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  1. it's not about how to activate Windows Vista, so that there is nothing in the control panel about Windows, it is known that you need to activate Windows As it turns out club even despite the correct typing does not work You know how to fix it or anyone knows how fix it? of course, unfortunately I do not have a photo with this problem!
  2. Hi WinClient5270 you know how to activate windows vista 2021 they got bugs so no bugs popped up? Well, I'm looking for in Google and the fidelity of the inheritances, more pages that give the activator for Windows Vista is a normal fake, so something these inheritances do not work without a proper orgatec over it, somehow and the size of the ships can be just a fake that installs faustine programs and other such. Well, normally you can activate Windows XP 2021 and what is Vista? Well, do you know how to activate Windows Vista? no viruses! if it wasn't a fake! it was free! Iza would work It's 100%! Thank you.

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