xml file for correct mapping. Depending on settings you choose you have ability to do that already. Simply read the manual on the first page. It's possible already to create database once and only reuse it! Not sure what you mean. Please attach to your post .xml file you use and the log file created by my program and highlight things you don't like and let me know
  20. It seems you have mislooked the topics that are in sticky. One of which is the continuation of driverforge by kickarse You can also check the software written by me which does things slightly diffrent.
  21. For example: cacls C:\your_msi_file.msi /E /T /G Everyone:C
  22. Hello pSycho-Y2K, The first error is most likely WMI problem. Can you try to mess around with it? Like a simple reinstall would be okey i guess and see what happens? The Advanced function is using mostly WMI contents. Also can you tell me if 2nd tab (advanced one) gets populated with a lot of information about drivers and stuff? Or is it lacking that information? As for the pressing, i'm glad it partially works. Can you gimme the log file for it with logging set to debug? The log you provided is for advanced functions not working. I also need the one for Hardware Wizard. I'll take a look at the code later to see something that can be improved there.
  23. Well if you would do a lot of small packs (not like bashrat huge packs) that would be small ones (5MB per pack or even less) and the program would only have to unpack 3 packs from 50-70 packs, considering amount of space saved it may be worth it. And since the packs would be small the speed of unpacking wouldn't be killer for the the time it would take It's a nice idea but like you said mostly Post install stage thanks again for all response my suggestion was for packing all drivers individually that is correct but their inf is placed in OEM folder inf is suitably modified to point to respective .7z or .cab file plced in i386 or OEM folder .like as we install addon with during inf & cab files i know modifiying all infs will be messy & time consuming but it can save time during driver installtion i installed winxp with 6 driver pack less sound A,B, just 3 days back & after text setup restart it took approx 7-8 min then the 39 min page came I would never go for doing it manually. Either write a script that will do it for you or don't do it at all. Having to go thru 2000 inf file isn't realy fun and all

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