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  1. Hello xpboy24, I must say i'm suprised that you want to cancel the window rather then push it thru. From my testing canceling the window wouldn't let the drivers to install properly. You sure it's working as you expect it too? With regards, MadBoy
  2. Which particular features doesn't work? All ? Just the Hardward Wizard "Next" pressing button or which exactly? Can you paste some logs? Can you past conifg file?
  3. Don't think it will work on vista without modifications. As for updating/abandoning. Well i have big project at work in C# about 42k lines now and will be like at least 60 so i'm preety busy. I love this software so i wont abandon it just yet, just it's hard to find time to work on it atm.
  4. You may be right that the NEW db doesn't always work. I'll test it and hopefully fix this. Probably has some minor mistake with correct matching.
  5. Yes, the share is mapped without problem and the folder is 30mb big with 14 folders in it. I made it as little as possible to avoid any problems. In the driver share are only drivers needed for that machine nothing else. If I install manually from device manager the driver (PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2572&SUBSYS_02871014) it get installed. Okey, what if you go and create the Drivers DB manually first (from the menu) and see if the filedb created has been created with a lot of hw_ids (and one of them is your gpu)?
  6. The bad thing about this is [11:57:21] - [DRIVERS] Execution time for SEARCH & MATCH was 1.39 seconds. It's way too small unless there's not much drivers there. Can you confirm that the drive Z was mapped without problem? And that there are drivers dir structure for that device? With regards, MadBoy
  7. Okey the problem isn't with drivers. The problem seems to be with detecting the devices without drivers. Can you post me screenshot of your device manager where it is clearly visible you have device without drivers or with special icon next to it?
  8. Hello, Yes it can read subfolders. Can you send me / attach here your hardware.log? I wanted to check what can be the problem in your case. Thanks, MadBoy
  9. Hello and sorry for the late response. No, i don't think it will work with vista, althought i didn't tested it i would expect Vista to behave diffrently. YOu can of course check it for yourself but i would suggest using virtual machine ;-)
  10. Ah, nice find but the program is mostly for Windows XP. Never tested it on Vista so i don't even know if it works or not ;-)
  11. I've used devcon in first versions of my program but later on i've changed it to WMI due to easier managability. To me it seems that WMI doesn't always catch 'instant' changes. I've kinda stopped developing this AutoIt version of my script further. I have some plans for c# version althought i'm still thinking about it (due to not much to write it) and using better methods then now. Anyways does the device appear in the Program GUI in either view? Or it doesn't appear in any?
  12. Happy to hear that it works for you :-D As for the new features, well i recently started coding application in C# for my new company (heh never thought i would be coding anything bigger then simple scripts) and i don't have much time for AutoIt.. also when i started in C# i started thinking "It would be nice to port this app to C#, so much better ". But all in all i don't realy have time to keep on working on that. Maybe later :-) Or Maybe i'll release source code and someone could update the code and keep it updated in this thread or so I;ll think about it
  13. Go to action menu and create .db from there. Were your drivers in the E:\ms163a\drivers directory ? Seems like it was copying the drivers for almost 40 seconds.. to C:\PnPDrivers.. YOu didn't see them? I've just done the menu/gui and haven't done the code behind it ;P So you're right it won't work All in all not sure why it wouldn't detect the devices in the end. When you run my application were there any hardware Wizards running?
  14. While looking at another thread (http://www.novell.com/support/viewContent.do?externalId=7001023&sliceId=1): This is worth a shot aswell:
  15. Well soso, try google :-) This is one of the results: http://www.visualbasicscript.com/m_56347/tm.htm -> reregister WMI http://support.software602.com/kb/view.aspx?articleID=987 Lemme know if it works. All in all there's a lot of links you just gotta search for solutions and try for yourself. The problem is not realy related to my program. It uses WMI classes to get information from system so probably WMI is corrupted on your sytem, or something else is wrong. Just search for the error on google. This is as much as I could do for you at this time. Hope it will work for you.
  16. Well read thread, there are answers why this error happens which may also apply to you. It has to do with WMI. You probably used nlite to cut out some stuff? Like Help & Support? Especially psycho2k was able to track it down. With regards, MadBoy
  17. Hello pSycho, All you need is in the code already. All you have to do is pass the name to program right (a.k.a with & in front of the letter that is underlined). Like N&ext if e is underlined or without & but then you have to pass ext &Next if N is underlined or without & but then you have to pass Next Ne&xt if x is underlined or without & but then you have to pass xt Hope you understand what I'm saying With regards, MadBoy Only new features are not implemented but this one should work fine if correctly used.
  18. Kill the explorer.exe, and rerun it. Maybe this will fix it?
  19. Well the problem is ghost11 doesn't have that switch so the only way is to look for the "message from Ghost32" saying that it needs another DVD. Can you type me exactly how the title of window with ghost32 asking for replacing DVD looks like (maybe screenshot will be better). Then i can see if this can be implemented. Actually the Image Manager that is here is outdated. The new version also supports Disk Wipe thru GDisk32 and has limited console builtin which allows to use ipconfig / ping and arp to check for network problems. I just need to edit it a bit and post it ;-)
  20. Hello, Your error seems similar to what psycho-y2k had. Take a look at his problem: http://www.msfn.org/board/Drivers-Instalat...315#entry738315 And solution: http://www.msfn.org/board/Drivers-Instalat...660#entry747660 The errors are probably related to WMI and seems like removing help and support ruins the fun. Lemme know if it's the same prblem. MadBoy
  21. Hello, Well never tested it on vista so i'll just speculate on what you could do. What happens if you don't click cancel but next next next Fininish? Does it install the drivers correctly? Or no? What happens if you click cancel? Do drivers get installed or not? If the drivers get installed correctly there's a field in the XML responsible for clicking that Next / FInish button. <window_managing> <hardware_wizard> <wizard_use>Yes</wizard_use> <wizard_title>Found New Hardware Wizard</wizard_title> <wizard_button_cancel>Cancel</wizard_button_cancel> <wizard_button_next>Next</wizard_button_next> <wizard_button_finish>Finish</wizard_button_finish> </hardware_wizard> </window_managing> You have to exactly type in button names here as well as Wizard Title. Remember thou that wizard_buttons have sometimes underscore (_) under some letters so you have to use & prior to name. For example &Next when the underscore is under N, or N&ext when the underscore is under e. Lemme know if that works for you. I know this is not preety but it seems to work under Windows XP. Also one note is that I have code that can turn on/off Ignore Signed Drivers the "official way" and not only thru gui manipulation. Just no time to implement it. Hope this helps.
  22. Well the you have to check what Problem ID the device (in your case hp c1160) has. You can check that in device manager right clicking on Device. It should say something like Problem ID 10, 28, 1 etc. Then you should check if that problem ID is in the config file under problem ids. Hope this helps a bit.
  23. So i have forced Windows VIsta to accept the driver and it did install. Seems to work but no SP1 still ;(
  24. Well there's no new drivers for me on Microsoft Windows Update. The biggest problem of all is that i can't update Vista to SP1 (using the full sp1 pack and not the windows update) because it rolls back at the last stage of installation (after one or two reboots). So i searched a lot and found this: http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Ben...mp;x=21&y=9 It turns out that if you have Intel Graphic and it's driver is between and including driver and vista won't be offered via Windows Update (and it realy isnt). So to summarize i need to update to newer driver before i can install sp1 and then hope it will install without rolling back things. That's why i was wondering on modifying the drivers provided on the Intel page?
  25. Hello, I have Windows Vista on Sony Vaio VGN-TZ21XN. Now i would like to install upgrade to drivers. On Sony's page the newest one is quite old. There's a newer one for 945 chipset on Intel page. I've downloaded it and when running it says my graphic card is not supported. Would you go end edit the .inf file adding the the HW_ID or it's too risky? Will it even work? Or how would you proceed in that matter. Hope someone has an answer?

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