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  1. visual low memory

    cheers lads. Eddie change your website url
  2. visual low memory

    hi i installed xp on my mates pc and when he tried to log onto the web through AOL it came up with an Caution in the bottom of the tool bar saying the visual memory is to low any ideas how you can up the visual memory that is if you can cheers
  3. MSN 6 "Expression" Tab

    ok i done all that and nothing can someone give me the run down start to finish please
  4. MSN 6 "Expression" Tab

    ok opened it up in note pad but nothing has changed
  5. MSN 6 "Expression" Tab

    How do i open it up in Note pad
  6. MSN 6 "Expression" Tab

    when i open up my ConfigCache.Xml it wont let me add the tabs can anyone help me out
  7. AOL

  8. MSN 6 "Expression" Tab

    i wont let me paste after any of the tabs
  9. AOL

    Please can someone help me out here the problem is this When i try to open up a page on Aol it takes ages to open up yet when i use Internet explorer the page is there almost instant anyone got any ideas ?? cheers
  10. chat room

    Its ok m8 i just had a bad day
  11. chat room

    he said the IRC is in the works not the MSFN mIRC client read the post m8
  12. chat room

    where is the link to download it plese m8
  13. chat room

    On our board there is a chat room so people can chat to each other, Never thought of having 1 on here???
  14. hello

    yes we are from the same site as each other
  15. hello

    Well fancy meeting you in here