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  1. Manual way to disable searching for drivers on Windows update: Registry way (can be automated, most likely this will end up in tool as option): http://www.pctools.com/guides/registry/detail/1217/
  2. Escorpiom i've just checked your logs further and it seems P&P won't work 100% for you anyway. This is because of first window having: [05:17:27] - [WINDOW] DEBUG: Button count:8 [05:17:27] - [WINDOW] DEBUG: Button 1 button_class_nn:[CLASSNN:Button1] [05:17:27] - [WINDOW] DEBUG: Button 1 button_text:&Sí, sólo esta vez [05:17:27] - [WINDOW] DEBUG: Button 2 button_class_nn:[CLASSNN:Button2] [05:17:27] - [WINDOW] DEBUG: Button 2 button_text:Sí, a&hora y cada vez que conecte un dispositivo [05:17:27] - [WINDOW] DEBUG: Button 3 button_class_nn:[CLASSNN:Button3] [05:17:27] - [WINDOW] DEBUG: Button 3 button_text:&No por el momento [05:17:27] - [WINDOW] DEBUG: Button 7 button_class_nn:[CLASSNN:Button7] [05:17:27] - [WINDOW] DEBUG: Button 7 button_text:Cancelar which translates to something like check on internet .. i guess to go further you have to pres No por el momento ? or what do you press here ?
  3. By updating drivers you mean Update All xml entry ? If yes then it doesn't work for simple reason. By using new way of finding drivers it searches for only those devices that have error codes. So if 3 devices have errors, 3 .inf's will get added to registry. I'll think how to make it work better. Probably will have to list all hwids from all devices added to system and then compare that with db and then add that entries to registry. I'll add it to ToDo list. If it's some other problem you have lemme know and I should investigate.
  4. I have tried both solutions but always same error i have all in a directory RELATIVE switch should point to Driver directory... It's incorrect. RELATIVE means it's only RELATIVE disk drive letter so what program is looking at when you have RELATIVE:\Drivers is M:\Drivers. Since you've put it in M:\Driver PRO-S the correct path in .xml is RELATIVE:\Driver PRO-S\Drivers or REMOVABLE:\Driver PRO-S\Drivers. Btw. I've noticed you have some icon next to it (diffrent icon). May i ask why? :-) Also it seems like nice Icon. Maybe you want to share. If it looks good here I could replace the standard one I am using :-)
  5. Please try the newest version It's in the projects directory. Hardware wizard is fine. The problem is that within different languages there are different chars underlined. For example Finalize has probably letter F underlined like Finalize, but for words Next etc it may have e, x or t underlined. Then such word becomes N&ext if e is underlined or Ne&xt if x is underlined. For Finalize the word looks like &Finalize so there's no problem as partial matching works. Anyways to cut the problems with having to type & at correct place or to include it at all I've fixed so that & is stripped from the button text when doing matching so hardware wizard should work now fine without any additional change from your side. For your other problem I'll have to look deeper. Will post again soon ;-)
  6. Thank you You can. You have to either use RELATIVE:\Drivers where RELATIVE means that program resides on the same drive that Drivers directory is. Or you can use REMOVABLE:\Drivers which should point to usb pendrive in drivers_directory_path.
  7. Escorpiom please put me your config file (xml) so i can take a look.
  8. Escorpiom as for your error, this error isn't related to my program. It's related to your system having WMI corrupted or not installed correctly. Here's a link saying what you can do with it: http://www.computerperformance.co.uk/Logon...de_80041013.htm But it's also possible that you've used nlite or other tool to produce your image and you've excluded important features. Help and Support service or similar, one that looks not important but is important for WMI (I don't remember now which one). Hope it helps and you can find your way ;-)
  9. Newest version can be found at projects website. Version (public) - Fixed hardware wizard (one script breaking change in AutoIt which I've not addressed when updating to newest beta) Enjoy and report bugs as always (preferably with log file in debug mode, and with XML attached). MadBoy
  10. Well of course i didn't forgot about your problem but you didn't responded to my mail on forum in which i've asked you to download the newest rls and set the debug mode (which is what you did now). Now that I've more information how stuff looks like i should be able to see what's wrong. Cheers :-)
  11. It's good that you managed to figure it out. Actually after your first post I've looked at the code (trying to see what your problem might be) and found out that the db isn't created when it's first time started. So now(from if the db is not found (file doesn't exist) when the program is run (either manual or auto mode) program will ask if you want to create it. Hope it will be more user friendly now :-) Perhaps I (or someone) should make nice .chm documentation / tutorials for different scenarios :-) Maybe I'll make one some day! Version (non-public) - Added more debugging lines in Hardware Wizard Version (public) - Changed behavior for first time start of program for drivers database (or when drivers db doesn't exists) should be a bit more user friendly now - Removed Loading screen (was too ugly) Enjoy and report bugs as always (preferably with log file in debug mode, and with XML attached). Download: Pro-S Hardware Installer MadBoy
  12. Well I do hope you have logging enabled. Send me the log file, send me the config file. Also set the program in debug mode and run it again Go to http://pro-solutions.pl/projects/ and get newest version (nothing fixed) just with more debug output for Hardware wizard. As for having no error devices in second run it could be due to not finished process of redetcting devices. You can reboot or go to device manager and press F5 or refresh. This should get them to state to what they were before in program. MadBoy
  13. Can you put <log_option>debug</log_option> and send me the log file? MadBoy
  14. Changelog for (public) - Fixed bug to _UpdateStatusBar icons. Icons now show correctly all the time (tnx bowmore) - Fixed bug when .inf file had incorrectly build version information (tnx pSycho-Y2K) - Added missing statusbar notes Version pro-s_hardware_installer_2.0.0.22.exe config file Lemme know if it still bugs out.
  15. Do you have a lots of drivers in that directory ? Can you pack it up and send me it (or well better only .inf's) and not drivers included but with whole directory structure if possible ?
  16. I knew that using newest Autoit without full retesting would be bad idea. I'll take a look today later on or so. Gotta download some driver packs since it seems it crashed during creation of Driver DB. Probably some function changed return values or so. MadBoy
  17. Thanks, I guess option to have notification when something new is posted would be better idea then constantly checking last post every now and then ;-) Some time ago MSFN forum blocked .pl users so couldn't log in for longer while. Hopefully I'll find some time to add more features later on :-)
  18. It's not much.. but it's always something :-) Changelog for (public) - Added function to automatically change Signed Drivers option to Ignore and restore it back to original value when done (window management not nessecary) - Compiled to newest version with special options which should give some speed improvements - Updated version of 7zip to 4.65 (it's too soon for beta 9.07 or so) Version pro-s_hardware_installer_2.0.0.21.exe config file
  19. When i'll get some time i'll reupload it. Domain pro-solutions.org is down and i won't be using it anymore. I have other domain to host it on but gotta prepare something. MadBoy
  20. You should read the very first post of this thread (http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=70209). It explains that for program to work you need a) program itself B) .xml file with config to the program There are default settings in there but you need to modify them to suite your needs. You can also try reading thru the whole thread and see how ppl managed to get it work. Maybe next versions will be more userfriendly but for now it is what it is
  21. Have you configured program thru .xml file? Post it in here if you did, i'll take a look.
  22. Hey psycho Lets just say i suck at delivering things on time. Since i've changed jobs it's realy hard to work on something i don't need that much... But i'll try to deliver. Have hopes. Just keep this thread on notify and you should get info when things change I'm actually thinking on rewriting the program in c# 3.5 but was wondering if it will be that usefull comparing to autoit version. C# gives me more flexibility and prolly nicer interface/features but enforces NET 3.5 on workstation you use it. So anyone can tell me if they think going 3.5 is good idea or you prefer continuation in AutoIt ?
  23. Hey psycho Lets just say i suck at delivering things on time. Since i've changed jobs it's realy hard to work on something i don't need that much... But i'll try to deliver. Have hopes. Just keep this thread on notify and you should get info when things change
  24. Well in my opinion it wasn't needed. You just need to prepare .7z properly. For example create dir structure before packing it (including the mobo names etc) and then pack it. THat way you can put a lot of .7zip files inside one directory without needing subdirs. Then after unpacking you will get the right dir structure. If it's not sufficient i guess it can be added to TODO list but maybe it will be suffcient tip ?
  25. I am aware that new option doesn't work. It works in certain conditions but not for all HW_ID's due to some bug in the code. So it's better to use OLD option. As for the GUI manipulation, i could probably introduce "default" action in config and you would be able to choose either NEXT, NEXT, FINISH or CANCEL. I also want to add the code to set Windows Update off or on depending on user choice in config, and also non-gui option to disable driver signing. The problem is my time latly. I don't want to promise anything as i am extreamly busy at work programming big application. I am taking week off now so i will be off internet for that time. Talk to you when i get back.

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