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  1. 3650 anyone?

    nice .. hmm i always break mine so i just go with this one ..
  2. hi

    cool!! welcome!! w00t
  3. C-Girl Just Crashed the Party

    hi welcome!
  4. Do u wub MSN Messenger 6

    i like the background features .. trillion bites
  5. Happy Fathers Day

    YOU down under?? I dream of Diving the Great barrier Reef!! My firearm cute?? hahah okay
  6. Happy Fathers Day

    aww cute!! happy Fathers day too everyone!!
  7. good morning

    oh Im never rude too pretyy young ladies sweetie !! Im just a joker !! never take anything seriouse from me !! I have a tiger !! on my right arm .. and that was the year i was born .. hmm how did i double post quote hahah
  8. Any1 know anything about Max payne 2

    cool game , but the part where you walk the blood line , and the baby is crying . sheesh
  9. Online Racing Game

    sweet!! thanks!!
  10. To the admin

    kill time here in prison w**kster for real
  11. good morning

    better run virus scan too make sure w00t
  12. Tinman

    HI ladies and gents any one ghost recon ?? live? here? would love a session , i play for real Gamer Tag : TINMANSGLOCK40 ADD ME IF YOUR UP TOO THE CHALLENGE
  13. good morning

    oh yeah , have you been checked??? you have any viruses i need too know about before we communitcate??
  14. good morning

    Hmmm are you: a) In school At work c) In prison ??? At work so yeah Prison
  15. Your thoughts please?

    looks great !!! wish i knew how too...