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  1. With 1030 I have no delay at all. Click and the page is there. In 1030 I now have isolation flag enable and there is no delay.
  2. I have now used the (non-rebased) chrome.dll from 1030 in 2036 for testing. It runs, but it also has the delay.
  3. Can you please look? I think that for many, faster access is more important than a bit more memory. On 1030 I also use the non-rebased and all the errors I had with other programs are gone.
  4. Do you have any idea why there is a delay in accessing web pages or settings with the 2036? Is this perhaps also a setting? Or maybe something is missing in the download? I have re-downloaded and "installed" the 2036 (ungoogeled). It is always the same problem. With 1030 it is not.
  5. This does not exist in my case. Can this be the reason why the browser uses low CPU power?
  6. With 2036 I have an intermittent delay when opening a web page (also when opening the settings). I have tested it several times with the 1030 alternating with the 2036 and it is only with the 2036. Can anyone confirm this?
  7. 2036 has more processes with the same open tabs and requires more memory. Processes with 1030: Processes with 2036:
  8. Is there a difference in polyfills between 13.5.2036 and 13.5.1030? Can 2036 do more than 1030? Which polyfills are important now? Maybe these can be listed again in one post so that these can be easily inserted into Tampermonkey.
  9. But 360Chrome v13.5 does support SSE3. And with SSE3 it would probably be faster. How can I check if 360Chrome v13.5 has SSE3 active?
  10. I have read that the AMD Phenom does not return the SSE3 flag and thus some programs cannot use SSE3. Could this be the reason that the processor is so "slow"? How can I query whether 360Chrome uses SSE3? https://axebase.net/blog/2022/09/05/chromium-fehlendes-sse3-flag/
  11. In the taskbar I see that programs are opened very briefly. Is there any way I can log which programs or accesses these are? Then I could possibly redirect them.
  12. I first had to determine the appropriate service name: dbsvc -l Here "LXDBSRV" was output. With this service name I can stop and start the service with dvsvc -x and -u. But only if I start the command as administrator. If I start this normally, then an error comes that the service was not found. Then I set the checkmark "Run this program as administrator" in the properties of dbsvc.exe and the program, but with this it does not work either. What else can I try?
  13. The problem is that the service is stopped by the program and then restarted after the backup. But here the error occurs at the progress "Stop database". I can stop the service manually and also restart it. The dbsvc tool is present in the \SQL Anywhere 9\win32\dbsvc.exe folder. I have disabled the Windows firewall as a test, but the error is still present. When the database is to be stopped, I see in the taskbar very briefly that programs are started. But this happens so fast that I can't see what is happening. What else can I do?
  14. The service is running and data is also retrieved from it.
  15. I got the program to run. But there is a problem. When converting the data, the program wants to make a backup. But this aborts, because the program wants to stop the service for the database and this doesn't work. The service is called "Adaptive Server Anywhere - LXDBSRV" and has the following path\name: \Sybase\SQL Anywhere 9\Win32\dbsrv9.exe Does anyone have a solution for me or what could I try?
  16. But the CPU operates at a maximum of 35%. That would still be enough power available. Can others record their values and processors here? So that I have a comparison.
  17. New test with deactivated addons (see pics). With acitvated "Key Password Manager": 36,4 With activated "uBlock origin": 38,0 With "uBlock origin" activated but disabled for the page: 39,6

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